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EDITORIAL: Virginia’s newly elected policymakers must keep students in mind

(11/13/19 10:11pm)

Last week’s general election was historic as Democrats swept state and local races across the Commonwealth, regaining control of the General Assembly for the first time in almost 20 years. Now entrusted with a clear mandate, these newly elected policymakers are tasked with upholding the very campaign promises that paved the way for their victories. Given that students represent an increasingly important constituency across the Commonwealth, elected officials must focus on the issues that disproportionately affect them.

'One Piece' celebrates 20 years with a 'Stampede'

(11/14/19 5:17am)

“One Piece” is a classic ongoing Japanese fantasy action manga series chronicling the adventures of the Straw Hat pirates as they journey across a ridiculous world in search of thrills and treasures. At the same time, “One Piece” is also one of the most profitable media franchises of all time, stretching across manga, anime, games and films. “One Piece: Stampede,” which was released Oct. 24, is the fourteenth feature film in the “One Piece” film series and serves as a commemoration of the animated series’ twentieth anniversary. Though a bit light in plot and rather poorly constructed, “Stampede” is sure to please established fans as a celebration of the series history with more than a few fun tricks up its sleeves.

ERIKSSON VON ALLMEN: To the man who compared abortions to the Holocaust

(11/15/19 2:28pm)

A few weeks ago, I listened quietly as a demonstrater outside Garret Hall compared abortions to the Holocaust. As I weaved my way past the throng of students, I heard him say, “Just think about it. Adolf Hitler didn’t view Jews as humans. Planned Parenthood doesn’t view babies as humans. It’s the same thing.” 

YOWELL: U.Va. needs to do more to honor our troops

(11/14/19 5:07am)

The University recently made the decision to remove the decades-old tradition of a 21-gun salute from the University’s Veteran’s Day vigil. President Jim Ryan justified removing the honored practice from this year’s celebrations by stating it “is not required,” has the potential to disrupt classroom learning and could promote gun violence concerns around Grounds. However, following immediate backlash, he was forced to respond to community discontentment in regards to this decision. Ryan has since been quoted saying that he aims to “take a closer look at options” that could possibly “enable us to re-introduce the 21-gun salute to the program” in future years. Although Ryan’s response gives me some hope, the initial removal of the 21-gun salute demonstrates the administration’s lack of respect for ROTC students who will one day dedicate their lives to defending our nation. 

Student Council unanimously passes resolution calling for free STI testing

(11/14/19 5:31am)

Student Council unanimously passed a resolution calling on the University to provide free STI testing and a bill to approve newly created Contracted Independent Organizations at its weekly meeting Tuesday evening. A bill to create an ad-hoc committee to support student workers also passed with 24 yays and one abstention.

Rick and Morty returns finally for season four

(11/13/19 4:09am)

With fall television in full swing and the streaming wars underway, it’s safe to say there are a lot of good binge options out there. Most notably, Apple TV+ was unveiled at the start of the month, featuring promising content like “The Morning Show.” Then, the much-anticipated Disney Plus launched November 12th with its first big show, “The Mandalorian.” However, perhaps no series has been as hotly anticipated as “Rick and Morty” on Adult Swim, returning for a fourth season after nearly two years off the grid.

Students report challenges connecting with advisors

(11/14/19 5:01am)

As the end of the first semester approaches and students plan schedules for the spring, the University estimates that at least 8,000 advising appointments were made in the weeks leading up to course enrollment for the spring semester. However, some first-year students were notified by their faculty advisors that their holds had been released — eliminating the need for students to meet with them prior to course selection. 

No. 1 seed Virginia hosts Radford in First-Round of NCAA Tournament

(11/13/19 3:34am)

After falling to North Carolina Sunday in the ACC Championship, No. 1 seed Virginia hosts Radford Saturday at 7 p.m. in the first-round of the NCAA Tournament. The Cavaliers (16-1-3, 6-0-3 ACC) have a 34-12-4 record overall in NCAA Tournament games at Klöckner Stadium and will face the Highlanders (16-5-0, 7-3 Big South) in their 26th consecutive tournament appearance. 

‘Hot Pink’ is red hot

(11/14/19 5:32am)

The past year and a half has been eventful for up-and-coming singer-rapper Doja Cat. In summer 2018, she rose to prominence with the release of her cow-themed song “Mooo!,” quickly becoming an internet meme. Following this, her 2019 song "Juicy" with Tyga scored her first Billboard Hot 100 entry. With the recent release of her sophomore album — “Hot Pink” — Doja Cat is on the fast track to rap fame and solidifying herself as a legitimate contender in the rap game. 

Honor Committee discusses amendments to investigative panel policies at open-invite meeting

(11/12/19 6:05pm)

The Honor Committee distributed an open invite to its weekly meeting to the University community via social media as part of their Popular Assembly initiative — a biannual effort required by Honor’s constitution to educate students and encourage their engagement with the Honor system and its leaders.

PASCIAK: Let’s stop worrying about billionaires' feelings

(11/14/19 2:18am)

We’ve recently seen a lot of news coverage on progressive 2020 Democratic candidates — primarily Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. — in relation to their tax plans on the ultra-wealthy in American society. Both of these candidates have proposed wealth taxes on individuals with immense fortunes — Warren has proposed a two to three percent tax on net worths starting at $50 million, while Sanders has proposed a one to eight percent tax on net worths starting at $32 million. 

Storytellers react to and interact with the Central American refugee crisis

(11/15/19 2:15pm)

Micheline Aharonian Marcom, professor of creative writing and founder of the New American Story Project, began the Centro de las Americas Fall Symposium last Friday by speaking on how the complex human story is the motivating purpose behind this gathering of researchers, immigration workers, academics, journalists and artists. The event, entitled “From the Mouth of a Shark: Causes and Consequences of the Central American Refugee Crisis,” had bare, resilient stories. Promotions for the event and its name are from a quote that illustrates the theme of understanding migrant conditions — ''No one leaves home unless / home is the mouth of a shark / you only run for the border / when you see the whole city running as well,” from “Home,” by Warsan Shire.

Latinx Migrant Aid is dedicated to serving Virginia’s Latinx migrant community

(12/10/19 7:46pm)

For University students, it can be easy to get lost in the University bubble and become complacent with the ends of the universe being Alderman Road and the University Hospital. Latinx and Migrant Aid, a program of Madison House, encourages students to involve themselves with the larger Charlottesville community by engaging with the region’s migrant workers.

Native American Student Union celebrates Native American Heritage Month, holds discussion advocating for Indigenous Studies program

(11/14/19 5:12am)

For over 10,000 years, the Monacan Nation has called Bear Mountain  — a peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains  — home. An hour away from Charlottesville, Bear Mountain holds the rich history of the people who inhabited Albemarle County long before the birth of the United States. This November, the Native American Student Union is hosting several events to celebrate Native American Heritage Month and recognize the original inhabitants of the present-day U.S., like the Monacan people, who had their own customs, traditions and history prior to the arrival of colonists. 

Miranda Lambert leads night of female talent at JPJ

(11/14/19 5:16am)

Miranda Lambert continued her “Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars” Tour at John Paul Jones Arena Thursday night, backed by several notable acts. Her performance at JPJ featured Maren Morris, Pistol Annies and Tenille Townes. This performance was notable both in the ways that the acts differed — spanning different decades, with different highlights and weaknesses —  but stood unified by true musical talent in a show highlighting female skill and ease.