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Board of Visitors endorses 10-year strategic plan

(06/07/19 9:44pm)

The Board of Visitors endorsed President Ryan’s 10-year strategic plan at the meeting Friday. The plan features 10 initiatives with a focus on community, student-diversity development and research preeminence and was cultivated through a series of alumni, student and community engagements. It builds upon the work of former University President Teresa Sullivan’s 2013 Cornerstone Plan with an overall mission of building a “Good and Great University.”

MSC and LGBTQ Center to be relocated, additional spaces to be designated for Latinx community and interfaith prayer and meditation

(06/13/19 10:45pm)

The University has revealed plans to move the Multicultural Student Center and LGBTQ Center from their current location in the lower level of Newcomb Hall, in order to expand the spaces’ capacity. The project will move the MSC to what was previously the Game Room on the second floor of Newcomb, while the LGBTQ Center will be moved to a location on the third floor that has not yet been decided. 

A hesitant newbie takes on coding

(08/16/19 12:45pm)

In my high school calculus class, I remember my teacher passing out pamphlets advertising the mysterious world of computer science. In bold capital letters, printer paper screamed “DO YOU LIKE RIDDLES? DO YOU LOVE SOLVING PUZZLES?” These pamphlets were the product of a teacher’s hopeful attempt to lure students into signing up for an AP Computer Science class the following year. 

YOWELL: U.Va. should not sell blue books

(06/21/19 10:06pm)

Post-secondary schools across the nation often administer in-class examinations that require students to purchase pre-stapled packets of loose leaf paper called blue books. Students at the University should be fairly familiar with this process as most professors currently lean towards conducting essay or short answer exams that demand said books. These exam books can be purchased for fairly cheap at various places around Grounds. One such location is the University’s Bookstore, which also carries green books. The only difference between the two different examination books is the color of the cover — hinted at in the name — and the type of paper used to construct them. Green books are made from recycled paper containing a minimum of 30 percent post-consumer recycled content, whereas its blue counterpart is 100 percent virgin paper fiber, making it objectively worse for the environment.

Board of Visitors approves School of Data Science and design for Inn at Darden, Arboretum

(06/07/19 9:26pm)

The University’s Board of Visitors met Thursday afternoon to approve the establishment of the School of Data Science as well as design schematics for the Inn at Darden and Arboretum. The approving committees, including the Academic and Student Life Committee and the Buildings and Grounds Committee, also discussed the currently offered undergraduate advising and support services.

BHARADWAJ: The resistance against reinstating early decision is overblown

(06/27/19 11:55am)

The University eliminated its early decision program — which had existed for nearly half a century prior — and transitioned to a single track admissions system in 2006. This was later supplemented by the addition of the early action program in 2012, which was differentiated from its predecessor by its non-binding nature. University representatives cited attracting low-income students as the primary reason for the removal of early decision, in addition to an overall simplification of the process, which surely led to some degree of bureaucratic streamlining. However, this past month, the University announced that early decision would be returning — accompanying the existing early action and regular admissions — and I believe that this decision couldn’t have come early enough. 

Learning how to be excellence adjacent

(06/13/19 10:49pm)

“Are you the only one of your friends who didn’t get a lawn room?” my mother asks, only kind of kidding as I rattle off the names of people I know who will be walking outside to pee next year. Well, no. But isn’t that what it feels like? The University is good at three things — peer pressure, problematic legacies and basketball. I’m sure I’ve missed a couple in there but those are the main three. I constantly find myself grappling with the feeling that I am not excellent, dazzling, brilliant or extraordinary, but rather that I am simply excellence adjacent. I get to say, “Oh I know her!” or “Yeah, he’s in my class,” and that glimmer of pride via association turns sour before the moment even ends because someone else did that, not me. 

U.Va. to allow early decision applications for next admissions cycle

(05/30/19 12:45am)

The University announced the new option for prospective students to apply early decision for admission to U.Va. in a press release Wednesday afternoon. Unlike early action — which is non-binding — early decision is a binding admission plan for students who know U.Va. is their first choice for college. If accepted, students must rescind their applications to other schools.

Flavortown is a delicious, accessible culinary destination

(07/17/19 2:57am)

Summer nights are for “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” reruns. Although I have always loved this show, it is even more compelling to me right now. As a self-proclaimed foodie who has lived in the same town for years and is working at home during the summer, the show is a friendly reminder that good food can be made by anyone — even an amateur like myself — and found anywhere, not just in far-off places. It can be jealousy-inducing to witness friends posting pictures of delicious and extravagant dishes while on vacation or studying abroad. But venturing far is not the only way to engage in the culinary arts, as its episodes celebrate local cuisine and the self-trained chef.   

KUKOSKI: Changes in abortion laws do not reflect majority opinion

(05/30/19 2:44am)

May 15 marked a distinct change in America. On this date the Governor of Alabama, Kay Ivey, signed into law HB 314 — a complete ban of abortion in the state as well as a prison sentence of up to 99 years to any doctor who performs an abortion in Alabama. HB 314 is now the most restrictive abortion law in the U.S., banning abortion almost entirely, even in cases of rape or incest.

‘Brightburn’ is boring and blunt

(06/11/19 12:57pm)

“Brightburn,” a new superhero-horror film which hit theaters May 24, riffs on the classic origin story of the iconic American hero Superman. The film’s initial marketing was heavily centered around the involvement of its producer, James Gunn, because of his high-profile relationship to more traditional superhero media — he directed the first two “Guardians of the Galaxy” movies and was on board for a third at the time. Gunn’s involvement with “Brightburn” comes as no surprise, as the film was written by his brother and his cousin, Brian and Mark Gunn, although the film itself is not remensciscent of any of James Gunn’s own filmography. “Brightburn” is simply a lame horror flick not nearly worth the outsized marketing profile circumstances afforded it.