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Take a trip down Penny Lane in Drugdealer’s ‘Raw Honey’

(04/24/19 1:55am)

Psychedelic music has come a long way since its origins in the ‘60s. In the present day, more and more artists have infused psychedelia into other genres such as hip-hop or pop, creating the same state of trance once captured by artists such as the Beatles or Steely Dan but in different ways that may not fully be considered psychedelic. On his sophomore effort “Raw Honey,” released April 19, Michael Collins — aka Drugdealer — returns with a blast of modern pop and classic psychedelia that resembles a tribute to the past. 

DRISCOLL: The University should create a permanent memorial to Robert F. Kennedy

(04/25/19 1:53am)

The Board of Visitors earlier this year approved a measure to dedicate the new upper-class student residence hall on Brandon Avenue after the late Julian Bond, a history professor at the University and one of the most prominent figures within the civil rights movement. In many ways this decision is reflective of a much larger effort by the University over the past several years to highlight a greater share of its history in the memorials and structures dedicated across Grounds.

'The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee' makes children’s extracurriculars worth watching

(04/24/19 8:18pm)

“I really tried to center the production around the idea ... of spelling bee magic,” director Dave Dalton said of the drama department’s latest production, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” A musical comedy that invites audience participation, the play follows six quirky students on their journey through the most cutthroat competition in town. During their pursuit of first prize, the children reveal the trials and tribulations associated with being the best, all while balancing their own personal complications.

‘Cuz I Love You’ doesn’t live up to the hype

(04/23/19 9:59pm)

“Cuz I Love You,” which dropped April 19, is the third studio album — and first with a major record label — from songstress and flautist Lizzo.The force of a major label shows as Atlantic Records paired her with a number of hitmakers, namely Oak and Ricky Reed. Despite these pairings, the album is a somewhat underwhelming effort. While there are a few shining moments, the lack of lyricism and distracting production overpower the positive elements.

Kucenas Lab makes discovery in the rehabilitation of peripheral nervous system

(04/25/19 2:34am)

An April 2019 study by the lab of University Assoc. Biology Prof. Sarah Kucenas has recently discovered a novel way that cells of the peripheral nervous system can be repaired following damage. Post-doctoral fellow Laura Fontenas and fourth-year College student Melanie Piller collaborated with Kucenas on this study. 

Multicultural Peer Educators lead workshop on how to break cycle of socialization at U.Va.

(04/23/19 10:22pm)

The Multicultural Student Center hosted Multicultural Peer Educators for an open workshop titled “The Cycle of Socialization” Thursday. Fourth-year College student Nathan Pal and first-year College student Priya Batheja led a discussion on the continuous cycle of conscious and subconscious socialization and how this cycle leads to oppression. 

Women’s lacrosse prepares for postseason

(04/24/19 2:24am)

The Virginia women’s lacrosse team wrapped up their regular season with a 13-10 victory over in-state rival No. 22 Virginia Tech Saturday afternoon. The Cavaliers finished the season with a record of 12-5, going 3-4 in ACC play. Virginia is currently the No. 7 team in the country and is preparing for the ACC Tournament and likely the NCAA Tournament.

‘Ramy’ is the smartest television of the moment

(04/23/19 9:49pm)

There is nothing about “Ramy” that turns a viewer away — the show only draws them in by immediately introducing a main character with unspoiled commentary about pushy mothers, the necessity of washing between toes before prayer and the Muslim community on Tinder in the Jersey City area. Ramy is played by Ramy Youssef, a comedian who has been featured on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” who shares many traits with his character. The two biggest similarities are faith — Islam plays a major role in the show — and location, as the show is set in New Jersey where Youssef was born and raised.

Indio draws in Instagram influencers

(04/24/19 8:18pm)

Every year, Indio, California becomes an epicenter for music-lovers who brave glamourous hour-long shower lines and mud-bogged fields in order to see their favorite musicians dominate the famous Coachella stages live. The valley becomes riddled with star-studded and rhinestone-laced concertgoers, filling the venue with glitter space buns as far as the eye can see. Coachella is one of the most famous music festivals in our popular culture, and as such, it has drawn in the most prominent figures of online popularity. Hundreds of self-proclaimed Instagram influencers like Indy Blue and Emma Chamberlain often attend Coachella, decked out in the most fashionable festival wear money can buy — or sponsors can provide. Influencers who attend the festival are the epitome of today’s so-called indie couture and look like the poster children for the ultimate Urban Outfitters ad.

Rockn’ to Lockn’ Finals take over the Sprint Pavilion

(04/25/19 3:40am)

The stage was set for Rockn’ to Lockn’ on a chilly night at Sprint Pavilion. The mid-Spring classic — as advertised by the promoters — took place Saturday and was meant to give the perception of summer and, more significantly, festival season on the horizon. Not many people dawned the standard no shirt, no shoes, no problem festival gear that Lockn’-goers are familiar with as temperatures got down in the low 50s. Most opted to add on particular blanket or shawl, perhaps thinking of the time in August when they’d be dancing on top of it in the summer heat, surrounded by thousands of like-minded festival goers all having the time of their lives. 

The angry old people in the comment sections of Cavalier Daily articles have a point

(04/24/19 2:00am)

It’s no secret that the comments on the Cavalier Daily’s Facebook posts of newly-published articles can sometimes look like digital warfare between irritable middle-aged keyboard warriors and, well, literally nobody else. The bloodiest of battles always take place under opinion pieces, as it is here that University alumni from decades past feel the need to reprimand current students for daring to express their viewpoints (sharing an OPINION in the OPINION section?! blasphemous) while simultaneously screaming their own outdated beliefs into the cyber void. 

A study of U.Va. tablers

(04/30/19 12:13am)

We fake phone calls because of them. We put our headphones on to protect ourselves from them. We take the long way to class just to avoid them. They are dangerous and unpredictable. They can smell you from a mile away. You know what I’m talking about. The chaos that ensues on the South Lawn like clockwork every sunny day? The flood of flyers being shoved in front of your face outside of Fresh Food & Co? The Illuminati triangle of cheap plastic tables near the Whispering Wall? If you guessed tablers, you’re right. They’re a part of any normal day on Grounds. They’re a member of the outdoors community at our school, along with the fearless squirrels and occasional bunny. After spending two years avoiding their weirdly tiny papers and loud pop music, I have realized they are a unique kind. Not only are tablers unique as a whole, but they have many different subspecies. Here are some of the species I have come across.