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Cavalier Daily Alumni

Former Cavalier Daily staff members have gone on to write and edit professionally for some of the world's most prestigious publications, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, CNN and NBC News. Others have had distinguished careers in law, business, or politics. Click here to view notable former Cavalier Daily staff members. 

Founded in 1983, The Cavalier Daily Alumni Association is a collection of past and present Cavalier Daily editors and staff members. We seek to provide moral, professional, technical and financial support toward the continuous and unfaltering efforts of those publishing The Cavalier Daily for the University of Virginia community.

In this pursuit, we gather and organize interested alumni. Our programming ranges from academic to social: recent events have included journalism workshops for current staffers, alumni tours of the modern CD offices and cocktail parties where the two groups can meet and share a sense of history.

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Former Editors-in-Chief:

130th term 2019-20: Gracie Kreth

129th term 2018-19: Tim Dodson

128th term 2017-18: Mike Reingold

127th term 2016-17: Dani Bernstein 

126th term 2015-16: Julie Horowitz

125th term 2014-15: Rebecca Lim

124th term 2013-14: Kaz Komolafe

123rd term 2012-13: Matt Cameron

122nd term 2011-12: Jason Ally

121st term 2010-11: Ross Lawrence

120th term 2009-10: Andrew Baker

119th term 2008-09: Elizabeth Mills

118th term 2007-08: Herb Ladley

117th term 2006-07: Mike Slaven

116th term 2005-06: Patrick Harvey

115th term 2004-05: Chris Wilson

114th term 2003-04: Justin Bernick

113th term 2002-03: Brandon Almond

112th term 2001-02: John A. Clark

111th term 2000-01: Thomas A. Bednar

110th term 1999-00: Michael Greenwald