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Join The Cavalier Daily – Fall 2021 Recruitment

The Cavalier Daily is recruiting new members to help expand our story-telling capacity amid the unique political, medical and social realities of our current moment. Now, more than ever, we are committed to using our platform to uplift voices that have been and continue to be underrepresented at the University.

Two of our sections, Video and Podcast, are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis. If you would like to be considered for one of those sections, fill out the applications below! Email if you have any questions.

Below is a recording of our information session, which provides more details about each of our sections. Please note that you cannot be on both a subjective and objective section.


"On Record" is The Cavalier Daily's weekly podcast series available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts where you can listen to in-depth commentary on University and Charlottesville news. The Podcast section is made up of both writers and producers who receive training upon joining staff. Writers have the opportunity to compose podcast scripts, conduct investigative research and interview sources. Podcast producers are responsible for recording and editing weekly podcast episodes using the Adobe suite. "On Record" is recorded weekly using equipment in the Robertson Media Center located in Clemons Library and the studios at WTJU. Both roles can be performed remotely. Any students interested in the exciting and growing world of podcasting are invited to apply. The podcast section is looking to grow and become more established this semester, so staff members will have the opportunity to help expand the podcast and leave a lasting impact. 


Apply Here


We are looking for motivated and passionate individuals to join the Video staff and help shape The Cavalier Daily’s approach to Video. Video content is one of the most relevant and exciting mediums in news right now, and our goal this semester is to incorporate video throughout the paper and have staffers participate have their own video projects. Ideal candidates have creative ideas for content and experience with video editing or production of some kind (editing, scripting, camerawork, etc.), but none is required to join the section. Having your own equipment is also helpful but not required, aside from having a computer or laptop capable of running Adobe Premiere. We look forward to your application! If you have an interest in creating professional, creative, journalistic content, Video is the right place for you. 


Apply Here

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have any journalism experience, can I still join?

Yes! We provide all the training you need for each section before you begin creating content and produce your own work, so even if you’ve never done anything related to journalism before, you will be prepared to contribute to The Cavalier Daily. Note that spring trainings will be done virtually. We will not be meeting in person or in our Newcomb Hall office during the spring semester.

What is the time commitment?

This depends on the section, but staffers usually don’t work more than 2 hours per week. News typically requires a larger time commitment than other sections, requiring 1 article per week during the semester, while other sections are more relaxed — Copy only has one 2-hour shift per week during the semester and Opinion only requires one article every two weeks. But being a part of The Cavalier Daily can truly be as big or as little of a time commitment as you would like it to be — it’s all up to you. If you have questions about any specific section, please email the section editor(s), whose emails can be found on our Join Us page.

If I don’t want to write, can I still contribute to The Cavalier Daily?

Yes! The Cavalier Daily has much more than the literary sections. If you’re interested in art and creative subjects, you can join the Photography, Graphics, Social Media, Production, Video or Cartoon sections. If you’re interested in business and marketing, you can join the Advertising or Finance sections. If you’re interested in grammar and editing, you can join the Copy section. If you’re fluent in Spanish or Mandarin, you can join the translation sections. And if you’re interested in radio and podcasts, you can join the Podcast section. Basically, no matter what you want to do, you can find a place at The Cavalier Daily to do it! 

I want to get involved but I don’t know where to start.

If you’re interested in multiple sections but don’t want to be overwhelmed, you can always join one section now to learn the ropes and then join other sections in later semesters if you’re still interested. If you’re unsure, we usually recommend lower-commitment sections like Copy or Photo for first-timers to learn more about the paper before moving on to other sections. But if you’re enthusiastic about certain sections, don’t be afraid to join them!

Can I write for News and Opinion?

No. Writers and staffers are not allowed to work in both objective and subjective departments at the same time in order to maintain our journalistic integrity as an unbiased source of news. This means that News writers (objective) cannot also work for Opinion, Humor or Cartoon (subjective). However, you may write for multiple sections within the objective or subjective departments, such as News and Sports or Humor and Cartoon — however, you will need to apply to all sections separately.

I’m a graduate student, can I join The Cavalier Daily?

Yes! The Cavalier Daily values the input of people from all perspectives and experiences. Graduate and professional students enrolled at the University are welcome and encouraged to join. 

Can I write for The Cavalier Daily and another news publication?

You cannot work for a competing news publication while a staff member of The Cavalier Daily. This primarily means WUVA, UVAToday and The Declaration. Other instances will be determined on a case by case basis. If you are unsure or have questions, please email

Why join The Cavalier Daily? 

Join The Cavalier Daily to tell the history of now. We cover important stories about local and national news, both sparking and contributing to necessary conversations in the University and Charlottesville communities. Regardless of the section you join, you get to interact with students from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and many staffers meet their closest friends on Grounds through the paper. But working for The Cavalier Daily is more than just an opportunity to meet new students — it’s also an opportunity for you to grow personally and professionally. Not only will you produce high quality content for print and online publication, but you will expand your skills as you learn to work on deadline, create a cohesive product alongside other staffers, and so much more. 

No matter your interests or background, The Cavalier Daily is a place you can find a home and tell the stories that are important to you and the broader University community. Should you have more questions, email and one of our Assistant Managing Editors will get back to you as soon as possible.