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BATSUKH: Newcomb’s workers have inflated expectations

(04/18/19 3:17am)

Structural changes at Newcomb Hall have recently led to hiring freezes and increased workloads for a shrinking number of employees. The student workers at Newcomb have voiced their discontent, especially surrounding the perception that students have not been adequately involved in the decision-making process. According to fourth-year Engineering student Christian May — who received 377 pages of email correspondence via an FOIA request — the fundamental issue is the budget deficit facing the administration at Newcomb. From May’s perspective, the administration plotted to create a hostile working environment and institute a hiring and promotions freeze, which caused increased turnover in Newcomb Hall student jobs without adequate replacement or relief for the remaining workers. These austerity measures for Newcomb Operations, according to May, have produced “abuses, large and small” of the student workers on staff.

Snapchat streaks are just social report cards

(04/16/19 1:38am)

You know that feeling in your gut when you know something bad is about to happen? Your stomach sinks, and all of its contents rise up into your throat. This is exactly what I feel when I am about to lose a Snapchat streak. This may sound like a bit of an exaggeration, and I’m well aware of how crazy it sounds. But I have gotten to the sad, sad point in my life where maintaining a Snapchat streak — meaning sending pictures back-and-forth with another person within 24 hours — means so much to me that I feel sick if I think someone is going to break it.  Unfortunately, it’s not just my delusional brain that thinks like this. I think a good majority of people my age who use Snapchat also fear the dreaded hourglass — Snapchat’s warning sign that a streak is about to break. 

Black feminist archaeology of adornment at the Tom Tom Festival

(04/18/19 4:38am)

Ayana Flewellen — co-founder of the Society of Black Archaeologists — delivered a presentation Thursday titled “A Black Feminist Archaeology of Adornment” for the eighth annual Tom Tom Founders Festival. The presentation took place at Common House and centered around the research question, “How did race, gender, and class operations of power and oppression shape African American women’s identity formation during the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Texas?” 

Batten School and Center for Politics host Margaret Brennan

(04/12/19 9:21pm)

Margaret Brennan, a 2002 University graduate and moderator of CBS’s Face the Nation, spoke to a crowd of more than 170 students, faculty and community members in Garrett Hall Wednesday evening as a part of the Batten School and the Center for Politics’ “Democracy in Perilous Times” series. Brennan talked about her career as a journalist and her experiences prominently covering the White House and hosting a broadcast news program during the Trump administration.

Students find Internship Placement Program effective in matching them with Charlottesville internships

(04/15/19 10:40pm)

The Internship Placement Program from the University’s Career Center and the Office of the Provost has placed University students with both paid and unpaid internships in the Charlottesville area for over 40 years. Based on student’s career interests, admitted applicants can be matched with one of 300 internships that the center sponsors with for a summer, semester or academic-year long program. 

EDITORIAL: Abolish the Echols Scholars program

(04/11/19 1:13am)

Founded in 1960, the Echols Scholar program was created “to provide ambitious academic privileges to students while retaining them within the College of Arts & Sciences.” Created as an alternative to a “purely financial merit scholarship, or an entirely new honors college with its own faculty and courses,” this program was designed to provide a select group of students with several academic privileges not shared by other students in the College. Considering the already competitive pool of admitted students — not to mention the complete absence of specific criteria for admission on the Echols Scholar website — it is worrisome how vague the standards for acceptance to the program are. The Echols Scholars program in its current form creates an unnecessary academic hierarchy based on ambiguous criteria, which undermines the University’s mission to encourage intellectual diversity and equality within the student body. 

Outgoing Student Council president reflects on initiatives to support marginalized communities

(04/11/19 2:43am)

Before his first meeting with University President Jim Ryan as Student Council president, Alex Cintron said he debated if it was necessary to wear a formal jacket, shirt and tie for the discussion. Instead, to the meeting with Ryan, Cintron opted to wear a Guayabera, a casual four-pocket shirt popular in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. 

Students traveled to Minneapolis to support men’s basketball in Final Four, national championship games

(04/10/19 9:57pm)

After the men’s basketball team’s Elite Eight victory over Purdue March 30, 600 dedicated student fans began preparations to make the trek to Minneapolis, Minn. to support the team in Saturday’s Final Four game. The team proceeded to win Saturday’s game against Auburn, and students who purchased the $40 student ticket for the Final Four game were given free tickets to Monday night’s national championship game against Texas Tech — which the Cavaliers won for the first time in program history. Standing between the students and the tournament, however, was an 18-hour drive to Minneapolis or costly flight tickets while missing at least two days of missed classes.

College Republicans and Albemarle County Republican Committee host 25th House District GOP Forum

(04/15/19 1:49am)

University College Republicans and the Albemarle County Republican Committee hosted a candidate forum April 9 featuring the three 25th House of Delegates Republican Primary candidates — Marshall Pattie, Chris Runion and Richard Fox. This is the third forum that the organization has hosted — one debate for the U.S. Senate primary last spring and one debate with University Democrats in fall 2018 for the 5th District.