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When giving up a one-time joy meant gaining another

(03/29/19 5:52pm)

The best part about playing a wind instrument in a symphony is the negligence. I know this from personal experience, having contributed my talents — or, perhaps, more accurately, my time — to various youth orchestras throughout my formative years of middle and high school. When I was just starting out, the lack of acknowledgement was frustrating to the point where my fellow woodwind plebeians, and I would exchange dares to find out who could make the loudest, most theatrical mistake without the conductor batting an eye or a baton. But slowly, I came around to accept and even embrace the impenetrable social order. 

Don’t let me down, Hoos

(03/21/19 12:33am)

To say that I was emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually damaged after last year’s Round of 64 heartbreak to University of Maryland Baltimore College would be an understatement. Out of the barrage of texts that I received — mostly from “friends” excited to tell me that my college basketball team of choice was garbage — the one conversation that I think summarizes my feelings best came from my dad. After talking me through his emotions after his beloved Florida Gators were absolutely clobbered by the powerhouse Nebraska football team for the national championship in the 1996 Fiesta Bowl, the only response I could muster was, “whatever.” I couldn’t care less about his national championship woes. We didn’t even come close to that game. What went wrong? I thought I had embraced the pace!

VITI: Celebrating International Women’s Day provides important visibility for women’s issues

(03/15/19 6:57pm)

The United Nations and many countries around the world, celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8. While some argue that the advertisements and other corporate outreach efforts for International Women’s Day are simply a pacifier while real action continues to be ignored, I believe that International Women’s Day can be used to give women greater platforms to advocate from. 

Making the University a home for the six percent

(03/20/19 10:13pm)

For second-year College student Frank Valdez, leaving his home in Houston and coming to the University was very difficult. He did not know anyone, did not feel worthy of coming to a top-tier college institution and faced unexpected challenges when a close member of his family passed away during his first semester. He was over 1,200 miles from home, and it was hard for Charlottesville to feel like one — that is, until Valdez became a member of the Latinx Peer Mentoring Program. Through this program, he began to find his place in the University. 

No. 2 Virginia knocks down NC State in quarterfinal round of ACC Championship, 76-56

(03/14/19 9:39pm)

In the quarterfinal round of the ACC Tournament, top-seeded Virginia picked up a 76-56 win over N.C. State to advance to the semifinals. Already claiming the regular season title, the Cavaliers (29-2, 16-2 ACC) are now a round closer to repeating as champions of the conference tournament after beating the Wolfpack (22-11, 9-9 ACC).

PSA: Priyanka Chopra was famous before she married Nick Jonas

(03/26/19 11:38pm)

One of my favorite uses for social media is to fuel my endless need for celebrity gossip. There is honestly nothing more entertaining than watching one of those Cosmo or Seventeen videos about celebrities and their personal lives. Their lives are totally and utterly my business, right? Right now, I am highly invested in Jordyn Woods’ drama with the KarJenner family. I live for updates on Meghan Markle’s royal baby — she’s due in April or May, in case you were wondering. As much as I admit my love for gossip, I have also recognized how social media and gossip is toxic and misleading, especially towards women. 

My Uber driver deserves endless five-star ratings

(03/28/19 8:49pm)

I am an anxious traveler. What if, on my way to the airport, my car crashes? What if I get patted down at security, and security finds a weapon that was planted on me? What if I forget to take my electronics out of my bag before sending my backpack down the belt? What if I’m in the window seat, and I have to go the bathroom — do I wake up the snoring woman next to me? What if the plane starts to crash, everyone screams and cries, and I’m the chosen one called to save all the passengers from crashing into Humpback Rock? I’m sweating just thinking about it all. 

De’Andre Hunter’s game speaks for itself

(03/21/19 1:01am)

There are 37.9 seconds left, and then-No. 1 Virginia is trailing Louisville by two points on the road. Then-freshman forward De’Andre Hunter drives down the baseline, passing the first defender with a quick sidestep as another approaches to cut off his drive. They make contact as Hunter attempts to convert the basket, and the whistle blows. For a second, the KFC Yum! Center is silent as Louisville fans hold their breath. Then comes the call. Offensive foul, Louisville ball. The crowd erupts in cheers, and the Cardinals appear to be poised for a huge upset victory.

A comforting Korean experience: Maru will get you through the rest of the semester

(03/22/19 12:42am)

With spring break now over, I know some of you have post-vacation blues and may be less than enthusiastic about having to face another month and a half of school before summer. What you really need to remedy this situation are these — a hot stew with ham, spam, kimchi, ramen and spicy sauce, a bowl of white rice and a soothing cup of green tea. The gourmet food at Maru Korean Restaurant and Bar will help you appreciate your return to Charlottesville and give you the strength to face the rest of the semester –– especially if you’re a foodie.

Making a case for ‘The Case Against Adnan Syed’

(03/18/19 1:29am)

The viral 2014 podcast “Serial” made many audiences aware of the murder of high school senior of Hae Min Lee, but even the most avid followers of the case should watch HBO’s recent release “The Case Against Adnan Syed.’ The docuseries — which released its first episode on Mar. 10 — further contextualizes the landscape of a case that “reeks of reasonable doubt” and that has captivated listeners enough to have downloaded the original podcast more than 175 million times. Even those who have somehow avoided hearing “Serial,” which became popular before podcasts were really a concrete trend, may have at least heard a sample in Bojack Horseman when character Diane’s phone would ring with the now-iconic opening line from the podcast, “My name is Sarah Koenig, and you’re listening to Serial.” That’s how large the influence of this one story became.

Dickens to McGuire: Some of the best books from my 13 U.Va. English classes

(03/18/19 1:36am)

Preparing to graduate with an English degree from the University is like starring in your very own season of “The Young and the Restless” — one can anticipate dramatic goodbyes from well-loved classmates and professors, plot twists of last-minute employment and shocking reveals of who will end up where. 

If you want to know me, look at my laptop

(03/13/19 5:59pm)

I remember placing my first order. It was the July before my first semester, and I had been preparing for quite some time. I had spent hours scrolling through the website and selecting the best ones. My obsession — Redbubble. The objects of my affection — stickers. I ordered copious stickers, all of which were destined for the front of my laptop. It was a necessity. Everyone I knew that was in college and owned a laptop had sticker collages on their covers. I felt that, as an incoming first-year, I too needed stickers to show off what is important to me. 

Virginia’s path to the championship: ACC Tournament preview

(03/12/19 2:47pm)

Last year, Virginia hoisted the ACC Tournament Championship trophy in Brooklyn, N.Y. The Cavaliers defeated North Carolina 71-63 in the championship after winning the regular season title. This year, the No. 2 Cavaliers have won the regular season title after an impressive 16-2 record in ACC play, only losing twice to Duke. Now, they will attempt to win their third ACC Tournament Championship in five years — Virginia also won in 2014. If they win, the Cavaliers would be the first back-to-back ACC Tournament Champions since Duke won the tournament three consecutive times from 2009 to 2011.

SMITH: The University raised its minimum wage. What’s next?

(03/13/19 5:07pm)

Huge developments have occurred over the past few weeks for the University’s Living Wage Campaign. President Jim Ryan’s community working group released a bombshell report on the relationship between the University and Charlottesville residents. Within this report, the community working group cited staggering figures — almost 2,400 University employees report that they have to put at least half of their wages into paying rent alone for a two-bedroom apartment. Following this report, the long-acting Living Wage Campaign showed up at the Rotunda on March 4 to protest these inequities while the Board of Visitors sessions were ongoing. A window on the north side of the Rotunda broke during the demonstrations, but both the Living Wage Campaign and the University contend that their protesting was peaceful.