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AMALFARD: Hold impeachment hearings to preserve the rule of law

(04/23/19 2:50am)

After the release of the damning Mueller Report, the House of Representatives is faced with an important decision — the decision of whether to hold impeachment hearings. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is the most thorough and impartial fact-finder we could have asked for, and it is unlikely that Congressional investigations will shed more light for us on either Russian election interference or President Donald Trump’s efforts to obstruct justice. Mueller makes clear that, as a Department of Justice prosecutor, he is not in a position, legally or practically, to prosecute Trump on obstruction of justice. He writes that it’s Congress’s duty to ensure that no man is above the law. We can surmise that — but for Trump’s unique position as president — the mountain of obstruction evidence would have led him to be charged with a crime.

Coming to terms with reality: My boyfriend is allowed to have female friends

(04/28/19 11:15pm)

When it comes to my relationship, I am a bit territorial. When I witness my partner getting more attention from someone who is not me or notice him enjoying the company of someone else, a familiar burning sensation starts to settle in my chest and in my stomach. It’s jealousy. 

SIEGEL: The positive economic effects of healthy food

(04/22/19 12:32am)

The national debate over government-controlled health care has increasingly dominated the political scene. With the 2020 presidential election around the corner, candidates grapple with competing theories on both sides of the spectrum — Medicare for All has emerged as a policy test for the majority of Democrats, while Trump continues to vehemently express his desire to repeal Obamacare. While the political divide in the healthcare debate shakes the nation’s confidence in the government’s ability to fix our broken system, a new study offers a way to bridge this gap. In considering the economic effects of preventative care, specifically healthy food prescriptions, we have the potential to find common ground on the responsible provision of health care.    

Tony Bennett named as one of Fortune Magazine’s World’s 50 Greatest Leaders

(04/20/19 4:45pm)

Virginia men’s basketball Coach Tony Bennett is often recognized in the college basketball realm for his achievements. He’s a three-time National Coach of the Year and a four-time ACC Coach of the Year, as well as the first coach to lead the team to a National Championship. Bennett also earned recognition in a larger context as he was named to Fortune Magazine’s list of World’s Greatest Leaders April 18. 

'Homecoming' is a celebration of blackness

(04/22/19 12:03am)

On April 14, 2018, Beyoncé became the first black woman — and third woman ever — to headline the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Her performance — which her fans aptly named “Beychella” —was an ode to black culture, from the costumes she wore to the dancing and songs interpolated into the setlist. Beyoncé headlining broke records, becoming the most viewed Coachella performance and the most streamed live event of all time. A year later, Beyoncé teamed up with Netflix to create a documentary titled “Homecoming” along with a live album. “Homecoming” allows diehard fans to watch the entirety of Beychella in HD, while also showcasing the effort required to pull off such a gargantuan production. 

BOV Executive Committee unanimously approves in-state tuition freeze for 2019-2020 academic year

(04/19/19 8:18pm)

For the first time in the University’s history, the Executive Committee of the Board of Visitors unanimously approved Friday to freeze in-state tuition at 2018-2019 rates for the 2019-2020 academic year in exchange for $5.52 million in additional state funding from the General Assembly. 

Women’s Center hosts political analyst and writer Zerlina Maxwell

(04/22/19 1:53am)

Zerlina Maxwell — political analyst, commentator, writer and speaker — spoke about the presence of rape culture and its perpetuating practices both in person and in the media in Minor Hall Thursday afternoon. Maxwell has offered commentary on CNN, FOX News and MSNBC and has written online content for, Black Enterprise, The Washington Post and The Huffington Post. Approximately 30 people attended Maxwell’s presentation.

Take Back the Night ‘Day of Healing’ raises awareness on healthy self care habits

(04/22/19 12:15am)

Take Back the Night, a month-long campaign focused on sexual assault awareness and prevention, concluded Thursday with the Day of Healing event held on the Lawn. The event aimed to educate and provide resources to students and University community members regarding healthy self-care methods and practices. The event featured multiple interactive tables facilitated by TBTN and other organizations on Grounds for students to engage with, as well as a Purvelo cycling class being offered in the evening for students to release stress and tension while practicing self-care. Organizations in attendance included the Women’s Center, Unsung People, Flux, University Records, One Less, HOPE, Peer Health Educators and Ashtanga Yoga.

Darden hosts Alexis Ohanian and The New York Times for 'Innovate Like a Boss'

(04/21/19 11:43pm)

In 2017, The New York Times launched a live student series, “Get With the Times,” that brings students together to discuss challenges that are currently facing the world. Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and start-up Initialized Capital and University alumnus, spoke at the Darden School of Business Wednesday night as part of this initiative at an event titled “Innovate like a Boss with Alexis Ohanian.”

Mental health advocacy organizations team up to host Mental Health on the Lawn event

(04/19/19 9:24pm)

Students stopped by South Lawn over the course of three hours Thursday afternoon to participate in a “Mental Health on the Lawn” event. Hosted by Madison House’s Help Line, If You’re Reading This and National Alliance on Mental Illness on Grounds — three student organizations dedicated to providing students with the resources and help they need for a wide variety of situations relating to mental health and mental illness — the event focused on promoting a healthy and transparent mental health culture on Grounds.

Student groups respond to ICE notification policy at Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail

(04/18/19 4:22am)

In response to the upcoming Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail Board meeting May 9, which will discuss Immigration and Customs Enforcement Policy at the jail, student groups such as DREAMers on Grounds, Political Latinxs United for Movement and Action in Society and University Democrats have mobilized to raise awareness and rally against the jail’s ICE notification policy. 

Judah & the Lion at The Jefferson: Not a concert, but so much more

(04/19/19 12:47am)

Judah & the Lion visited Charlottesville Tuesday as the first stop of their “Pep Talks” tour. The unreleased songs of the album are set to drop May 3, so fans may have entered The Jefferson expecting — perhaps with some naivety — the usual concert format where old songs are performed in order to promote the new ones. Somewhere between The Jefferson requiring phones to be locked up and seeing absolutely no instruments on stage, though, it became clear this was something entirely different. 

EDITORIAL: Increase oversight of Opportunity Zones

(04/18/19 1:06am)

Governor Ralph Northam recently announced a new initiative that will include developing an online marketplace and providing tools and investment resources for the federal Opportunity Zones Program. This program, passed as part of President Donald Trump’s tax bill, seeks to provide tax incentives for companies to invest in projects located in economically disadvantaged locations — so called “Opportunity Zones” — to spur growth there. While this plan may be an important tool to economic revitalization, this can only be so if it is implemented in a way that curbs potential abuses.

Students discuss cultural homogeny, intersectionality during MRC and SHHO event

(04/18/19 5:07am)

Roughly 20 students met Tuesday night in the Multicultural Student Center for a public event titled “A Discussion on Homogeneous Spaces.” The discussion was organized by the Minority Rights Coalition and Student Hip-Hop Organization and led by second-year College student Alisha Kohli and third-year College student Camille Horton.