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Food trucks, C3 renovation to take place at Lambeth Field Apartments

(11/01/19 6:52pm)

The introduction of food trucks and a renovation to the C3 convenience store have been put in place to offer students living in the Lambeth Field Apartments an increased variety and convenience of food options. El Tako Nako began visiting Lambeth last Friday, from 4 to 7 p.m., with the potential for food trucks becoming a permanent weekly fixture in the on-Grounds residence area. 

Interim Chief of U.Va. Police Tim Longo speaks at UJC meeting

(10/30/19 2:02pm)

Tim Longo, interim chief of University Police, spoke to the University Judiciary Committee during its meeting Sunday, emphasizing his focus on building relationships between the University Police Department and the University community at large. Longo also mentioned his new appointment as interim associate vice president for safety and security, as he’ll be filling in for Gloria Graham once her resignation goes into effect Nov. 1.

Your foolproof guide to streaking the Lawn

(10/31/19 1:03am)

It’s the very first weekend of your first year and you and your hallmates are walking back after a night of jumping the fence at Coupes and spending your dad’s hard-earned money on watered-down vodka sprites. Suddenly, you see it. THE Lawn. Jefferson’s very own academical village. Graced by the presence of three U.S. Presidents, Martin Luther King Jr., and now you. It beckons you. You know the age-old tradition MUST be honored, but you have so many questions. Does it count if you keep your socks on? Do you wave at the Ambassador? And most importantly — will this help you get accepted to the Comm School? 

Jim Hingeley hosts Rally for Justice with local activists

(10/30/19 1:16pm)

Jim Hingeley, Democratic candidate for Albemarle County Commonwealth's Attorney, held a Rally for Justice on the steps of the Albemarle Courthouse Sunday afternoon to draw attention to his campaign for criminal justice reform. Guest speakers included community leader Linda Perriello; University Law Professor Anne Coughlin; Mary Bauer, a local lawyer and executive director of the Legal Aid Justice Center; Zy Brant, a community activist and first-year College student and Robert Gest III., retired Air Force colonel and NAACP life member.  

Ethan Hawke talks time, truth and art at the Virginia Film Festival

(10/30/19 4:50pm)

When Ethan Hawke took to the stage at The Paramount Theater Saturday afternoon, the crowd expressed a restless excitement. Jody Kielbasa, director of the Virginia Film Festival and vice provost for the Arts, had introduced the actor’s accomplishments — recounting the four Academy Award nominations, a Tony Award nomination and a canon of memorable films to his name. When the man himself appeared onstage to introduce the upcoming screening, his reputation preceded him. But as the program continued, Hawke’s candor and sincerity took centerstage. 

SIEGEL: Stop calling me

(11/01/19 6:48pm)

Despite the rise of texting and the decline of calling, Americans’ phone lines are constantly in use. Robocalls programmed online can send out thousands at a time for only pennies. Consumers get dozens of spam calls a month, each with a robotic or recorded voice talking into the other end. There is ample infrastructure out there to help solve the issue, but neglect from government leaders and deregulation from our regulatory boards have pushed consumers to the edge with spam calls. 

STRIKE: Roe’s last stand

(11/07/19 3:33am)

In the landmark 1973 ruling Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court of the United States legalized abortion in all 50 states. Prior to the ruling, as many as 1.2 million unsafe abortions took place each year, and 17 percent of deaths during pregnancy were attributed to such procedures — and that’s only what was reported, the real statistics were likely much higher. Almost immediately after Roe, the number of unsafe abortions plummetted as women were able to access safe and legal abortion services. No longer did women have to travel hundreds of miles and pay thousands of dollars to have abortions in unsanitary conditions from medically unlicensed — and often sexually predatory — physicians. Roe was, and still is, a major victory in the fight for gender equity in the United States, but its clock is ticking. 

‘General Magic’ tells the captivating true story of a revolution before its time

(10/30/19 10:48am)

Smartphones — and the online infrastructure they run on — are seen today as inevitable, ubiquitous and perhaps even oppressive in their pervasiveness. Critics bemoan their invasion of everyday life, but the tech industry was seen as a well of optimism and dreams not long ago. Sarah Kerruish and Matt Maude’s documentary “General Magic” is a look back before Facebook and Apple made headlines for privacy scandals or concerns over tech oligopolies. 

‘Waves’ is a beautiful, musical portrayal of life’s agonies and joys

(10/29/19 12:36pm)

Chandler Ferrebee, assistant programmer and communications manager of the Virginia Film Festival, briefly introduced the film “Waves,” Thursday night, which had premiered earlier this fall at the Telluride Film Festival. Written and directed by Trey Edward Shults, “Waves” is a musical, visceral portrayal of life’s small and large devastations that often coincide with happiness and intense feelings of love.

La multilingüe Little Free Library [la pequeña biblioteca gratuita] promueve los lazos familiares, la relajación y alfabetización entre los niños de las comunidades de refugiados

(10/22/19 4:00am)

El artículo no expresa las opiniones o posiciones de los traductores. El artículo es una versión traducida del artículo que se encuentra a continuación: enlace

Laurel Ivory knows that to be the best, she has to learn from the best

(10/31/19 12:49am)

Seven games and over 775 minutes — that’s how long junior goalkeeper Laurel Ivory played without conceding a goal before a heroic Boston College shot ended her streak Sunday. In her three years at Virginia, the junior is already fourth all-time in shutouts and fifth all-time in victories. Ivory is impressive not only in her ability to produce clean sheets, but also in the intensity she brings to every match. 

‘Harriet’ hits home given Virginia’s history of enslavement

(10/28/19 10:29pm)

Based on the remarkable life of Harriet Tubman, “Harriet” premiered at the Virginia Film Festival Saturday night at the Paramount Theatre. “Harriet” is part of the Race in America series presented by James Madison’s Montpelier and supported by Bama Works Fund, the Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights and the  Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the University. 

EDITORIAL: Adopting the New College Curriculum was a mistake

(10/28/19 11:37am)

The College of Arts & Sciences faculty approved the adoption of the New College Curriculum on Friday, a decision that will completely transform the College’s general education model. Whereas students could formerly choose between the Traditional Curriculum, the Forums Curriculum and the New College Curriculum, students will no longer have a choice, as all students will automatically be required to take the latter. Composed of three main parts — Engagements, Literacies and the Disciplines — this New College Curriculum allegedly aims at providing a “innovative, comprehensive and interdisciplinary general education.” While it is concerning to us that the implementation of this program may be costly, we are skeptical that the New College Curriculum offers a dedicated commitment to intellectual excellence that is worth pursuing.

EDITORIAL: Ryan’s minimum wage announcement puts U.Va. on the right track

(10/31/19 12:51am)

President Jim Ryan announced last week that he revised his living wage plan to raise the minimum wage for full-time contracted employees to $15 an hour. Previously, the starting wage for contracted employees was $10.65 per hour, making the new minimum a significant increase. This new wage floor is an extension of an earlier plan in which Ryan applied a $15 minimum wage to University employees. The addition of contracted employees to this plan is a very important step for the University, as it will bring better wages to over 800 employees. Ryan’s dedication to the living wage issue demonstrates his continued commitment to the University’s workers. 

Korean Student Association welcomes U.Va. community to learn about Korean culture

(10/28/19 11:42am)

As dancers from the University’s Korean Student Association took the stage at the McIntire Amphitheater Saturday afternoon, shouts and cheers echoed from around the concrete steps. The KSA dancers received an enthusiastic response as they showcased their choreography and culture simultaneously.