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DUA: The vaping epidemic is largely misinformed hyperbole

(09/20/19 5:45pm)

Last December I wrote a column in which I attempted to evaluate the evidence against JUUL and other e-cigarette companies used by the Food and Drug Administration to implement more stringent regulations on these devices. My argument was simple — vaporizers are fundamentally different than traditional cigarettes and the evidence that vaping is hurting people in the same way cigarettes historically have is negligible. 

U.Va. Health System’s collection practices place holds on student accounts

(09/19/19 2:51am)

Fourth-year College student Michael Marrow went to the University Medical Center Emergency Department Feb. 27 with chest pains. According to medical records provided by Marrow, he left with $636.25 in medical debt, and his insurance footed an additional $2,299.75. In a recent interview with The Cavalier Daily, Marrow said that at the time, he had no idea he owed anything.

A bad marker

(09/20/19 5:47pm)

Earlier this month, Breitbart News’s weather columnist died from vaping related causes. They quickly filled the position, and the replacement is a familiar face. You may know him, I hope you dislike him, and he isn’t pretty. It’s Donald Trump. His recent articles have all been under 280 characters and rely too heavily on capitalization. After this decision was announced, the White House tweeted that it too would be using Trump as their main expert on weather related events. This is probably not a good thing. Why would the White House rely on a president who does not have any background in weather? Because much like rising sea levels, the White House is knee deep in boiling water. Why shouldn’t we trust Trump like we trust Al Roker? Because Mitch McConnell trusts him, he spews misinformation, and unlike Roker, Trump hasn’t been on Family Feud.

No. 5 field hockey splits weekend matchups, improving to 5-1 on the season

(09/18/19 3:05am)

Virginia lost in a thrilling shootout finish against Maryland, but quickly regrouped to hold Yale scoreless en route to a dominant victory this past weekend. The No. 5 Cavaliers (5-1, 0-0 ACC) nearly upset No. 3 Maryland (6-1, 0-0 B1G), and cruised past Yale (1-3, 0-0 Ivy) in their weekend matchups.

EDITORIAL: End exclusionary zoning in Charlottesville

(09/19/19 12:31am)

The affordable housing crisis in Charlottesville is demonstrative of a serious contradiction among liberal cities in America, whose officials always pay lip service to racial equity but hardly ever deliver. In Charlottesville, exclusionary zoning laws, density requirements, unaffordability and irresponsible economic planning have made it nearly impossible for middle class and low-income residents to find affordable housing. While many may defend existing laws as necessary to preserve the character of particular neighborhoods within the city, a deeper dive into the history of these ordinances reveals the racialized nature of Charlottesville’s housing market that continues to segregate the community.

PASCIAK: Eliminate application fees to schools within the University

(09/19/19 12:35am)

Within the University, there are multiple schools that specifically cater to a particular area of study — such as the McIntire School of Commerce or Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. Certain degrees only exist within these schools — a Bachelor of Science in Commerce, for example, can only be obtained through McIntire. For certain schools, a student is able to apply directly out of high school and start at the University enrolled in that program. However, for McIntire and Batten, students are typically required to wait until their second year, as each of these schools has a minimum credit requirement that a student must reach before applying. The University also requires students who wish to apply into these programs to pay a fee of $75 simply to submit an application. The requirement of an application fee should be abolished, as the University should encourage academic exploration rather than discourage it with a fee.