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It is abhorrent that the University would turn a blind eye and promote FMPFL anyway.

HELLER: Opinions are not violence

Claims that political opinions are inherently violent needlessly sow a culture of division — something which has the potential to actually provoke real violence and extremism.

Time and time again, originally well meaning feminists fall down the line of perceiving transgender individuals and activists as enemies to their cause.

LESHER: The Word Woman

The progressive changes made to the English language serve not to erase women, but to specify conversations pertaining to groups it may concern. 

To pass, a supermajority of students, and at least ten percent of the student body, must vote in its favor.

BENOS: Vote yes for second chances

Before elections, a proposal will either be ratified by a fully representative vote before the Honor Committee, a supermajority of which supports the proposal. Or it will be advanced by proponents independently.