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Love Connection

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Name: Rohan Year: SecondSchool: CollegeMajor: Undecided U.Va. Involvement: Beta Theta PiHometown: BlacksburgIdeal Date Personality: Fun-loving, not too shy, outgoing, funny, happy, smart, open, not uptight but put together.Ideal Date Activity: Going out to dinner, watching a movie, cooking dinner and mini golfing.Deal breakers: Quiet or too uptight.Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, going to the gym, watching movies and playing tennis.What makes you a good catch? I’d like to think I’m pretty down to earth. I am funny in a slightly intelligent, cheesy way. I am a great in-the-shower singer. I’d say I’m pretty attractive for an Indian dude. I can get along with most people. I can hold a conversation. I’m in shape, and I can laugh at myself.What makes you a less-than-perfect catch? I don’t have the best self-discipline. I can be lazy, and I am not too punctual.

Rohan and Kiley

Rohan and Kiley met at the Rotunda at 6 p.m. and went to the Virginian on the Corner. Kiley: I signed up for Love Connection because it just sounded really interesting — like something fun to do and a way to meet new people.

Name: IraYear: SecondSchool: CollegeMajor: UndecidedU.Va. Involvement: Salsa ClubHometown: Alexandria, VAIdeal Date Personality: Kind and intelligentHobbies: Reading, working out, being with friends, cooking, playing basketballWhat makes you a good catch? Unmatched humilityWhat makes you a less-than-perfect catch? Unmatched humilityWhat's your favorite pick-up line? (At a bar) Why’d you invite everyone? I thought it’d be just me and you.

Ira and Ambi

Ira and Ambi met at the Rotunda at 7 p.m. and went to Fig on the Corner. Ambi: [I had] never been on a blind date — I didn’t have any expectations. Ira: My first impression was that she’s pretty and dressed well.

ChaseYear: FirstMajor: Pre-CommerceU.Va. Involvement: Water Polo, Student Entrepreneurs for Economic Development, Beta Theta PiHometown: Philadelphia, PA Ideal Date: Looks like a young Helen Mirren. Even today’s Helen Mirren is pretty attractive, so I’ll just say Helen Mirren.Ideal Date Personality: Helen Mirren’s sharp wit.Ideal Date Activity: Something kind of quirky, but also fun. [Something that] involves food.Describe a typical weekend: Maybe go hang out with friends, hopefully do something interesting like go to a basketball game.Hobbies: Swimming, basketball, reading The Economist while drinking hot chocolate.What makes you a good catch? People — exclusively me — say I have a good sense of humor.What makes you a less-than-perfect catch? I have high standards and can only tie my shoes with two loops.What's your favorite pick-up line? Are you an inflamed tonsil? Because I want to take you out [and] have ice cream afterwards.Describe yourself in one sentence: A nice guy who enjoys meeting new people and reads The Cavalier Daily.

Chase and Isela

Chase and Isela met at the Rotunda at 7 p.m. and went to Café Caturra on the Corner. Chase: A few of my friends had done [Love Connection] and I thought it sounded interesting and funny, so I filled out an application.

AndrewYear: SecondSchool: CommerceU.Va. Involvement: Intervarsity, Beta Theta Pi, Madison House, facility attendant at North Grounds, Student Council.Hometown: HarrisonburgIdeal Date: I want a cross between Hermione Granger and Jennifer Aniston — or either one of them individually. That’s cool too. Ideal Date Personality: Sincere, warm, joyful, interesting, kind, good-humored, thoughtful, ethical.Ideal Date Activity: We would go out to eat somewhere in Belmont or on the Downtown Mall. Then, [we would go] swing dancing under the stars. Finally, we would end the night eating froyo while watching “The Office.” Deal breakers? Anyone who is really mean or super into themselves.Describe a typical weekend: I usually play sports, hang out with friends, perhaps go to a social gathering, go to church and do work.Hobbies: Playing sports, listening to country music, running, being outdoors, buying clothes from Goodwill, eating at Cookout.What makes you a good catch? Well, I can’t think of any features that are deal breakers, so that counts for something right?Describe yourself in one sentence: If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.

Andrew and Kirsten

Kirsten: I could see myself going out with him again as a friend for sure and possibly as a second date.

JoeYear: SecondMajor: CommerceU.Va. Involvement: McIntire Investment Institute, Global Markets Group, LSA, IM SportsHobbies: Boxing, paintball, jetskiing, basketball — no video games over here.Hometown: New YorkIdeal Date: Brunette with blue or green eyes.Ideal Date Personality: Easy to talk to, good sense of humor, goes along with sarcasm. Deal breakers? Awkward peopleTypical weekend: Going to dinner, bars, fraternity, school work, gym.What makes you a good catch? I’m up for everything, I'm extremely friendly, it never gets awkward with me and I just know how to make someone laugh and have a good time. I've been told I'm quite attractiveWhat makes you a less-than-perfect catch? I’m not six feet tall, unfortunately.What's your favorite pick-up line? “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”Describe yourself in one sentence: I’m an outgoing but sweet guy — once you get to know me more — who likes to meet new people.

Joe and Grace

Joe and Grace met at 7 p.m. at the Rotunda and went to Jump Cville. Joe: [I applied for Love Connection because] I thought the idea of it was entertaining and was excited to go on it. Grace: I was so excited to find out I was chosen.

JakeYear: SecondMajor: Computer ScienceU.Va. Involvement: The Monroe Society, Hoos Invent, peer tutoringHometown: FairfaxIdeal Date: Relatively my height, athleticIdeal Date Personality: Passionate, caring, open to ideasDeal breakers? SmokersTypical weekend: Nothing screams weekend more than playing “Smash” with my bros.What makes you a good catch? I’ve been told I have the body of a Greek God with a mind to boot.What makes you a less-than-perfect catch? I tend to cross the line.What's your favorite pick-up line? On a scale of one to America, how free are you tonight?Describe yourself in one sentence: Gingers do have souls.

Jake and Casey

Jake and Casey met at 7:30 p.m. at Café Caturra on the Corner. Casey: I signed up for Love Connection one night with my roommate because we wanted to meet someone new and try something out of our comfort zones. Jake: I went on a blind date a year ago through the Cavalier Daily.

Oscar was surprised when his blind date turned out to be Hoa, a friend he has had a crush on since high school. 

Love Connection: Oscar and Hoa

Oscar Year: Fourth Major: Economics Hometown: Richmond Ideal Date Personality: The effervescence of Jennifer Lawrence after acquiring Emma Watson’s wit and Amy Poehler’s humor. Ideal Date Activity: One-on-one basketball, followed by 18 holes of golf, followed by dinner and a movie. Deal breakers? Unappreciative, full of complaints, a Chelsea fan. Hobbies: Camping, building things, investing, making music, gaming. What makes you a good catch? One word: synergy.