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The Virginia Festival of the Book: Celebrating 25 years of literature in Charlottesville

(03/25/19 4:11am)

As the largest community-based book event in the Mid-Atlantic region, the Virginia Festival of the Book began in 1995, and for the past 13 years, it has attracted audiences of more than 20,000 each year. Produced by the Virginia Humanities, the festival welcomes University students and faculty, Charlottesville residents and avid readers outside of the Charlottesville area. 

‘Gratitude’ is expressive but not extraordinary

(03/21/19 11:34pm)

Britain’s answer to the success of American folk band Bon Iver comes in the form of Benjamin Francis Leftwich, an artist who definitely fits on a Spotify Coffeehouse playlist and who likely has had songs that have been played in the background of a firelit room while a thunderstorm rages outside the window of a log cabin in the woods. He’s an  acoustic-driven folk artist whose often simplistic lyrics usually evoke deep, somber reflection from the listener. Leftwich released his third album “Gratitude” on March 15, after a two-year hiatus from his last — after the hectic promotion schedule for his second album, he spent a long time in a rehabilitation facility. 

MCKELVEY: Aramark is still a problem

(03/21/19 3:54am)

Earlier this month, President Jim Ryan’s released a statement promising that University administration would implement a $15 minimum wage for both university workers and contracted employees starting on Jan. 1, 2020. The statement followed a report that came from Ryan’s community working group, which he created to improve the relationship between the University and larger Charlottesville community. In the report, the working group released results to a survey that showed living wages to be the issue of top priority amongst Charlottesville workers and residents. In response, not only did Ryan propose a minimum wage of $15 per hour for University employees, but he also assured contracted workers that he and his team would find a way to pay them a similar wage, despite current legal barriers. 

EDITORIAL: Reduce restrictions on college-aged athletes

(03/21/19 12:51am)

With the start of the March Madness tournament, the perennial national interest in college basketball has again piqued. Every year, the tournament brings a spirited mixture of upsets, buzzer-beaters and Cinderella stories, all the while fans make foolhardy attempts to predict how all the madness will shape up. While these festivities are good-hearted in nature, it is important to critically examine how student-athletes — the most indispensable part of the tournament — are treated. More specifically, we believe it is time for the NCAA and NBA to relax unfair restrictions on athletes’ ability to earn money.

U.Va. students prepare to host third-annual AL1GN Conference

(03/20/19 3:55pm)

The Alliance for the Low-Income and First-Generation Narrative Conference will be held in various locations throughout Grounds Friday, March 22 to Sunday, March 24. With the goal to educate, empower and connect first-generation and low-income students, the conference will have a series of workshops, activities and speeches that will be attended by students and faculty from the University and 21 other institutions across the country. 

The decline of an ‘Empire’

(03/21/19 11:41pm)

The once hit Fox television show “Empire” returned for its spring premiere March 13. In the premiere, viewers will want for nothing in the drama department — but unanswered questions remain about the direction of the plot and the future of the show as a whole. These questions stem from the media storm surrounding one of the actors on the show — Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett).

PASCIAK: Make CAPS more accessible for students

(03/20/19 2:19am)

Mental health is an increasingly serious issue among college-aged individuals. Nearly one-third of college freshmen report feeling overwhelmed during their time at school. Considering the University's rigor as one of the nation’s top public colleges, it should be no surprise that there is a rise in students seeking mental health aid in recent years. While U.Va. does have resources intended to serve students who both need and are seeking aid, reform is needed in order to better serve these members of our community.

STIEVATER: A look at Virginia’s recent postseason history

(03/21/19 7:21pm)

Since Coach Tony Bennett took over the program in 2009, he has led the Cavaliers to superb regular seasons, including four ACC regular season championships and two ACC Tournament titles. Virginia has made the NCAA Tournament in the past six seasons, adding to the hope that this year would be the year the Cavaliers would be crowned national champions. But so far, each season has ended in defeat.

EDITORIAL: ACRJ must end ICE notifications

(03/19/19 1:09pm)

It has been the long-standing policy of the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail to notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement when an undocumented individual is released. This policy has not been without controversy, as it has sparked a great deal of community and student activism. Most recently, a group of students and organizations at the University co-signed a letter demanding an end to this policy. While we are sympathetic to the plight of unauthorized immigrants into the United States and are aware of the abuses many of these individuals face while in ICE custody, we do not explicitly endorse all of the contents of the letter. However, we do agree the policy of notifying ICE when an undocumented person is released should be reversed, as it presents a number of practical issues that directly impact the Charlottesville community. 

Batten offer rate 40 percent for Class of 2021

(03/20/19 2:17am)

The Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy offered admission to 79 students out of a pool of 200 applicants for the Class of 2021, with an admission rate of 40 percent on March 7. The offer rate has gone down. In the fall of 2018 and 2017, 86 students and 84 students were admitted respectively. However, since Batten has not yet released information regarding final decisions from accepted students, although decisions were due March 14th, there are no official demographic statistics for the Class of 2021.

Muslim Students Association holds vigil for victims of New Zealand mosque attacks

(03/19/19 1:55am)

Members of the University community came together Monday evening to hold a vigil in the Amphitheater for the victims of the recent terrorist attack committed at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand Friday. The event, hosted by the Muslim Students Association, was attended by over 100 community members, including Dean of Students Allen Groves and University President Jim Ryan.

Jukebox the Ghost’s apocalypse, then and now

(03/20/19 2:07am)

Doomsday approaches. Homeless street preachers, once dismissed as lunatics, are promoted to prophets. Miss Templeton, a mysterious figure who also has oracular tendencies, suffers recurring nightmares of Satan conducting strange business deals. God Himself appears, apologetic but determined to destroy His creation and its inhabitants. Among all the cataclysmic mayhem, normal humans are trying their best to stay alive, and maybe even to find love — while they still have the chance.

Queer eye needs glasses

(03/19/19 1:44am)

“Queer Eye,” the Netflix show, which returned for its third season March 15, is back and tugging at heartstrings worldwide. The new season features the Fab Five — Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, Tan France and Bobby Berk — branching out from Georgia to Kansas City, Mo. With this expansion they take on a wider array of heroes/heroines and alter the ways in which they aid the struggling subjects of each episode. Despite these changes, the show still needs to make some adjustments.