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U.Va. researchers conduct groundbreaking research on Alzheimer’s disease

(02/21/19 4:26am)

Recently, the Kipnis Lab led groundbreaking research that linked waste removal in the brain to Alzheimer’s Disease.  Jonathan Kipnis, the director of the University’s Center for Brain Immunology and Glia and chair of the department of neuroscience, and his team of researchers discovered that insufficient waste drainage by the meningeal lymphatic vessels of the central nervous system was associated with impairments in learning and memory. 

Being ill as an introvert

(02/12/19 12:55am)

It’s tough to be an introvert when you’re irreparably ill. Afternoons once spent drinking coffee in a solitary corner are now consumed with aggressively kind doctors discussing your bodily functions. An already limited capacity for small talk is stretched thin as you must divulge your major and career plans with the sweet nurse stabbing a needle in your arm. There’s the daily responsibility of updating friends, family and acquaintances on how you’re doing. Not to mention the weekly ritual of calling the doctor, the pharmacy, physical therapy and health insurance company to cancel, schedule or modify appointments.

Virginia track and field faces strong field at Tiger Paw Invite and Iowa State Classic

(02/11/19 11:39pm)

The Virginia men’s and women’s track and field teams split up for the weekend, traveling to Clemson, S.C., for the Tiger Paw Invite and Ames, Iowa, for the Iowa State Classic. Both two-day competitions featured numerous ranked opponents, including top-5 programs such as Florida State, Florida and Texas A&M. 

SMITH: Blackface isn’t a part of the University’s past, it’s our present

(02/11/19 5:25am)

Ever since the right-wing politics website, Big League Politics, revealed Governor Ralph Northam’s blackface yearbook photos during his time at Eastern Virginia Medical School, Virginia’s politics have been in a complete upheaval. Shortly after Northam’s disgrace, Attorney General Mark Herring revealed that he too dressed in blackface for a college party in order to dress “like rappers we listened to at the time.” During this time, Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax seemed primed to replace Northam for the Governorship, only for his own alleged crimes to surface — Dr. Vanessa C. Tyson claims that Fairfax assaulted her during the 2004 Democratic Convention. Meredith Watson, a former Duke colleague of Fairfax, also came forward to recount her experience of Fairfax raping her during college. Fairfax made the initial statement that survivors must be given “the space and support to voice their stories,” only to say “Fuck that bitch” about Dr. Tyson behind closed doors. 

No. 2 Duke tops No. 3 Virginia, 81-71

(02/11/19 2:15am)

In the much-anticipated clash between No. 2 Duke and No. 3 Virginia, the Blue Devils (21-2, 9-1 ACC) came away with an 81-71 win over the Cavaliers (20-2, 8-2 ACC) on Saturday night. With a packed John Paul Jones Arena –– which included Lebron James –– Duke was able to hold on to the lead for the entirety of the game, unfazed by the electrifying energy in support of Virginia. 

Jim Acosta discusses journalism, politics during visit to U.Va.

(02/10/19 6:53pm)

As part of the Batten School and the Center for Politics’ National Symposium Series on Democracy — which hosted nationally recognized speakers including Martin Luther King III, Donna Brazile and Adam Schiff — the school hosted an event last night with the Chief White House Correspondent for CNN Jim Acosta. Titled “The Fourth Estate: Enemy of the People?” the talk focused on Acosta’s experience as part of the press force within the White House, specifically focusing on how that has changed during President Donald Trump’s Administration.

HOPKINS: In defense of safe spaces

(02/14/19 1:02am)

There is a lot of talk among older people about how soft the current generation is — they say that we are too sensitive, we cannot handle criticism and that we will not survive in the “real world” where we will not be coddled through life. They point to the existence of safe spaces and trigger warnings as proof. This argument is an attempt to knock young people down a peg and paint empathy as a sign of weakness. In reality, saying that safe spaces and trigger warnings are used due to hypersensitivity oversimplifies the situation. These ideas exist to protect vulnerable and marginalized groups from the day-to-day challenges they face that are unique to their identities and experiences. Trigger warnings and safe spaces are simply displays of empathy, courtesy and respect for others.

SIEGEL: The ethics of restricting free speech at Thomas Jefferson’s university

(02/12/19 5:45am)

In May 2018, former President Teresa Sullivan announced an amendment to the University’s standing policy on speech on Grounds. The new policy includes a provision regarding the use of the University’s facilities as a platform for expressive thought, ultimately requiring people unaffiliated with the University to “make reservations to engage in expressive activity in certain designated locations, on certain days and during certain hours.” The strengthening of this policy was largely in direct response to the events of white supremacy in August 2017, serving the purpose of protecting the students, faculty and staff who walk the Grounds — however, the revision is unnecessarily restrictive and violates our constitutional freedoms.