Man Candy Monday #1: Noah Gundersen

If there’s one word to describe this Man Candy Monday selection, it’s definitely…honest. Singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen leaves his emotions and thoughts out in the open with his frank, heartfelt, and illuminating lyrics. He won over my heart with his bold and candid lyrics in ““Jesus, Jesus”:” asking, “Jesus, Jesus, if you’re up there won’t you hear me /‘Cause I’ve been wondering if you’ve been listening for quite a while.” His fearlessness in writing songs that deal with everything from politics to religion is noteworthy and admirable.

He’s also the kind of person who you know would never hold back in telling you that those jeans really do make you look fat. Although it can be sometimes brutal, honesty is a trait that is hard to come by these days and is worth recognizing and appreciating.

Brutal honesty or not, Gundersen is still an incredibly talented musician. If you’re still failing to see the benefit in this, picture an attractive young guy with a guitar singing you a ballad of his love for you in the most poetic and imaginative way possible. What more could you want? “And love is a thing that you can’t define / Though you try with all your might through the riddles and rhymes / But it’ll fly you like a kite; it’ll throw you to the ground / But that’s the best thing I have found,” Gundersen professes in his song ““Middle of June”:,” which reveals his elegiac charm and his enchantingly honest personality. He’s quite the charmer, for sure.

Additionally, he could very well be a good man to take home to the parents. Gundersen is really close to his family, especially his siblings. His sister Abby sings on his recently released album “Ledges” and his brother Jonathan sometimes performs with the two of them as well. Gundersen’s heavily religious background has fostered lyrics that reveal a process of maturation and self-discovery with regards to his own beliefs. Naturally, his siblings understand his childhood and are valuable companions who help make sense of his opinions and views. Plus, as an added bonus, Gundersen’s sister is an amazing singer, and judging by her appearance in his music videos, has great style and would make a splendid shopping partner!

It’s easy to see why I picked Mr. Gundersen for my inaugural Man Candy Monday: he’s gorgeous, grounded and incredibly gifted. What more could a girl want?

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