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Could this be the year for DiCaprio?

But could this be the actor’s year? DiCaprio stars in Alejandro Inarritu’s new movie “The Revenant,” which debuts Christmas Day and is based on the 2002 novel of the same name by Michael Punke.


Virginia Film Festival 2015 schedule announced

Set to take place from Nov. 5-8, this year’s festival, while still a work in progress, has a promising slate of features and special guests. The selections as they stand span major Awards films and showcases of local, Virginia films.


Sequels sell

The video game industry focuses heavily on the production of sequels and franchises. The reason for this, like -- most things in any industry -- is the issue of profit-making ventures.


Top five most misrepresented jobs in romantic comedies

One of the best reasons to watch a romantic comedy is to experience its total escapism. In a romantic comedy, men are dapper, women are quirky and neither possess a flaw more egregious than “clumsy.” It’s not just the characters who are ideal.


Marvel Mondays: heroes ranked

The release of “Avengers: Age of Ultron” provides a great opportunity to take stock of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, despite the fact Phase Two technically concludes with July’s release of “Ant-Man.”

Latest Podcast

From her love of Taylor Swift to a late-night Yik Yak post, Olivia Beam describes how Swifties at U.Va. was born. In this week's episode, Olivia details the thin line Swifties at U.Va. successfully walk to share their love of Taylor Swift while also fostering an inclusive and welcoming community.