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An out-of-state perspective on governor's schools

(02/12/19 12:29am)

If you came to the University from literally anywhere other than Virginia, you already know what I’m talking about when I mention Governor’s Schools. As in, you have absolutely no idea what they are, but you’ve definitely vaguely heard of them at some point. Most likely someone totally casually brought one up in conversation, and you experienced that moment of confusion and panic that occurs when someone throws out the name of some Virginia program like you’re supposed to be impressed.

A chilling winter trend

(02/13/19 4:07am)

With the recent bone-chilling weather, I began to wonder if we were the first people to experience cold weather, and if we were not, then how long have we as a species dealt with this madness? While staying inside and sipping hot tea, I conducted a great amount of research which indicates that winter’s longstanding history may soon come to an end. I hope you will read this and enjoy my findings while wearing fuzzy socks. 

All-female panel of Aug. 11 and 12 survivors, local activists talks white privilege, social justice efforts

(02/05/19 2:38pm)

Over 100 people packed into Caplin Pavilion at the School of Law Jan. 31 to attend “The Hard Work of Social Justice: A Conversation with Women of August 11 and 12,” an all-female panel comprised of local social justice activists and survivors of the deadly Unite the Right rally in Aug. 2017. 

U.Va. to offer religious accommodations during Ramadan

(02/06/19 3:20am)

The Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights issued a statement Jan. 18 announcing the University will be providing academic accommodations for Muslim students observing Ramadan during finals period this semester. The statement advises faculty to “anticipate receiving requests for religious accommodations” from their students and to approve “reasonable” requests. 

Student Council lobbies General Assembly in support of in-state tuition for DREAMers, input before tuition increases

(02/08/19 12:38am)

In the depths of Richmond’s Pocahontas building Jan. 29, three members of Student Council traversed crowded hallways in pursuit of delegates and senators of the General Assembly to express their support for several bills being considered by the legislative body. 

Data Science Institute intersects with business industry

(02/07/19 4:51am)

In acknowledgment of the importance of analytical skills in the context of business, the University’s Data Science Institute and the Darden School of Business started a dual Masters program in Business Administration and Masters of Science in Data Science degree program in 2017. The two entities have maintained and strengthened their connections as data science and data analytics become increasingly ubiquitous in a variety of fields and will continue to do so with the creation of the University’s School of Data Science.

A Galentine’s Day feast: How to grub with your girls

(02/07/19 12:20am)

For anyone unfortunate enough to be unfamiliar with the holiday, Galentine’s Day is on Feb. 13, the day before the well-known, overly mushy day of love. Rather than partaking in the commercialization of Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day is an opportunity for “ladies celebrating ladies,” as the “Parks and Recreation” character Leslie Knope puts it. It’s a day to show appreciation for your girlfriends, so you may as well indulge a bit — you know, to express your love.

A hot take: Not all frozen meals should be microwaved

(02/07/19 12:14am)

Most people keep one or two frozen meals on hand for those busy days when a leftover potato and a wrinkled green bell pepper comprise the entirety of their fridge. But a persistent question frequently haunts my mind as a pre-made dinner consumer — are the optional oven or stove-top directions worth the extra time or will my meal taste just as good in the microwave?

New Works Festival showcases poignant pieces about youth, growth and rape

(02/07/19 4:18am)

Revisiting the summer-before-college frame of mind is a mixed bag. The New Works Festival ruminated on this cringeworthy, nostalgic and often painful time of life in three student-devised works, each immensely different in content and style. Produced by Dave Dalton and Doug Grissom, both playwrights and professors in the U.Va. Department of Drama, the 2019 New Works Festival — which ran from Jan. 31 through Feb. 2  —  presents well-performed and relatable dialogue in three different flavors.