Man Crush Monday #1: Shaun White

Welcome to Man Crush Mondays, where I evaluate prominent members of the less fair sex on attractiveness, talent and overall desirability.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know that the Olympics are happening right now. For my inaugural column, I’ll be examining one Olympian who has captured the heart of many Americans with his killer combination of good looks and athletic ability.

Name: Shaun White
Age: 27 — Obama called him old during the Opening Ceremonies
Born: San Diego, Calif.
Net Worth: $40 million, at a rate of $10 million a year.

Also known as “The Flying Tomato,” Shaun White’s fiery locks are nearly as famous as he is. If you watched the Opening Ceremony, you know that he’s lost his mane for a more adult trim that shows off his heart-stopping features to a distinct advantage.

With talent to match his devilishly good looks, White is back for his third Olympics after winning Gold in the Snowboard Half Pipe event at the last two Winter Olympic Games.

In addition to snowboarding, he’s a pro skater and was actually mentored by legend Tony Hawk. Hawk noticed White at age 9, and with his help, White went pro before age 18.

White had been snowboarding for less than a year when he got his first sponsorship — at age 7.

He holds the X Games’ records for gold medals and highest overall medal count, with a whopping 18. He has won a medal every year in the X Games since 2002, and he was first to compete and medal in both the Summer and Winter X Games.

In case athletic ability and movie star looks aren’t your thing, he also plays guitar. In fact, his band Bad Things played at the 2013 Lollapalooza Festival and had an album come out earlier this month.

Sadly, he is not without his flaws.

His fellow snowboarders resent him, as he refuses to train or hang out with them. Fellow snowboarder Max Parrot quipped about White being too “scared” after White announced he was dropping out of the Slopestyle event at Sochi. Fans have also been dismayed by his rudeness before.

He’s not even willing to skate in front of people like you and I except during competitions. He shuts down entire parks for himself when he snowboards. However, Red Bull just built him his own personal park in Australia, so that won’t happen too often anymore.

We all like the “bad boys,” but White takes it a bit far with his criminal record. He has been arrested for vandalism and public intoxication, after an incident in a Nashville hotel.

So how well do incredible athleticism, musicality and a pretty face balance out a less-than-attractive personality and criminal past?

I’ve made my decision — with Shaun’s overall “dateability” hovering around a lukewarm 7.5/10.

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