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Anna Mason is a Top 10 writer for The Cavalier Daily.

Top 10 ways to eat a potato

One of the classic ways to eat a potato, french fries are a staple in the dining halls across Grounds and in restaurants around the world. 

Determined to take advantage of the spooky spirit even in my down time, I decided that Halloween weekend 2021 would be my first time watching a horror movie.

Horror, in real life

Just as "The Shining" confuses the boundaries of reality in the Overlook, it prompted me, as well, to ask myself if the plot of the movie was truly fictional, or based in real truths.  

You are not alone in experiencing insurmountable stress caused by school nor are you alone in the fight to combat that stress. 

Making it through the mid-semester slump

It is easy to feel defeated from the “mid-semester slump”. However, you are more than capable of refocusing as well as recentering in order to combat this slump and achieve your goals from the start of the semester. 

This year in particular, the start of fall symbolizes the start of a new version of myself 

Turning over a new leaf

On the verge of sounding utterly cliche, you are your own forever, so turn those metaphorical leaves over until you find what works best for you.