The Cavalier Daily website gets a facelift

Dear Readers,

If you visited today, you may have noticed that things look different. For those who frequent our website, you probably recognized the changes almost immediately. For those who only check our page periodically, you may have experienced a sensation not unlike the way you feel when you’re mildly certain your friend is sporting a new haircut. For those of you who have never read The Cavalier Daily online before: Welcome! We’ve just launched a website redesign!

The changes are not drastic — we’ve updated the masthead to match the print edition and switched to non-serif fonts, among other things — but they reflect a step toward our goal of increasing our online presence and becoming a more easily accessible and navigable resource for our community. In the past two years, in order to meet the demands of the modern and tech-savvy community we serve, we launched a digital-first campaign that spawned a new website, a mobile app, an e-newsletter, and a social media section. As The Cavalier Daily enters its 125th year, we are still thoroughly committed to remaining at the top of our game in the digital media world.

Here is the low-down on the main changes:

1) We’ve streamlined the page elements on the website with our print edition in order to present a consistent brand image.

– Replaced old “” with current print edition masthead

– Switched from serif to non-serif fonts for a more modern feel

– Got rid of mid-tone and light blues in favor of a more consistent dark blue with orange highlights

2) We’ve made our popular content more visible and accessible.

– Came to the website in search of a certain much-discussed opinion article, but can’t seem to find it? Now the newest content from the Opinion section is located in a clearly visible box on the top right hand of the main page.

– We also have a new Featured box, which contains some of the most interesting, relevant, or well-written stories of the day.

– The new Featured Multimedia box, located about halfway down in the middle of the page, is a much-needed replacement for our previously obscured multimedia gallery section. Now, the photos and videos from last night’s game or this afternoon’s big event are easily accessible and visible on the main page.

3) The specific literary sections are now more clearly marked and feature section-specific top and recent stories.

4) All comments are now automatically sent to the moderator, who must approve them before they appear on an article. This change is less aesthetic than it is practical. We have had issues with rogue commenters, trolls, spammers, impersonators, etc. ever since the site first launched, and we used to deal with them by deleting the comments hours — sometimes days — after they had been seen by thousands. For those who are unaware, The Cavalier Daily has a comment policy that we strictly adhere to in the interest of fostering a productive and respectful dialogue on our articles. We welcome opposing viewpoints and spirited argumentation, but they must fall in line with our rules. Instead of enforcing the comment policy retroactively, we will simply not allow comments that violate our policy to appear on our pages, period. This is not to say we won’t approve your slightly controversial opinion on whether wearing crocs as anything other than shower shoes is socially acceptable; in fact, we generally approve 90% of the comments. The only downside is that there will be a slight time delay before your comment appears on an article, but we will make sure to check back frequently.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to implementing a few more minor changes (article templates, spacing, alignment, tagging stories, etc.), we are still working out the glitches. Please bear with us as we work hard to make sure we are bringing you the best product we possibly can. If you see something that looks off, come across a link that isn’t working, or have general ideas for the website, please email


Rebecca Lim

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