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BHARADWAJ: Affirmative action is a discriminatory institution

(07/26/19 3:59pm)

The practice of affirmative action in our country has a very complex and at times contradictory history. Modern day policies are most heavily influenced by a 1978 Supreme Court ruling that declared race-based quotas in college admissions to be unconstitutional. In order to continue their efforts towards diversity though — and to ensure indemnification against future court rulings — colleges began to obfuscate the details of their admissions procedures, exchanging forthright quotas for more nuanced racial biases. It was from here that our modern understanding of the term was born, and despite myriad subsequent rulings, this practice has remained mostly unchanged. 

U.Va. honored by U.S. Department of Energy for green, cost-effective updates to Clark Hall

(08/02/19 4:12pm)

Deep in the interior of Clark Hall, approximately 20 feet underground, stand the machines that control the heating, ventilation and air conditioning of the entire building, from the classrooms and offices to the library and laboratories. Few people have any reason to venture down to this subterranean space.

‘Angel’s Pulse’ is a religious experience

(07/26/19 2:52am)

With the recent release of “Angel’s Pulse,” Devonté Hynes of Blood Orange has mixed and produced his way to the creation of an atmospheric, musical masterpiece which incorporates the influence of a multitude of outstanding features. As a proclaimed epilogue to his 2018 release “Negro Swan,” “Angel’s Pulse” is a virtual continuation of the melodic instrumentation and flowing choruses which gained critical acclaim in the year prior. This release undoubtedly signifies Hynes’ mastering of the lush, layered ballads his listeners have enjoyed since his 2011 release “Coastal Grooves.”

James Fields sentenced to life in prison plus 419 years by state court

(07/16/19 2:03am)

A state court sentenced neo-Nazi James Fields Jr. to life in prison Monday, plus 419 years and $480,000 in fines due to Fields’ violent role in the white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally held in Charlottesville in August 2017. Fields drove his car into counter-protestors who had been demonstrating in opposition to the white supremacist and neo-Nazi messages, killing 32-year-old Charlottesville resident Heather Heyer and injuring dozens others.

Charlottesville City Council moves to cease celebration of Jefferson’s birthday, establishes Liberation and Freedom Day in its place

(07/23/19 11:46am)

Charlottesville City Council recently voted to no longer celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s birthday as an official holiday. The celebration of his birthday on April 13 will be replaced with another holiday known as Liberation and Freedom Day, which will take place March 3. 

Strength in sweetness: U.Va. professor discovers unexpected trait of sugar

(08/02/19 4:08pm)

When Edward Egelman, professor of biochemistry and molecular genetics, set out to research single-celled, pathogenic organisms called archaea about a year ago, he was unsure of what he would find. But Egelman knew he wanted to start with archaea’s pili — tiny hair-like appendages that sprout from their cells. Thanks to Egelman and his lab, the science community now knows that these pili are filled with strengthening sugar molecules that enable archaea to survive in extreme temperatures — like those of volcanic hot springs. 

YOWELL: Call out the racism in America

(07/23/19 11:47am)

Several police officers in Phoenix, Arizona, are currently under investigation following a shoplifting incident gone wrong. The officers followed a vehicle — occupied by two adults and their two small children — from a local Family Dollar to a nearby apartment complex after receiving a phone call about a stolen doll. Upon arrival, the officers drew their weapons, approached the car and began threatening to shoot, which according to the filed police report was due to the backseat passengers “moving frantically.” 

HESS: LGBTQ+ outreach on Grounds needs to improve

(07/12/19 8:48pm)

Every year, Pride month serves as a time to celebrate love and the LGBTQ+ community, but it also serves as an important time to highlight the problems impacting LGBTQ+ people everywhere, which we should strive to address all year round. This past semester, I came out to the world. I received an overwhEvery year, Pride month serves as a time to celebrate love and the LGBTQ+ community, but it also serves as an important time to highlight the problems impacting LGBTQ+ people everywhere, which we should strive to address all year round. This past semester, I came out to the world. I received an overwhelming amount of love and support from all those around me and I was excited to find my place within the U.Va. LGBTQ+ community, but I really did not know where to start — and I still do not. It is easy to find queer students that are present and proud. And while some recent progress has been promising, organization across the University has been hard to find.

Summer swipin’ are we gonna match?

(07/17/19 3:05am)

Summer lovin’ had me a blast. Summer lovin’ happened so fast. Open on you, surrounded by your friends at the beginning of the fall semester giving them all the juicy details of your summer fling. Whether you’re a Danny, Sandy or somewhere in between, the idea of your friends circling around you shrieking “tell me more,” may not have crossed your mind, but blasting the group chat in all caps probably did. Abroad or domestic, there is always hope for your summer romance to blossom. While Tinder may have been your go-to dating pool on Grounds, the rules are very different depending on where you are spending your summer. 

What readers should know about tick-borne diseases in Charlottesville

(07/12/19 12:15pm)

For students, faculty members and residents, Charlottesville’s sunny summer days may offer the ideal opportunity to explore local trails or hike through Shenandoah National Park. But without proper precautions, bacterial infections acquired through tick bites can pose a serious health threat to those who spend time in woody or brushy areas. 

How to maintain an active lifestyle during a summer in Charlottesville, budget edition

(08/23/19 8:13pm)

While some college students associate summer with a more relaxed pace, rising fourth years Annie Sharkey and Summer Allen also see it as an opportunity to stay fit. For these two, who both work eight hours a day in Charlottesville, finding time to exercise is generally as important as being smart about how they spend their money.

Class of 2023 remains academically strongest and most diverse class in University history

(07/05/19 10:33pm)

The 3,925 students enrolling in the Class of 2023 comprise the academically strongest and most diverse class in the history of the University, according to Dean of Admissions Gregory Roberts. Compared to the statistics from the Class of 2022, the new class features an increase in minority, first-generation and low-income populations. Though the school overenrolled above its target of 3,750, the incoming class fell one percent short of its in-state target, with 66 percent of students coming from the Commonwealth.