Men of UVa, you must respect women

An Open Letter to the Men of the University of Virginia:

You have been given a great gift. You have the honor of representing the University of Virginia for the rest of your life. The man you are and the man you will become is intimately intertwined with your experiences at the University. You will receive an unparalleled academic education but education is more than lectures and books. You will learn who you are and who you want to be.

Recently, several tragic and horrific events have befallen the women of the University of Virginia. The details are well-known but the reasons for them are not. While not all of these crimes were perpetrated by students, many were. That is, and always will be, unacceptable. You are all better than that.

Some of you have always been given what you want. Some of you think that you are owed. Some of you resort to taking what you want. You could not be more wrong. You have to earn everything. And you especially have to earn the trust of women.

All women are to be respected. All women deserve to be treated like ladies — at all times. Get to know them for the person they are. Learn from them. Learn with them. They are your sisters. They may someday be your wives; the mothers of your children. They need your support. They need your protection. They need your help. If you see your sister in a place she shouldn’t be or at a time that she shouldn’t be, ask if she needs help. And if she does, give it to her. Make sure she stays safe. It is what a brother would do.

You are Virginia Gentlemen. Act like it.

R. Scott Krick '80

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