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CAMP: Charlottesville should revoke electric scooter contracts

(03/04/20 7:25pm)

When Lime announced this past December that it would no longer operate in Charlottesville, I was relieved. As a cyclist around Grounds, I have noticed an increasing number of students riding electric scooters dangerously, both for themselves and other individuals on the roads. Unfortunately, the removal of one electric scooter company did not cause the downfall of the e-scooter presence at the University. E-scooters remain an increasingly common sight around Grounds, ultimately to students’ detriment. As convenient and exciting as renting an e-scooter may be, they are fundamentally a danger both to their users and pedestrians — the city of Charlottesville should seek to ban them.

US Attorney Zach Terwilliger and his impact in the pursuit of justice

(03/05/20 5:07am)

The rigor of law school is notorious for being difficult even for the brilliant student, and being able to go through such an arduous academic journey with a learning disability seems unimaginable. However, that is precisely what U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia Zach Terwilliger did. 

UJC recaps UBE results and hears from Assistant Vice President Marsh Pattie

(03/03/20 4:51am)

The University Judiciary Committee summarized the University Board of Elections results and heard from Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Marsh Pattie at its general body meeting Sunday. Pattie, who served as a UJC representative during his time in the Curry Graduate School of Education from 2002 to 2003, discussed how UJC has changed in the last 20 years.

No. 15 men’s swimming and diving finish second at ACC Championships

(03/04/20 7:11pm)

No. 15 Virginia men’s swimming and diving put together a strong week in Greensboro N.C. at the ACC Championships and finished as the conference runner-up. In the team’s best finish since 2013, the Cavaliers totalled 1,098 points during the week — only behind No. 5 NC State’s 1,250 points as the Wolfpack claimed their sixth consecutive conference title.

No. 13 women’s tennis falls to No. 1 North Carolina, beats No. 3 NC State on the road

(03/03/20 5:01am)

Coming off a strong ACC win over Clemson, No. 13 Virginia faced two ACC teams ranked in the top three this weekend. First, the Cavaliers (9-4, 3-2 ACC) traveled to Chapel Hill, N.C. Friday to face off against No. 1 North Carolina — the undefeated top seed in the country with five singles players ranked in the top 40 nationwide. They followed up with a win Sunday against No. 3 NC State. 

Bridging the gap — study sequences Asian genomes to diversify genetic databases

(03/25/20 1:45pm)

Though the number of human genomes sequenced continues to rise rapidly since the completion of the Human Genome Project — a scientific endeavor spanning multiple decades and countries aimed at detailing human DNA — in 2003, less than 10 percent of those genomes to date correspond to individuals of Asian descent. The GenomeAsia 100K Project, a non-profit consortium, seeks to change this lack of knowledge surrounding a major portion of the world’s ethnicities. The conglomeration of researchers and private sector executives from around the world — from Seoul, South Korea to the University — plans to add 100,000 novel genomes from individuals of Asian ethnicity to new open-access databases.

University researchers develop a community resource to assist individuals with autism

(03/05/20 3:53am)

The Autism Data System for Research Integration, Visualization and Exchange is a networking and educational resource for people with autism and their families seeking to electronically connect with resources and researchers. Launched in November 2019, DRIVE is a part of the larger Autism Supporting Transformative Autism Research program in the Curry School of Education, which seeks to improve the quality of life of individuals with autism by gathering and performing research across disciplines while also educating those diagnosed and their families. 

University School of Medicine surpassed funding record with grants from NIH

(03/05/20 4:21am)

During 2019, the University School of Medicine met multiple milestones. The Federal Drug Association approved an artificial pancreas for Type I diabetics developed over the past decade at the University. Another team of researchers discovered the protein that allows the bacteria species Geobacter sulfurreducens to conduct electricity, which could have implications for biomedical device development.

FLICKINGER: Major requirements are too restrictive

(03/02/20 9:17pm)

In a time where college students frequently graduate unprepared for the workforce, the University stands out for its well-rounded curriculum and exceptionally prepared students. This, of course, is unsurprising for a school often referred to as a “Public Ivy.” However, as distinguished this education is, some flaws still hold graduates back from succeeding in the job market. One particular flaw that plagues many schools is the engineer’s overspecialization, missing vital critical thinking and ethical skills. Additionally, liberal arts students often miss out on strictly marketable computer skills.

Afrobeats dance contest closes out Black History Month

(03/03/20 5:20am)

The School of Nursing’s McLeod Hall might not be a place associated with dance and performance, but that has all changed since the first annual dance competition took place there on Feb. 29, in which teams from various schools participated. Team Fever, the organizing entertainment entity in charge of the dance contest, has provided DJ services for many different student organizations here on Grounds, including the Organization of African Students. For them, this was an opportunity to try out a new type of event. 

Ruffin Gallery makes space for Nick Cave’s 'Spot On'

(03/05/20 5:19am)

Dancing bodies in “Soundsuits” graced the walls of the Ruffin Gallery during the Feb. 28 opening of “Spot On” — a video-performance art exhibit by artist-in-residence Nick Cave, hosted by the McIntire Department of Art. University students and faculty gathered in the space to view the captivating performance videos on display — titled “Blot,” “Gestalt” and “Bunny Boy.”

EDITORIAL: The University and Fraternity Panel is a step in the right direction

(03/05/20 5:34am)

The IMP Society and Student Hip-Hop Organization hosted an event Oct. 2018 at Beta Theta Pi’s fraternity house where there were alleged violations of the previously agreed upon terms of the party. The IMPsand SHHO later called out Beta Theta Pi members’ “blantant discrimination” barring students of color from entering the house, creating an unwelcoming and separate space. In response to issues such as these, the University Judiciary Committee introduced the University and Fraternity Panel at a recent General Body meeting. The primary goal of the Panel is to hear cases of alleged misconduct at any co-sponsored event between recognized Inter-Fraternity Council fraternities and organizations affiliated with the University, such as CIOs. In implementing this body, UJC has not only filled a gap in the judicial system, but has also set an important precedent in holding one of the largest social organizations on Grounds accountable for its behavior.

UVABA: Multicultural — a letter of support for the students and the community

(03/05/20 5:33am)

After reading President Jim Ryan’s letter Feb. 19 to the University community, a specific quote resonated with the U.Va. Black Alumni Initiative — “Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice,” a quote from Theodore Parker and used by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.