Romney, Obama neck-in-neck new poll shows

A new poll from the University and George Mason University shows Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are effectively tied in Virginia in the final weeks of the Presidential contest.

Former Governor Tim Kaine and former Senator George Allen are also tied in the Virginia Senate race, with Kaine up 43 percent to Allen’s 40 percent and 13 percent of voters undecided. The poll’s margin of error was plus or minus four percent.

The poll, which used the combined facilities of the University’s Center for Survey Research, George Mason’s Center for Social Science Research, had Romney with 46 percent of the vote and Obama with 45 percent. The survey of 641 registered voters in Virginia was conducted between October 8 and October 19, so it could not measure the effects of the final presidential debate Monday night.
A Rasmussen Reports poll from five days ago showed a similarly small lead for Romney in Virginia, though it’s 50 to 47 percent tally showed a smaller number of undecided voters.

Thomas M. Guterbock, director of the University’s Center for Survey Research, in a press release said the candidates’ support was still “soft” and could swing in the last few days of the campaign.
“Slightly less than three-quarters of the voters backing each candidate say their support is very strong, with a large majority of undecided voters unwilling to report leaning toward a particular candidate,” Guterbock said.

According to the press release, the survey showed sharp divides between Obama and Romney supports on the issues of immigration, military spending, increasing taxes on the wealthy and using economic stimulus to boost job creation.

Nearly 90 percent of Obama supports said the rich do not pay “their fair share in taxes,” while the same was true for under 30 percent of Romney supporters. Similarly, three-quarters of Obama supporters said they wanted military spending decreased, while under a quarter of Romney supporters wanted decreased military spending.

54 percent of Romney supporters agreed the government should use stimulus to increase jobs, while 92 percent of Obama voters agreed with the same idea.

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