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PARTING SHOT: Have FOMO over the right things

(05/15/19 2:59pm)

Over my four years at the University, it has become a running joke between my friends and me that I most definitely do not have “FOMO” or “fear of missing out.” On the contrary, I have the unique ability to miss home football games, big parties, catered tailgates, concerts, fall break trips, and — dare I say it? — even basketball games without batting an eyelash. to offer bus rides from Charlottesville to Dulles Airport

(05/16/19 8:31pm), a discount bus service, announced that it will begin running buses from Charlottesville to Dulles International Airport beginning today. The company is offering low-cost fares, with special deals as low as $1 for those who meet fare restrictions. A bus ride from Charlottesville to Northern Virginia will typically cost $20 per person.

New research reveals how cancer exploits wound healing process

(05/24/19 10:12pm)

Repairing damaged tissue is a process the body automatically undergoes as needed. However, new research from the Dudley Lab in the University’s Department of Microbiology, Immunology and Cancer Biology demonstrates that what is usually helpful may also be a means by which harmful tumors survive and spread.

A Pokémon virgin’s take on ‘Detective Pikachu’

(05/21/19 1:44pm)

Cinematic universes and long, serialized epics are the norm in modern pop culture. In the past month, the blockbuster Marvel Cinematic Universe reached a milestone of 22 serially plotted movies with “Avengers: Endgame” and HBO’s “Game of Thrones” is currently airing its final season after an eight year run. The big screen and small screen alike seem to require more viewer investment and passion than ever before, banking on mega franchises that have become iconic in fandom and even the mainstream.

Virginia track and field earns 9 ACC titles and 28 All-ACC honors at ACC Championships

(05/16/19 5:10pm)

The Virginia men’s and women’s track and field teams hosted the ACC Championships at Lannigan Field this past weekend. Entering the competition, the Virginia men ranked first in the ACC, while the Virginia women ranked third behind Florida State and Miami. Over the course of three days, the men — led by ACC Field MVP junior Jordan Scott — captured six ACC titles and 16 All-ACC honors to become the conference runner-ups with 117 points. The women concluded the competition in third place with three ACC titles and 12 All-ACC honors. 

No. 3 seed Virginia men’s lacrosse dominates Robert Morris 19-10 in NCAA Tournament opener

(05/15/19 2:40pm)

Just one week removed from securing the ACC Championship, the third-seeded Virginia men’s lacrosse team defeated Robert Morris in the first round of the 2019 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship Saturday night. Fueled by several standout performances, the Cavaliers (14-3, 3-1 ACC) cruised to a 19-10 victory over the Colonials (9-7, 4-2 NEC) in their final game at Klöckner Stadium this season. 

No. 5 men’s tennis defeats No. 12 Stanford to move on to the NCAA Elite Eight

(05/14/19 2:32pm)

After only dropping one match through the first and second rounds of NCAA Tournament play, the No. 5 Virginia men’s tennis team (24-4, 10-2 ACC) hosted the Charlottesville Super Regional against No. 12 Stanford (19-7, 5-3 Pac-12) Saturday. The Cavaliers last faced the Cardinals in their first match of the 2019 ITA Men’s Team Indoor Championship in Chicago, where Virginia emerged victorious 4-2. 

It’s time to face the music

(05/16/19 8:17pm)

Whether you’ve just packed up your first-year dorm or you’re about to wear the honor of honors and toss your graduation cap into the air, saying goodbye is never easy. It’s even harder when you’ve just finished a soul-crushing final exam period and are sitting in your parents’ car on the drive home, emotionally drained and exhausted with no capacity to feel anything except relief that you’re finally done. How could you possibly summon the strength to say goodbye? It’s simple — listen to these songs that will make you regret all those times you wished the school year was over.

PARTING SHOT: A cycle of mentorship

(05/10/19 7:30pm)

Roughly two weeks into my first year at the University, I failed to quit my journalism addiction and applied to work as a writer for The Cavalier Daily’s sports section. The application consisted of writing two stories: 1) A preview of Virginia football’s 2012 matchup against Georgia Tech, a game that followed-up the Cavaliers’ victorious effort over Penn State due to a game-winning catch by Jake McGee; and 2) a feature on any aspect of the Virginia football team. For the latter, I wrote about — you guessed it — McGee.

PARTING SHOT: The indispensable nature of student journalism

(05/16/19 8:19pm)

Two summers ago, I found myself choking on chemical irritants and struggled to breathe. I took in the scenes around me: heavily-armed militias patrolling the streets, newspaper boxes tipped over, a man who looked like he had been pepper-sprayed, helicopters buzzing overhead, people fighting in the streets and police standing by, declining to intervene. White supremacist groups had invaded Charlottesville and provoked violence and counter-protests, and our city soon became a hashtag. Alongside a team of Alexis Gravely, Anna Higgins and Daniel Hoerauf, I was reporting from the middle of the chaos for The Cavalier Daily. 

HESS: Elizabeth Warren is the progressive the nation needs

(05/21/19 1:50pm)

Biden, Bernie, Beto, Buttigieg — the four names that are constantly being thrown around the news channels. The current news cycle would lead one to believe that these are the only four viable candidates, but they are failing to give enough attention to the only candidate who is actually presenting a future for all Americans through specific policy proposals — Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) . Warren is one of the most progressive candidates in the field, with a long history to support her claims. Even with such critical and negative press, she is still making her case for why she should receive the nomination — and we should believe in her.

Class of 2019 reflects on life at U.Va., prepares for life after graduation

(05/10/19 7:17pm)

The University’s Class of 2019 will walk down the Lawn for the final time Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19. Under the sea of brightly colored balloons and carefully decorated caps will be a sea of graduating students preparing to leave their past four years in Charlottesville behind, with next steps ranging from careers in healthcare to gap years and studying for graduate school exams, as well as reflecting on their experiences and the role the University and its resources, or lack thereof, have played in shaping them.

No. 3 seed men’s lacrosse to host Robert Morris in first round of the NCAA Tournament

(05/08/19 12:52am)

Fresh off of winning the ACC Tournament, the third-seeded Virginia men’s lacrosse team will meet Robert Morris Saturday in the first round of the 2019 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship. The Cavaliers (13-3, 3-1 ACC) and the Colonials (9-7, 4-2 NEC) will face off at Klockner Stadium in Charlottesville with a 7:30 p.m. start time.