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In their own words — scientists explain love

(02/13/20 6:29pm)

As Valentine’s Day draws near, love will be celebrated in countless different ways, looked at from all points of view and shared amongst family, friends, significant others, adults, elderly and children alike. Everyone looks at love in their own way, and scientists are no different. They, too, have their own, technical definitions of love, defined in their field’s terms. It can be seen as a reaction in the brain, the positive to negative attraction of particles or stemming from the social interactions between two people. Within an institution such as the University, these nuanced definitions are everywhere.

Honor introduces student contest initiative and proposed amendments

(02/11/20 7:48pm)

The Honor Committee met Sunday evening for a general body meeting to discuss plans for a student competition and to review and vote on items that will appear on the ballot this upcoming election, which begins Feb. 26. The Committee unanimously voted to include amendments pertaining to Popular Assembly and impeachment proceedings on the ballot for upcoming student body elections.

MCKELVEY: Thinking about women on Valentine’s Day

(02/12/20 6:17pm)

Valentine’s Day 2020 will be the 22nd anniversary of V-Day, an international movement “to end violence against all women and girls (cisgender, transgender, and those who hold fluid identities that are subject to gender based violence).” The day coincides, however, with Valentine’s Day, one of the most commercialized holidays embedded in American culture. This leads one to wonder why the days are paired together in such a way. Perhaps, to answer this question, one could address V-Day’s four core beliefs, one of which is a dedication to “lasting social and cultural change … spread by ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” The V-Day movement brings attention to the problematic traditions that we associate with our celebrations of Valentine’s Day. 

Delegate Sally Hudson hosts mid-session legislative review

(02/11/20 7:40pm)

About 70 community members gathered on Sunday for a mid-session legislative review hosted by Delegate Sally Hudson, D-Charlottesville, at the Charlottesville downtown Cityspace. Hudson, who is also an assistant professor of Public Policy, Education and Economics in the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy, spent the evening responding to questions from audience members about various pieces of legislation that are currently moving through the General Assembly and how they will affect the Charlottesville community.

The Lumineers aim for strength in simplicity

(02/11/20 6:08pm)

When imagining the everyday lives of some of the music industry’s most prevalent artists, a typical mental picture might encapsulate the thrill of screaming crowds, masses of doting fans and a whirlwind life full of parties and wild excitement. However, for Jeremiah Fraites — one of the founding members of indie rock band The Lumineers — the experience of headlining a large-scale tour for the band’s most recent album, 2019’s “III” — which will come to John Paul Jones Arena Feb. 16 — has been exciting not only for those reasons, but also on a more significant level because of the time he has spent with his family. 

Love sucks — here’s an anti-Valentine’s day playlist

(02/13/20 6:33pm)

Valentine’s Day is an inescapable holiday. It is everywhere, from the heart-shaped chocolates in grocery stores to the cringeworthy and saccharine Valentine’s Day posts soon to be plastered on everyone’s Instagram feeds. However, not everyone has caught the love bug. Falling into this category can make it an isolating holiday. Here are nine songs that encapsulate the feeling of being exhausted with Valentine’s Day.

The sweetest solution for last-minute Valentine’s Day treats

(02/13/20 6:18pm)

One would think that the 14th day of the month couldn’t approach this quickly. Nevertheless, as a full-time college student, this date seems to emerge out of nowhere amidst the busyness of exams and projects. For me, cravings for sweets go hand-in-hand with this frantic season of assignments. Thus, my journey to satisfy my sweet tooth in a thematic fashion began.

FERGUSON: The case for Jeffersonian architecture

(02/11/20 6:05pm)

The University administration has recently announced several construction projects that will change the landscape of Grounds. Thomas Jefferson’s Academical Village has inspired generations of students, faculty, staff and visitors. Its forms — grounded in Federalism, Neoclassicism and Neo-Palladianism — embody the democratic mission of the University as a public institution. As the University community accommodates arising facility needs through additions to the architectural landscape of Grounds, it must maintain the forms of Jeffersonian architecture to not only preserve visual consistency but exemplify the spirit of the University. 

Women’s basketball splits weekend matchups against Clemson and No. 17 Florida State

(02/11/20 6:55am)

After a 70-54 win at home against Clemson, Virginia lost a nail-biting match-up on the road against No. 17 Florida State 63-55. Jocelyn Willoughby, senior guard and perennial team star, averaged 20.0 points over the two-game stretch while freshmen guards Carole Miller and Shemera Williams also had standout performances. 

Students hold vigil in remembrance of Nicholas Palatt

(02/10/20 7:41pm)

Around 100 students gathered outside of the McCormick Road dorms Sunday evening for a remembrance vigil in honor of Nicholas Palatt, a first-year Engineering student who passed away Jan. 31. The ceremony included remarks from first-year College student Basak Gafoor, who was Palatt’s roommate, and First Year Council President Jared Rooker.

University alumni design NeuroView Diagnostics to prevent stroke disability

(02/13/20 6:28pm)

Strokes are one of the leading causes of disabilities in the United States and cost an estimated $100 billion each year to prevent. That's why Mark McDonald, neuroimmunology fellow at the University’s School of Medicine, and Omar Uribe co-founded an early-stage digital health company — NeuroView — using artificial intelligence to identify early risk factors for strokes and provide a plan of action to each patient to alleviate these risks. Overall, this product works to reduce the number of strokes each year and help patients receive the best care in the shortest time possible.