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After 25 years, parking attendant Jada Howard says goodbye to the Central Grounds Garage

(01/10/19 3:32am)

On the final day of fall semester exams, students leaving the Central Grounds Parking Garage would find a woman in the payment booth wearing holiday-themed reindeer antlers, smiling and waving cheerfully to those handing her their white parking slips and crisp dollar bills. The woman’s name is Jada Howard, and this was one of the last times she would be doing this.

‘Ghost Files’ delivers a double album of high-intensity remixes

(01/15/19 3:00am)

Remix albums hold an interesting position within a musician’s discography. Some remix projects retool the sound of an album, breathing new life into an artist’s work and nearly eclipsing the material from which they were drawn from. Others are regarded with little more than passing attention — seen as distractions to help tide over fans until an artist can produce their next batch of original material. With the release of “Ghost Files,” New York hip-hop artist Ghostface Killah presents a double album full of breakneck tracks which firmly attest to the power remix projects can have.

My finals week began with knee surgery

(01/07/19 7:12pm)

I tore my ACL and a small portion of my meniscus at a club volleyball tournament in September. I immediately knew something was wrong, but I was not in the excruciating pain and anguish that many describe detailing their own ACL horror stories. My experience was actually pretty lame — all I felt was a simple pop and then unsteadiness when I put pressure on the affected leg. 

SIEGEL: It’s time we stop testing nature’s resilience

(01/07/19 6:46pm)

The bugs of summer illuminate the darkening sky as the sun sets, emitting a yellow-flashing light just long enough to grab our attention before camouflaging once again against the black of night. We root our fondest childhood memories in chasing these little orbs of bright light around our backyards in the summer. But as the years go on, we see fewer throngs of dancing fireflies, leaving our Mason jars empty and our memories threatened. 

YOWELL: Connecting the media, party culture and Greek life

(01/07/19 7:08pm)

The existence of Greek life on American campuses is long-standing and these organizations often dominate the social scene at many colleges. Fraternities and sororities recruit hundreds of thousands of members across the nation every year, pledging to instill values of service and leadership in its members. And while that may be true, fraternities in particular face a unique and difficult obstacle — college party culture. Fraternities have been engulfed in a culture of partying that emphasizes the importance of alcohol, drugs, sex and fun. To top it off, nothing is off limits and almost no rules apply. This becomes extremely toxic when mixed with underage students, an endless supply of beer, dangerous hazing stunts and a seemingly unbeatable culture that supports it all.     

Ethics report finds former Rep. Garrett used staffers for personal benefit

(01/04/19 5:10pm)

The U.S. House Committee on Ethics published a report Wednesday that detailed allegations against former Republican Virginia Fifth Congressional District Representative Tom Garrett, whose two-year term ended Thursday. The investigation began in June and concluded that Garrett violated House regulations and federal law by using his employees for unofficial work and personal errands.

‘Mary Queen of Scots’ is unapologetically powerful

(01/07/19 6:50pm)

In the age of visionary works such as “Hamilton” and “Hidden Figures,” the world of entertainment has found a niche in the retelling of history from the perspectives of the frequently overlooked. Director Josie Rourke broke into this genre recently with the release of “Mary Queen of Scots,” a historical drama centered around the young Mary Stuart and her cousin Queen Elizabeth I, two women whose legacies were often clouded by the men who tried to control them. 

‘The Grinch’ isn’t naughty or nice, but somewhere in between

(01/07/19 6:54pm)

No Christmas watch party is complete without some iteration of the Grinch, Dr. Seuss’ beloved furry cynic. Whether an adamant purist that finds only the original TV special to be a worthwhile watch or a parent that derives some sick satisfaction seeing Jim Carrey strike the fear of God into their children, all viewers eagerly anticipate the fictional character’s cardiomegaly each December. Illumination Entertainment jumped the gun in 2018 and released a new version of the story in early November, boasting an all-star cast including Benedict Cumberbatch and Angela Lansbury. Although “The Grinch” is sure to delight modern youth, it wastes acclaimed actors in a paltry rendition of a holiday classic.

BAKER: Why Justice Ginsburg’s health demonstrates the need for term limits

(01/14/19 12:58am)

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is undeniably one of the greatest jurists of our time, and her declining health is mournful in its own right. However, everytime Ginsburg falls, or so much as sneezes, liberals collectively hold their breath. Citizens of all colors and stripes fear that if Ginsburg were to pass before the end of President Donald Trump’s term her seat on the Supreme Court would be filled by a judge antithetical to to what she has fought for her entire life. If Ginsburg passes in one year versus 3 the effect on equal rights, partisan gerrymandering and even healthcare, could be markedly different, given the Supreme Court’s role in determining the legality of public policy.

Seven U.Va. student food instagrams that you should be following

(01/17/19 12:35am)

If you didn’t post it, did you even eat it? The emergence of the “foodstagram” has provided a place for talented chefs, nutritionists and foodies to share photos or recipes. Following foodstagrams keeps me inspired with fresh new recipe ideas and up-to-date on the latest viral food trends, like rolled ice cream. Charlottesville’s restaurant scene has made Grounds the ideal place for aspiring foodstagrammers to congregate. It was difficult to narrow down my favorite student accounts, but this list provides a look at an array of approaches to college food blogging. Following these foodstagrams may or may not inspire you to try out a vegan recipe or two or give you honest reviews on new restaurants on the Corner. All, however, are guaranteed to make you hungry. 

Two healthy dinners for the college student just learning how to cook

(01/07/19 7:17pm)

My family always cooked while I was growing up. A typical week in my house consisted of four to six home-cooked meals and one to three trips out to restaurants. My mom was the baker, preparing dozens of cookies and always trying out different cake recipes. My dad made dinner most of the time, choosing from a handful of classics he kept on repeat. 

Ideas to spice up any breakfast

(01/03/19 6:33pm)

As the holiday season has gone on, there is one thing I’ve noticed — how much breakfast I’ve been eating. Is it just me or do breakfasts get A LOT bigger during the holidays? I’m not sure why this happens — whether it’s the colder weather or the overload of family time –– but breakfast becomes yet another opportunity to celebrate. From decadent cinnamon rolls to cheesy egg casseroles, this year’s holiday has really opened my eyes to the morning meal’s potential.