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Returning to California during the fires

(11/20/18 6:06am)

November is supposed to signify the start of the holiday season — Thanksgiving with family and, most importantly, lots and lots of good food. However, for California residents, November has not been all that. Instead, it’s been the beginning of one of the most devastating fire seasons in the state’s history — no thanks to the Santa Ana winds, also known as my least favorite California thing ever — that caused the fire to spread even faster and claim more lives.  

Lighting of the Lawn organizers plan to shorten event, change programming

(11/28/18 5:07am)

The 18th annual Lighting of the Lawn is set to take place Dec. 6 on the Lawn. The LOTL committee, made up of all the Class Councils, has made several adjustments to the event, including a shortened duration, diversified speakers and a presentation of community goals related to the University’s bicentennial.

Aortic telehealth program will bring U.Va. care to Culpeper patients

(11/20/18 5:27am)

The Aortic Telehealth program — a new telemedicine collaboration between Novant Health, Culpeper Medical Center and U.Va. Health System —  will provide patients with emergent conditions from the Culpeper area with immediate access to University physicians. The program will also allow professionals from both systems to collaborate in diagnosing patients.

Honor officially adopts new Contributory Health Impairment policy

(11/20/18 4:49am)

The Honor Committee unanimously adopted changes to the Contributory Health Impairment procedures and bylaws Sunday after receiving approval from the Office of University Counsel. The new changes took effect pending University Counsel approval on Oct. 28, but now are officially included in the Honor Committee’s documents.

Retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy speaks on the Court’s role, importance of civility

(11/19/18 7:01pm)

Recently-retired United States Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy addressed the special role of the Court in American democracy and the importance of returning civility to politics in an event at the Law School Friday. Kennedy served on the court for roughly 30 years, from 1988 to 2018. 

FERGUSON: Condemn U.Va. Students United’s defense of tyrants

(11/20/18 5:58am)

U.Va. Students United — a left-wing activist group at the University — recently released a statement criticizing a display set up by the student organization “Towards a Better Latin America” to increase awareness surrounding the current Venezuelan migrant crisis. In their statement, U.Va. Students United sought to defend former president of Venezuela Hugo Chávez and current president Nicolás Maduro and endorse their governing record. The group claims that both “were democratically elected by the Venezuelan people,” and that “imperialist” nations like the United States hold responsibility for the current economic and humanitarian crises facing Venezuela. However, their defense of Chávez and Maduro represents either a loose interpretation of the facts at best or blatant dishonesty at worst. In their crusade to advocate for socialist economic policies and structures, the group is ignoring inconvenient facts about the Chávez and Maduro regimes — and the destruction they have wrecked on Venezuela. The entire University community should condemn their defense of authoritarian despots who disregard human rights and continue to oppress the Venezuelan people. 

‘Caution’ urges listeners to remember Mariah Carey

(11/27/18 4:17am)

Mariah Carey has had a rough four years. After numerous embarrassing high-profile performances, a disparaging reality show and a cancelled engagement, listeners might think she would retire and disappear into obscurity. But if the general population learned one thing from Carey’s career, it is to never discount her. The five-time Grammy award winner returned to music with her first body of work in four years, her 15th studio album “Caution.” The album finds Carey shedding all preconceptions people hold about her and falters only in its lack of a theme and its cohesiveness bordering on monotony.