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AGARWAL: Hydroelectric power is not going to save us

(11/15/19 2:33pm)

As developers in China rush to build dams along the Mekong River in southeast Asia, villagers are seeing their fish disappear, their rice fields die and their homes flooded. Although China can feel far from home, the impact of unnecessary dam construction for the sole purpose of hydroelectric power generation is ubiquitous. These large dams work to generate hydroelectric power by harnessing the movement of flowing water to rotate large turbines. However, hydroelectric dams not only cause flooding in the surrounding land environment but they also prevent the free movement of aquatic life and nutrients along the river leading to issues with food, jobs and homes. Therefore, building these dams poses far greater consequences for the river’s ecosystem — and its inhabitants — than is gained by the renewable nature of hydroelectric power. 

Virginia women’s basketball defeated by Southern California 59-49

(11/11/19 4:19am)

In the first of two road games on the West Coast, Virginia lost to Southern California 59-49 Saturday at the Galen Center in Los Angeles. The Cavaliers (1-1, 0-0 ACC) struggled to find their rhythm on offense as only two players recorded double-digit point totals — senior forward Lisa Jablonowski with 13 and senior guard Jocelyn Willoughby with 10.

City’s historic survey of 10th & Page neighborhood delayed after community meeting

(11/11/19 9:00pm)

The City of Charlottesville had planned to begin a historic survey of the 10th and Page neighborhood last week, but the survey was delayed after a Nov. 6 community meeting held at the Jefferson School African American Heritage Center during which community members present expressed the need for further discussion including more residents. 

No. 1 women’s soccer beats No. 5 Florida State to advance to the ACC Championship game

(11/10/19 3:42pm)

No. 1 Virginia knocked off No. 5 Florida State 2-1 in overtime Friday afternoon to advance to the ACC Tournament championship. The Cavaliers (16-0-3, 6-0-3 ACC) had a slow offensive start, but were able to find the golden goal to beat the Seminoles (15-5-0, 8-2 ACC). 

Say yes to the dress: Housing edition

(11/14/19 2:57am)

The time-honored tradition of wedding dress shopping can be so pure and so wonderful. It is a time when family and friends gather together to help the bride-to-be select the gown that she will wear before the eyes of God as she vows eternal love to her spouse. The bride may browse hundreds of dresses before choosing the one that is just right for her, and all the while, she is given gracious and well-intentioned advice from family, friends and, of course, the sales associate. At the age of 19, I had never wondered what the bride-to-be must feel like in those moments, but thankfully, I got a glimpse into a similar world as I was apartment hunting this year. 

Field hockey outlasts Duke to reach ACC Tournament semifinals

(11/08/19 7:09pm)

The Virginia field hockey team beat Duke 2-1 in a thrilling ACC Quarterfinals matchup Thursday night. The Cavaliers (16-3, 4-2 ACC) did not play their cleanest game of the season against a tough Blue Devils (13-7, 1-5 ACC) team, but capitalized off of enough mistakes to pull out a 2-1 victory. The victory keeps their ACC title hopes alive.

WARTEL: A Democratic General Assembly is not a victory until right-to-work is repealed

(11/08/19 5:05pm)

The 2017 elections in Virginia saw a  blue “wave” which included Democrats winning all three statewode offices and a 15 seat swing in the House of Delegates. Even though that election ended just shy of giving Democrats control of the House of Delegates, it portended the potential that one day Virginia could be a totally blue state, from state legislature to governor. That day has finally come. This year, Democrats won a majority in both the House of Delegates and the State Senate for the first time in 20 years. This victory has set the stage to make significant positive changes to the lives of working-class people in Virginia — however, the election will only mean something if Democrats use this opportunity to fight for working-class people.

Cold War Kids combine emotion and fun in ‘New Age Norms 1’

(11/11/19 4:43am)

Indie rock band Cold War Kids released their newest album “New Age Norms 1” Nov. 1. The album’s title implies that there is something more following this initial release. The “1” creates a sense of wonder — could there be a “2” or perhaps even a “3?” Cold War Kids have confirmed that indeed, this is the case. “New Age Norms 1” is the first sequence of a three album trilogy the artists are creating under a cohesive project titled “New Age Norms.” 

U.Va. proposes three to four percent increase in tuition and fees

(11/07/19 8:54pm)

University Finance released a notice Tuesday that the University is considering raising tuition and educational and general fees by between three and four percent for the 2020-2021 academic year. For in-state College students, this roughly translates to a $575 hike in tuition and fees before financial aid. 

From data collection to change: nearly a decade of nitrogen footprint reduction

(11/26/19 5:31pm)

Since publishing the Nitrogen Action Plan in April 2019, the Nitrogen Working Group — a committee within the Office of Sustainability — has been working on tracking and reducing the University's nitrogen footprint, as well as making steps to research how individuals and Charlottesville as a whole can make changes with individual and community nitrogen output.