Warner, Kaine rally Charlottesville supporters

Senator Mark Warner and democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine spoke at a rally Thursday afternoon at the Obama headquarters on the downtown mall.

With five days left before election day, the politicians stressed the urgency of last-minute campaigns and encouraged supporters to remain strong in their efforts to sway undecided voters with one-on-one phone calls and door to door solicitations. Recent polls in Virginia have shown the presidential race virtually tied, although a Washington Post poll from Sunday showed Kaine with a seven point lead over former Republican Gov. George Allen, with a margin of error of 2.5 points.

“Four years ago we changed the guard here…now we have to guard the change,” Warner said Thursday. If Obama wins the state of Virginia, he is statistically all but certain to win re-election.

Warner said volunteers could help by driving voters to the polls either for early voting or on Nov. 6, both to help those already planning to vote and to improve the turnout of swing voters who may not otherwise bother to vote.

“We’re all tired of the ads, we’re all tired of the back and forth,” Warner said. “What’s going to make the difference is not one last robo call from a politician – it’s you talking to your friends and neighbors about what’s at stake here.”

The room was packed with an audience of all ages, who lined up to shake hands and ask questions after Warner’s speech.

Supporters will canvass Charlottesville again on Saturday, Farmville on Sunday and Fauquier County on Monday.

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