Corbin Bond

Corvus Rettulit: "Shutter Island" Book Review

Dear Readers, This is another section of my blog where I’ll discuss my reactions to books, entitled “Corvus Rettulit”. Of course, you can always leave recommendations and suggestions for other awesome books by emailing me at Anyways, here is my first book review of Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island.

The Cinephile: Evil Dead (2013) Film Review

As I mentioned earlier, I am a film lover. The one genre that shall always hold a special place in my heart has to be horror. This is one type of review blog that I call “The Cinephile.” Feel free to recommend any further films, that you would like me to review. You may either email me at or message me on Youtube (username: Corbin007). Now, without further ado, here is my first review for “The Cinephile.”

Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

Some of you may not know me very well, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Corbin Bond, and yes I realize my last name matches that of a famous British agent.