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The Cavalier Daily is the financially and editorially independent student newspaper serving the University of Virginia community. Established in 1890 as College Topics, it is the oldest collegiate daily in Virginia and the oldest daily newspaper in Charlottesville. The staff is comprised of over 400 students.

Circulation: 8,000

Frequency: Weekly print editions Thursday during the fall and spring semesters, online content published daily. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Cavalier Daily is printing three issues per month during the Fall 2020 semester.

Distribution: About 85 locations on-Grounds and around the Charlottesville area


Print: Reach over 21,000 undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty, local residents and visitors of the Charlottesville area

Digital: Reach over 50,000 people per week through social media and have over 45,000 page views per week

Additional Information


Individual invoices will be generated for each display advertisement that runs in the paper. A full-page tear sheet will be mailed or emailed with the invoice. Monthly statements can also be generated upon request. The Cavalier Daily accepts payments in cash, check, credit card and PayPal. To pay by credit card, please call the Advertising Department or use the PayPal site. All non-profit and local businesses must prepay for ads before the run date unless otherwise agreed. The Cavalier Daily reserves the right to charge a 5% interest charge per month on all past due balances. Overdue accounts may be turned over to a debt collection agency.

Delivery Methods

Electronic submission of ads is preferred. Ads can also be downloaded from Web or FTP sites. To send an ad via e-mail to or, please include the following information in the message body: name, address, phone number, the ad size and run dates. Upload the ad as an attachment. Camera ready ads up to 8.5" x 11” are also acceptable. Artwork and logos should be clean, original copies on white paper. Photos for camera-ready ads should be screened at 85 lpi. All camera-ready ads will be scanned at a high resolution, although we can not guarantee that the quality will be the same as the original. The Cavalier Daily reserves the right to make any necessary changes to ensure compatibility and best possible output.


Proofs will be furnished upon request. Advertisers must request proofs three days prior to the ad’s run date. Only changes for typographical errors may be made after the reservation deadline for an ad. Proofs can only be provided by fax or by appointment in The Cavalier Daily offices.


Tearsheets will be furnished upon request for proof of publication for display advertising. Complete issues may be requested by non-local advertisers based on availability. Tearsheets will not be provided for classified advertisements. The advertising manager reserves the right to deny excessive tearsheet requests.

Ad Preparation

Pre-designed advertisements are preferred; however, basic typesetting and layout is included in the cost of an ad. Scanning of logos and images and access to The Cavalier Daily clipart directory are provided at no additional cost. Please see Policies for deadline information regarding ads designed by The Cavalier Daily staff.

The Cavalier Daily reserves the right to charge a design fee for elaborate or time-consuming design work. Design fees will be assessed at the discretion of the advertising manager and will be stated before any design work is completed.

The Cavalier Daily offers creative services for a $50 fee per ad. For more information, please contact an ad representative.

File Formats

The Cavalier Daily uses Macintosh computers to produce ads. Although we can read most Windows file formats, there is a lower chance of compatibility problems if ads are supplied as Mac files.

Acrobat PDF files are preferred, since PDF format embeds all graphics and fonts into a single, complete file. We can also accept files converted to TIFF or EPS format. The Cavalier Daily performs design and layout in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. We can accept files in these programs in versions CS6 or earlier, but they frequently require font substitution and reformatting. Substantial redesign of incompatible files may be subject to additional production charges.

We cannot accept any Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) or Quark files. If you create content in these programs, please convert your ad to a PDF before submitting.

Generally, web file formats, such as GIF and JPEG, will not reproduce well in print and are not preferred.


Photographs in ads submitted electronically should be screened at 85 lpi.

Art Design


If you are submitting a file in PDF format, please ensure all fonts are embedded when the PDF file is created.

If you are submitting a file in any other format, we can not guarantee that the exact fonts will be available. The Cavalier Daily reserves the right to make any font substitutions for fonts that are not embedded in the ad.


Process color ads are printed using CMYK colors.

For any ad printed in Spot color, you must specify in your design application that the color type is “Spot Color” instead of “Process Color.”

We cannot adjust colors in PDF or EPS files. Please convert any color text or graphics from RGB to CMYK.

Ad Submission Timeline


All cancellations must be made prior to the advertising deadline. Advertisements cancelled after that time will be charged the full cost of the ad. There is no refund for cancelled classified ads.


Space for display advertising must be reserved by 3 p.m. two business days prior to publication. Ad copy is also due at this time. Space reservations for any ads that will be designed by the advertising staff of The Cavalier Daily must be made by 3 p.m. three days prior to publication.



All advertising is subject to approval by the Advertising Manager and the Managing Board. The Cavalier Daily reserves the right to refuse any advertisement or to label any ad “Paid Advertisement.”


The Cavalier Daily does not guarantee the placement of any ad in a specific location within an issue. Priority placement is available, however, and can be arranged through negotiation with the Advertising Manager. An extra charge may apply for ads placed in specific sections of the paper depending on ad size, content or location.


The advertiser and its agents assumes all liability for any ad placed in The Cavalier Daily and agrees to hold The Cavalier Daily and its agents not liable for the content of all advertising authorized for publication, including any photograph, likeness, name, logo, trademark, representation or any other material provided by the advertiser.

Make Good

The Cavalier Daily reserves the right to make any necessary changes to ensure compatibility and best possible output. No adjustment will be made unless the error or omission is reported to the Advertising Manager within two weeks of the ad’s publication. Liability for adjustments is limited to the cost of the advertisement. The Cavalier Daily is not liable for typographical errors or printer error.

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