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It’s time to ‘Wax Paul Now’

(11/01/19 6:05pm)

It started with three friends, a tour of Madame Tussauds wax museum in Times Square and an immediate recognition of injustice. When writer-comedians Sophie Mann, Val Bodurtha and Rebecca Shaw ventured to the hallowed halls of the New York City staple and perused the collection of uncanny replicas of celebrities, their amusement gave way to serious concern. The reason for their justified distress? Madame Tussauds has no wax statue of New York-based, world-renowned actor Paul Edward Valentine Giamatti. 

Mix up your morning with these warm oats for every palate

(10/31/19 7:59pm)

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but really, what college student has the time to make a warm, nutritious breakfast every morning? The same routine of granola bars and a piece of fruit can only continue for so long. I have a delicious solution to this problem with three variations of my warm oats recipe. 

Why I celebrate Christmas as a Jewish person

(11/04/19 5:05am)

It’s the beginning of November. The leaves are changing, houses have their Halloween decorations up and pumpkin-spice-everything is taking over every coffee shop in Charlottesville. So naturally, I am already in the Christmas spirit — I have been wearing my reindeer pajamas for the past two weeks and my alarm ringtone is set to Frank Sinatra’s “The Christmas Song.” 

No. 6 Virginia field hockey secures close victory over No. 17 Liberty

(10/31/19 3:16am)

No. 6 Virginia won its sixth-straight game Monday to improve to 14-3, defeating the Liberty Flames 1-0 after another clutch goal with under three minutes to play at Turf Field. The Cavaliers (14-3, 3-2 ACC) controlled the pace, but the Flames (9-6, 4-2 Big East) made enough plays to hold the score even throughout the game.

Bojack Horseman may finally be on the road to recovery

(11/04/19 7:50pm)

Bojack Horseman, the animated star of the Netflix series that bears his name, has always been riddled with imperfections. The animated character has more in common with TV drama icons like Don Draper and Walter White than with his precursors in adult animation — Homer Simpson, Eric Cartman, Philip J. Fry. By bringing elements of prestige TV to a genre usually dominated by goofy, comedic characters, “Bojack” creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg has blended the existential and the silly to make something entirely unique. In the first part of the sixth and final season of “Bojack Horseman,” Bob-Waksberg and company continue to tell emotionally resonant stories centered around talking animals.

When is U.Va. supposed to feel like home?

(10/31/19 7:54pm)

I am reluctant to admit that I have spent the vast majority of my free time not thinking about life back in my hometown of Springfield, Va. There is honestly way too much to do at the University — almost as if every day has been designed to keep newcomers as busy as possible. As a first-year still learning the ropes in this unfamiliar environment, I have sat through interest meeting after interest meeting, determined the best time to visit the dining halls for my fifth snack of the day — curse you, unlimited meal plan! — and aimlessly wandered around Grounds like an eager tourist checking off the next item on my University bucket list. 

Associate VP for safety and security resigns

(10/30/19 1:17pm)

Gloria Graham, the University’s associate vice president for safety and security, has submitted her resignation, according to University Deputy Spokesperson Wes Hester. Graham’s resignation will go into effect Nov. 1, and her role will be filled in the interim by Tim Longo, who also currently serves as interim chief of the University Police Department.

Car fire near Lee Street Garage extinguished

(10/29/19 5:58pm)

A car fire near Lee Street Garage that has since been extinguished led to Lee Street being briefly closed this morning at around 9:30 a.m., according to a University-wide email alert. The area around the garage was closed for nearly an hour and a half after the accident, with Charlottesville Fire and University Police at the site, resulting in a heavy traffic build-up on Jefferson Park Avenue this morning.

Previewing key matchups of the 2019-20 men’s basketball season

(10/30/19 10:44am)

After winning the program’s first national championship — suffering just two regular season defeats in the process — No. 11 men’s basketball now enters a new season filled with uncertainty. With three preseason top-10 opponents on the docket, along with a rematch against last year’s Elite Eight foe No. 23 Purdue, the 2019-20 season is sure to be filled with both hardship and success. 

HESS: A blue Richmond must condemn Northam

(10/31/19 1:01am)

Democrats in Virginia have the chance to flip both the House of Delegates and the State Senate this year. If the Democrats are able to gain control of both houses — which has not happened since the early ‘90s — they will have the chance to create real change by passing common sense gun reform, ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment and redrawing the heavily gerrymandered districts in the Commonwealth, among other policies. Democrats must remain focused, committed and progressive on the issues they have been championing when the next legislative session comes around, but they cannot allow Gov. Ralph Northam  to gracefully return to the limelight as a progressive leader. Democrats need to take a stand and re-energize the condemnation of Northam for the stain and disgrace that he is on the Commonwealth.

PASCIAK: Charlottesville’s City Council was right to abolish Founder’s Day

(10/31/19 12:52am)

Charlottesville City Council, on July 1, voted to cease the celebration of Thomas Jefferson’s birthday as Founder’s Day, citing the need for the city “to confront its history and to acknowledge that this community has not always embraced all of our citizens as equals.” Two weeks ago, fellow Opinion writer Jeremy Siegel wrote a piece calling for the reinstatement of this celebration. However, considering this country has ignored the systematic racism that it was built on for far too long, ceasing this celebration of a man who is known to have perpetuated the subjugation of black citizens of this country is a step towards acknowledging this oppression. It is not a removal of history — it is the acknowledgment of a history that has been swept under the rug for the past two and a half centuries. 

ERIKSSON VON ALLMEN: The losing team can’t afford to make cuts

(11/08/19 5:12pm)

I love politically incorrect stand-up comedy. Whether it’s Chris Rock or Bo Burnham, nothing makes me laugh harder than a fifty-minute Netflix special daring to push beyond conventional wisdom and question the norms of the contemporary world. But of all the stand-up comics, no one makes me laugh harder than Bill Burr. More importantly, his comedy makes me think. Much of his material targets modern-day liberalism and third-wave feminism. And while I happen to be both a liberal and a feminist, I think that’s partly why I Iike his stand up shows so much —  they force me to rethink my own beliefs. I just wish more of the Left was willing to do the same.

Vegan mac and cheese cook-off celebrates plant-based dishes

(10/29/19 12:41pm)

Members of the University and Charlottesville community came together to enjoy mac and cheese — made entirely without dairy — Saturday. This event was a vegan mac and cheese cook-off hosted by Veggies of Virginia, a CIO on Grounds that aims to support animal advocacy, the environment and healthy living through a plant-based diet. VoV works towards this goal through events such as documentary screenings, guest speakers and potlucks.   

‘In Fabric’ is a whirlwind of laughter and terror

(10/30/19 10:46am)

“It’s a lot like on Saturday Night Live when Stefan described his favorite clubs because it has everything. It has a killer dress, it has a super weird mannequin, there’s retail workers that speak in riddles, there’s Gwendoline Christie as the dominatrix.” This was Chandler Ferrebee, assistant programmer and communications manager of the Virginia Film Festival, in her amazingly accurate introduction to the Friday showing of “In Fabric,” written and directed by Peter Strickland. However, despite the hilarious veracity of this preface, there is not a comparison in the world that could have prepared the audience for what they were about to watch. 

Food trucks, C3 renovation to take place at Lambeth Field Apartments

(11/01/19 6:52pm)

The introduction of food trucks and a renovation to the C3 convenience store have been put in place to offer students living in the Lambeth Field Apartments an increased variety and convenience of food options. El Tako Nako began visiting Lambeth last Friday, from 4 to 7 p.m., with the potential for food trucks becoming a permanent weekly fixture in the on-Grounds residence area. 

Interim Chief of U.Va. Police Tim Longo speaks at UJC meeting

(10/30/19 2:02pm)

Tim Longo, interim chief of University Police, spoke to the University Judiciary Committee during its meeting Sunday, emphasizing his focus on building relationships between the University Police Department and the University community at large. Longo also mentioned his new appointment as interim associate vice president for safety and security, as he’ll be filling in for Gloria Graham once her resignation goes into effect Nov. 1.