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Justice for all

But we must also remember that there is a human element to this issue which is even more important than the financial element.

College student Hannah Graham has been missing since early Saturday morning.

Hope sings

What is most remarkable about Hannah’s case is that even students who do not know her personally have made a concerted effort to disseminate information about her disappearance, and have expressed hope that she returns safely.


Keep our police

If police departments had good records of consistently investigating rape cases and bringing them to trial, perhaps more student survivors would choose that option.


Insult and injury

Ideas like these can encourage debate which enriches a student’s academic experience, but any valuable theories Salaita offers are tainted by the incendiary remarks he has made.


Let them play ball

The state can take more effective action than the NCAA can in this situation, because the state has the authority to mandate a university change its policies and redirect its funds.


Forgive, don’t forget

Debt forgiveness programs could form partnerships with universities that keep their tuition as low as possible, offer more grant aid to low-income students and limit the amount of debt students graduate with.


Moving up the ranks

Though we should take pride in the diversity of our school, it is unlikely that we will be as boastful about the economic diversity rankings as the national US News rankings.


Clause for removal

This standard ensures the balance of power cannot be disrupted too easily, but the Visitors still have a way of replacing the rector if they believe he or she is not adequately fulfilling his or her duties.


Play fair

Efforts to increase the representation of women in higher education are admirable. But advertising positions specifically for women is risky, in that it may open the door to legal battles which ultimately undermine the efforts of the university.


Building a network

The Survivor Support Network training humanizes and personalizes the issue, which is why all faculty should be required to complete it.


The other gender gap

The University’s rate of graduation for African American students is among the highest in the country — about 83 percent — but it is still less than the rate of white students, and this disparity needs to be addressed.