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How thrift stores saved my life

(04/18/14 3:57pm)

There was once a time, during my dark childhood, when I did not understand the importance of thrift stores. I thought thrift stores were all full of shoddy, tomato-stained hand-me-downs. I thought if you wore something from a thrift store, your clothes were inherently less-than and, by extension, you too were also less-than. It wasn’t until my late teens — when I began to make more independent fashion choices and actually pay for my clothes — that I realized how much thrift stores have to offer.

Movies You Haven’t Seen, But Should #1: ‘The Man from Earth’

(04/10/14 3:20pm)

I’d personally like to welcome you all to the first installment of my column “Movies You Haven’t Seen, But Should.” As an avid viewer of movies and films of all sorts, I believe there are some films that may not have the fame or following of many popular movies but are well worth a watch. This column is here to give you a quick peek (without spoilers), so that next time you’re at a loss for what to watch your recommendation is right here. So without further ado, let’s get started on our journey through time with this week’s choice: “The Man From Earth.”

Weird Music #7: Blimey...It’s Grimey!

(04/09/14 4:10pm)

In the United States, listeners typically perceive a divide between electronic and hip-hop music scenes — an opposition of cultural values and aesthetic preferences. Several artists have attempted to cross this gap throughout the years, ranging from the fusion of Kanye West’s “Yeezus” to the second-rate patchwork that makes up every Lil Jon-EDM DJ collaboration ever. These attempts have the feeling of novelty, yet somehow always fail to initiate a tradition of collaboration between the scenes. But in the U.K., this divide does not exist. Grime, one of Britain’s most prominent native genres, creates a seamless unity of the two styles.

Weird Music Wednesdays #5: What the hell is Vaporwave?

(03/26/14 1:31pm)

Do you remember the early days of digital? The Windows 95 era? The time of GeoCities, low-quality Casio synthesizers and hyper-technological visions of the future? Right now there’s an Internet subculture that’s obsessed with reshaping and repurposing these digital artifacts of our internet past, and it’s called Vaporwave.

Weird Music Wednesdays #4: Madlib’s mad, mad world

(03/18/14 11:30pm)

A few days ago, “Cocaine Piñata” — the collaborative effort by beat-auteur Madlib (also known as Otis Jackson, Jr.) and hard-boiled gangsta rapper Freddie Gibbs — was finally released, and, in my opinion, marks one of the best hip-hop records in a very long time. “Piñata” is unrivaled in its sheer production value and is honed down to a sharp sonic edge which doesn’t pull punches on a single track.

Weird Music Wednesday #2: Hip-hop's new jumpers

(02/25/14 8:32pm)

Throughout the past year, a dude by the name of Young Thug has been creeping his way into the limelight, and it’s pretty hard to figure out why. He wears skinny jeans and has tattoos covering his lanky frame. His rapping style falls somewhere between yelping and Auto-tuned burbles, and his lyrics are laced with bizarre personal revelations.

Man Candy Monday #1: Noah Gundersen

(02/24/14 2:38am)

If there’s one word to describe this Man Candy Monday selection, it’s definitely…honest. Singer-songwriter Noah Gundersen leaves his emotions and thoughts out in the open with his frank, heartfelt, and illuminating lyrics. He won over my heart with his bold and candid lyrics in ““Jesus, Jesus”:” asking, “Jesus, Jesus, if you’re up there won’t you hear me /‘Cause I’ve been wondering if you’ve been listening for quite a while.” His fearlessness in writing songs that deal with everything from politics to religion is noteworthy and admirable.

“Yoruba”sically the beginning

(02/12/14 2:41am)

During my senior year of high school, I spent a substantial amount of time listening to West African traditional drum music. I am not talking about the type of “African music” you pick up in the World music section of Best Buy. It’s not the “African music” that Shakira recorded for the 2010 FIFA World Cup or even the “African music” played by white, dreadlocked “Deadheads” in the U.S. It’s probably not even the music that Africans listen to on a daily basis.