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Love Connection

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Love Connection: Cliff and Meredith

The basics- Name: Clifford Year: Third School: College/Batten School Major: Leadership and Public Policy Sexual Orientation: Straight University involvement: Second Year Council, Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity, SCUBA Club, Chinese Student Association Hometown: Calhoun, GA Ideal date person: Shorter, petite, great smile.


Love Connection: Arjun and Miriam

Name: Arjun Year: Second Year School: College Major: Economics University involvement: CASH, SEED Hometown: Fairfax/Chantilly, VA Ideal date: I don’t have a particular preference for race or ethnicity, but I have generally dated blondes and brunettes.


Love Connection: Charlotte and Rob

Charlotte Hobbies: I write plays and fiction, I play guitar horribly and I make stuff out of other stuff. Typical Weekend Plans: I hang out with my friends in Brown, where I live, which usually includes moderate to heavy partying on any given night.


Love Connection: Patrick and Melanie

Melanie: U.Va. involvement and activities: Inter-Sorority Council, Chi Omega, The Monroe Society, Madison House (Adopt a Grandparent and YMCA Daycare) Ideal date: Caucasian, dark hair, on the taller side (5-foot-10) ... Someone who is outgoing and social, involved and hard-working Ideal date Location: Definitely dinner at a place that has a relaxed environment ... Nothing that adds too much pressure. Ideal celebrity: Bradley Cooper Typical weekend plans: A typical weekend for me would include going out with friends and doing something fun.


Love Connection: Cody and Irma

Cody What are you involved with at the University? Club golf What are your hobbies? I play basketball and I play guitar in my band. How would you describe your ideal date? I like any ethnicity.