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One of my favorite things to do outdoors has actually been enjoying the beautiful view of the pond by sitting on the dock or swinging on this cute wooden swing close by.  

Healing through nature

Whether you’re hoping to do some healing and restoration like me or just want something fun to do, being outdoors is a great way to spend some time during the summer. 

Ask all of your burning (love) questions with our Love Connection writers

Heart-to-Heart: Volume II

Don't sacrifice what makes you excitingly individualistic in the chase of approval, as this could lead to a relationship in which you feel suppressed and unfulfilled. 

Overpacking seems like a splendid idea until you must somehow transport an embarrassingly large number of Ikea bags into your tiny dorm room 

Top 10 ways to prepare for first year

First year is such a special experience. There are many difficult moments, but I now look back to first year with a mix of nostalgia and excitement for the rest of my time at the University. You truly have an amazing time ahead of you.

Is school truly always the most important part of my life? And how do I handle the guilt associated with missing classes?

“You paid to be there”

The supposed grievousness, ingratitude and moral offense of skipping class wasn’t what was getting to me — it was what my missed classes were leading me to believe about myself. 

Saying goodbye to someone not only represents a change in our lives but more importantly, as I’ve realized, it reminds us of the growth of our own selves.  

Saying goodbye

Bidding our friends farewell is really a celebration of the passage of time. It is a call to remember the growth you’ve experienced, the memories you have made and the time you have spent together.