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EDITORIAL: College students deserve better from the federal government

(03/27/20 8:43pm)

In a matter of days, life as we have known it has come to a screeching halt, and in its place chaos, confusion and fear have flourished. No one could have predicted only a few months ago that students would not return to Grounds from spring break and instead would be left to make sense of a new normal. To help accommodate this unprecedented disruption, the University has taken a number of drastic steps including instituting a pass/fail system for course credit this semester, compensating work-study students and reimbursing students and their families for on-Grounds housing and dining expenses. While there still remains more that can be done, these measures have signalled the administration’s understanding of the extraordinary predicament that the University community today finds itself in.

Graduating students react to cancellation of Final Exercises as planned

(03/26/20 4:26am)

On March 17, University President Jim Ryan and Provost Liz Magill informed the student body of a number of changes to the University’s operational schedule in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Among these changes was the cancellation of Final Exercises as originally planned for May 16 and 17. 

Students may apply housing and dining refunds to future tuition and fees

(03/26/20 5:42pm)

Student Financial Services released an email statement Wednesday night detailing refund options for students who held University housing and dining contracts for the Spring 2020 term. The instruction comes after President Jim Ryan and Provost Liz Magill’s March 17 email, which promised pro-rated credits for all students holding such contracts.

Restaurants on the Corner continue to serve the Charlottesville community despite economic hardships

(03/27/20 7:30pm)

The once-crowded and lively Corner has become bare in response to the University’s active encouragement of social distancing and its decision to move classes online. Many students have returned home in accordance with University President Jim Ryan’s request, which leaves businesses on the Corner lacking both workers and customers. Owners must now decide how to go about retaining business while taking into consideration the overall health and wellbeing of the broader Charlottesville community.

Student activists create petition, list of demands for ‘holistic’ U.Va. COVID-19 response

(03/25/20 1:11pm)

Nearly 800 people have signed a petition released March 17 by student activists at the University calling upon President Jim Ryan and the University administration to address and support the needs of students and community members through the dedication of financial resources and commitment to various accommodations. 

Practice self care while social distancing with this solo dance party playlist

(03/26/20 4:41am)

Self care is a necessity skipped by many University students even before the coronavirus pandemic, but something absolutely essential to practice while self-quarantining and social distancing. Meditation and face masks work for some, but there is one tried and true method that is universal — a good old-fashioned dance party. Here are 20 songs to get your feet moving, your fists pumping and your spirits rising — all from the safety of your own bedroom.

‘Little Fires Everywhere’ sparks exploration of race and motherhood

(03/25/20 1:25pm)

Hulu released three installations of its eight-episode series “Little Fires Everywhere” Wednesday, March 18. Based on Celeste Ng’s 2017 novel of the same name, the series follows the lives of the Richardson family upon the arrival of Mia Warren and her daughter, exploring how the two families intertwine. 

A Japanese international student’s take on postponing the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

(03/24/20 4:25pm)

It’s a leap year. That means that this summer the quadrennial Summer Olympic Games were supposed to be held — this year, it was set to take place in Tokyo. During the event’s roughly two-week period, Japan would have attracted attention from all around the world, becoming a global center of communal exhilaration and cultural exchange. As an international student from Japan, there is nothing more exciting than an event like this. 

KOTHARI: It’s time for Bernie Sanders to drop out

(03/25/20 6:59pm)

Sen. Bernie Sanders has suffered yet another crushing set of losses in each of the three contested states — Illinois, Florida, and Arizona. These were following rough performances on Super Tuesday and Super Tuesday II, where former Vice President Joe Biden, Sanders’ primary opponent, dramatically expanded his lead in the delegate count. While supporters of Sanders’ campaign are quick to argue that Sanders is the best candidate to beat Donald Trump and better at addressing the needs and concerns of younger voters, the results of recent primaries suggest that this message fails to resonate with most Democrats.

FAHLBERG: America’s pandemic strategy is creating economic pandemonium

(03/23/20 6:29pm)

Fourth years at the University are mourning the loss of both final exercises and the last few weeks of our undergraduate career on Grounds. But beyond “enjoying” our last semester of college via Zoom, we have to face the reality that our generation’s careers may permanently be stunted by an unfavorable job market. The economic fallout of the coronavirus obviously isn’t limited to college seniors scrambling to find jobs, however. Most Americans have been forced to undergo the transition to social distancing, telework and toilet paper shortages. And as the death toll continues to rise, politicians continue to close borders and industries as a band-aid solution to the pandemic.