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History comes alive in “Sons of Liberty”

The year is 1765 and American colonists are growing weary of British oppression — no one more so than the charismatic Samuel Adams (Ben Barnes). Adams incurs the wrath of the British for failing to pay his taxes and unwittingly encouraging the townspeople to destroy the governor’s house.


Relationships as told by Taylor Swift

It is commonly agreed that Italian and French are languages of love, but in today’s pop culture world, Taylor Swift crafts the most relatable love language. The best part of this pop star’s music is that her songs aren’t just about her former flames — they’re about all of us.


2015 Grammy Awards -- more talent, less flash

This year’s Grammys were, as always, filled with many shock value moments. From Iggy Azalea’s highly scrutinized braid, to Beyoncé’s ethereal performance, to Kanye West almost “pulling a Kanye,” the music award show was as much a reality spectacle as it was a ceremony. The 2015 Grammys have been under intense scrutiny since the announcement of the nominees.


Lupe Fiasco returns with new lease on his career

Conscious rap star Lupe Fiasco’s last two albums have left a lot to be desired. While 2011’s “Lasers” was commercially successful, it was not a product of the super-lyrical Lupe that used to be the subject of ire from the likes of the not-so-lyrical Soulja Boy.


Whoa there, Shonda!

“Scandal” creator Shonda Rhimes does it again — the new winter premiere of the TV show last Thursday was a full of twists and turns. If you are a dedicated gladiator like myself, you were screaming TGIT — thank God it’s Thursday — when the new episode aired.