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Student Council tables resolution regarding Engagement courses and bill to amend bylaws

(02/07/20 6:17pm)

At its general body meeting Tuesday night, Student Council voted to table a resolution in support of mental wellness and resiliency Engagement courses, as well as a bill to amend the bylaws in regards to electing the chair of the representative body. The proposed resolution and bylaw will be voted on during the next general body meeting, Feb. 11.

Honor formalizes procedure for violations arising from Title IX investigations

(02/05/20 9:16pm)

The Honor Committee decided Sunday on an official policy that dictates how the Committee will handle Honor violations — cases of lying, cheating and stealing — that arise out of Title IX investigations of sexual and gender-based harassment. Under the new policy, the Honor Committee will dismiss any report of an alleged Honor offense if the University’s Title IX Coordinator determines the conduct alleged in the Honor report was previously adjudicated, requiring Honor to consult with Title IX prior to investigating.

‘High Road’ is Kesha at her best

(02/10/20 3:09am)

The release of Kesha’s fourth studio album — “High Road” — coincides with the singer’s 10th year in the music industry as a solo artist. After 10 years of music it seems the world has yet to understand Kesha — by no fault of her own. The industry was intent on pigeonholing the singer from the beginning of her career. Kesha was initially perceived as a party animal, but the release of "Rainbow," her third studio album, proved her to be an artist “finding her own voice.” The reality is that the “We R Who We R” singer has always had a voice. Although oftentimes stifled by her rapist Dr. Luke, the image of Kesha as purely a reformed party girl is wrong. “High Road” is Kesha telling critics she refuses to be boxed in.

DREAMers on Grounds sparks social media campaign for matriculation of all undocumented students

(02/04/20 7:17pm)

A Facebook profile frame designed by DREAMers on Grounds advocating for the University to matriculate all undocumented students unintentionally sparked a social media campaign in which now over 100 students and community members have participated. 

Student organizations work to increase voter turnout in upcoming student elections

(02/04/20 4:44pm)

The University Board of Elections, Honor Committee and University Judiciary Committee are organizing ways to increase student voter turnout with the start of campaign season Feb. 21 and University-wide elections March 1. Positions on the ballot this year include Student Council president, representatives for Honor and UJC as well as other class and school councils. 

The final season of ‘Bojack Horseman’ is a fitting end

(02/10/20 5:50am)

Bojack Horseman — animated icon, troubled actor, enigmatic anti-hero. A cartoon horse voiced by Will Arnett was nobody’s first choice as television’s successor to complicated character studies like Don Draper and Tony Soprano, but over six seasons, Bojack has fit the bill. Constantly searching for something that will salve the gaping wound left by childhood trauma and a myriad of personal and professional shortcomings, the titular star of the animated Netflix series “BoJack Horseman” has spent his life trying to, in his words, “press that little button in your head that says ‘OK, you’re happy now.’” While the first part of the final season — which dropped in October on the streaming service — suggested Bojack would find a way to put his past behind him, the second batch of final episodes, made available Friday, makes it clear that the past will always be close behind him.

BRASACCHIO: Abolish legacy admissions at U.Va.

(02/04/20 8:12pm)

At the University, the Office of Admission takes into consideration the legacy status of applicants. Legacy status is defined by the University as “a student whose parent, step-parent, or adoptive parent has a degree from UVA.” Students with this status are almost twice as likely to be admitted to the University than their non-legacy counterparts. Many institutions across the country consider the legacy status — and these legacy students are overwhelmingly white, wealthy and admitted at higher rates than non-legacies. If the University seeks to have fair and equitable admissions processes — which it should, as a public institution — it should stop considering legacy status.

How K-pop has given me an identity clash

(02/10/20 6:10am)

I grew up in Japan, surrounded by many enthusiastic fans of Asian idol groups. Whether at school, home or a friends’ house, everyone would be talking about K-pop idols and broadcasting their music. They were everywhere. Although I enjoy idol pop music to this day, I personally never went on to fervently follow these idols like some people around me did. Instead, I simply accepted their presence as a part of what constitutes my native culture.

Tied for First: 'Head Title aka Distant Lover' by Marvin Gaye

(02/06/20 5:14am)

I don’t buy all too much into astrology. The stars can be wishy-washy. Sometimes they make incorrect assumptions, sometimes they make me genuinely disbelieve in the self-fulfilling prophecy. But one personality trait that the hardy solar system really pinned me down on was my indecisiveness. Gemini reporting. Lordy, lordy me, making decisions is hard. 

Various classes offer students and community opportunities to practice mindfulness

(02/14/20 6:25am)

With classes, extra-curricular activities and limited budget, it can be hard for students to always maintain healthy lifestyles. Many students try to eat a balanced diet, exercise and meditate or practice self-care. At times, it may be difficult to establish a routine, but various communities and programs on and near Grounds can help them keep up with their goals. 

Lights, camera and class — the life of a college YouTuber

(02/05/20 9:30pm)

Walking around Grounds on a busy weekday, it's nothing out of the ordinary to witness a student taking a picture of her Starbucks cup with her name spelled wrong for Instagram or someone shamelessly posing for his Snapchat streaks. But seeing someone talking to a professional-grade camera on the way to class may generate a few stares. What looks unusual at first glance may actually be an iconic spotting of one of the University’s most popular YouTubers filming their latest content. Third-year College Student Jason Wang and second-year College student Megan Kelleher have garnered 19,300 and 13,400 subscribers, respectively, through their YouTube channels, which feature vlogs about their lifestyles at the University.

Intramural and Recreational Sports hosts inaugural ‘Ladies Night’ at the Aquatic & Fitness Center

(02/04/20 9:18pm)

The soundscape of the weight room echoes with effort. People grunt through difficult final reps, weights slam to the ground, barbells squeal as they roll across the pins. While anyone can make these sounds, Natalia Perez, Intramural-Recreational Sports personal trainer, says they reinforce the weight room’s reputation as a gender-segregated space. That’s why she pitched an event last fall with Jackie Lebeau, senior director of fitness and instruction, intending to carve out space for female and nonbinary students in the weight room.  

STRIKE: What’s changed since Rolling Stone? Not enough.

(02/06/20 4:42am)

Two months ago, C-ville Weekly published a review of the University’s years-long response to the now-infamous Rolling Stone article of 2014. The article detailed the original Rolling Stone piece, the University’s short- and long-term responses, the cultural shifts on Grounds and current student concerns over work that has yet to be done. C-ville Weekly asks the question, “What has (or hasn’t) changed at UVA since Rolling Stone?” I have an answer — not enough.

FDA approves artificial pancreas for easier diabetes management

(02/06/20 4:59am)

After rounds of clinical trials, researchers with the University Center for Diabetes Technology have created an “artificial pancreas” for patients with Type I diabetes. Until this technology, patients with Type I diabetes had to serve as ‘translators’ between two medical devices — insulin pumps and glucose monitors. But just recently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the new device, which will allow insulin pumps and glucose monitors to ‘talk’ to one another — turning two devices into one and creating a streamlined approach to diabetes management. 

O’FARRELL and ZAMOFF: Virginia basketball should have top teams on upset alert

(02/05/20 3:07am)

Last year, despite a dominant regular season which culminated in a second straight ACC regular season championship, Virginia still had its share of skeptics going into the NCAA Tournament. Many had concerns about whether Virginia’s notoriously slow pace of play would work in the postseason — criticisms which became more prevalent after Virginia’s historic upset loss in the first round of the 2018 NCAA Tournament. However, the Cavaliers went on to silence the doubters and win the first national championship in program history, proving that their playing style can be effective in March.