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Inside the U.Va Drama Department’s “Vodka Variations”

Visiting one of the final dress rehearsals for the “Vodka Variations,” one immediately gets the sense that a play of this size has not been performed in a while. A spiral walkway acting as the major set piece coils around Culbreth Theatre, with just enough space for a live string quartet to sit in the middle.


Zoso performs at The Jefferson, almost mistaken for a Led Zeppelin show

Led Zeppelin is easily one of the most iconic bands in the history of rock ‘n roll. Not only are all four members considered among the best musicians of all time, but they successfully combined their talents to create a unique style of blues-influenced hard rock Tribute band and perennial Jefferson Theater visitor Zoso, named after Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page’s identifying symbol, replicated the atmosphere of a 1970s Led Zeppelin show.


Main Street Annex’s wild pre-Valentine’s showcase

Set inside Main Street Annex’s cozy, blacklight-illuminated venue, “Unlucky in Love” combined the themes of Valentine’s Day and Friday the 13th to offer a unique showcase of four bands: Dude ‘n B----, Paul Waggener and the Howling Grimness, The Upper Deckers, and headliner Drunk Luke and the Broken Bottles. The show kicked off with Jenny Rhubright and David Lee Archer performing in an alternative country duo they refer to as Dude ‘n B----, accompanied by two musicians from the upcoming Howling Grimness band.


Fifty Shades of Disappointment

Despite an attempt to reflect the edginess promised to fans in “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the movie’s media campaign fell short of producing an enticing soundtrack.


History comes alive in “Sons of Liberty”

The year is 1765 and American colonists are growing weary of British oppression — no one more so than the charismatic Samuel Adams (Ben Barnes). Adams incurs the wrath of the British for failing to pay his taxes and unwittingly encouraging the townspeople to destroy the governor’s house.


Relationships as told by Taylor Swift

It is commonly agreed that Italian and French are languages of love, but in today’s pop culture world, Taylor Swift crafts the most relatable love language. The best part of this pop star’s music is that her songs aren’t just about her former flames — they’re about all of us.


2015 Grammy Awards -- more talent, less flash

This year’s Grammys were, as always, filled with many shock value moments. From Iggy Azalea’s highly scrutinized braid, to Beyoncé’s ethereal performance, to Kanye West almost “pulling a Kanye,” the music award show was as much a reality spectacle as it was a ceremony. The 2015 Grammys have been under intense scrutiny since the announcement of the nominees.


Lupe Fiasco returns with new lease on his career

Conscious rap star Lupe Fiasco’s last two albums have left a lot to be desired. While 2011’s “Lasers” was commercially successful, it was not a product of the super-lyrical Lupe that used to be the subject of ire from the likes of the not-so-lyrical Soulja Boy.

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