University student dies in apparent suicide


The University officially notified the community Monday afternoon that John “Jake” Cusano was the student who died Friday. Cusano, a first-year in the College, is survived by his parents John and Christine Cusano and his younger brothers Tommy and Joseph.

The visitation will be held Thursday 4-9 p.m. at the Christ the King Church in New Vernon, N.J., with the funeral mass the following day at 10 a.m.

A first-year University student died Friday after being hit by a freight train at about 9 p.m. in an apparent suicide, according to police. The 18-year-old from New Jersey was taken to the University Medical Center with serious injuries, where he died shortly after.

The collision occurred on the Norfolk Southern tracks near the intersection of 8th Street NW and West Main Street. Police said the train was traveling northbound on tracks near the Charlottesville Amtrak station when the collision occurred. Police were seen investigating the scene shortly after the incident.

The collision shut down the tracks for two hours, but officials said no other passenger trains would be affected. Travel resumed on the tracks a few hours after the police finished their on-site investigation.

—compiled by Emily Hutt

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