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‘Isn’t it Romantic’ debunks the rom-com

(02/19/19 4:28am)

As an homage to the romantic comedy, the new film “Isn’t It Romantic” — released the day before Valentine’s — provides a highlight reel of favorite scenes from the most beloved of the genre. In reinventing Julia Roberts’ iconic white outfit in “Pretty Woman,” the “I’ll have what she’s having” orgasm scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and the apartment makeover from “13 Going on 30,” the film reminds the audience what makes those movies lovable. However, the lack of originality in “Isn’t it Romantic” causes the audience to reminisce over past favorites instead of applauding the new film for its own humor and uniqueness.   

A Chinese chicken dish with a bit of a kick

(19 hours ago)

I want to share a traditional Chinese dish — Szechuan chicken. This recipe is named after the region in China it originates from — the Sichuan area. However, Szechuan chicken is made very differently in the U.S., which is why I want to share this recipe with everyone — you all deserve the true, authentic recipe, which comes from my hometown, Guizhou, China. 

‘Alita: Battle Angel’ — nothing but clipped wings and broken halos

(02/19/19 12:51am)

“Battle Angel Alita,” known in Japan as “Gunnm,” was a classic cyberpunk manga series published from 1990 to 1995. The series was episodic, chronicling various segments of the titular character Alita’s years-long journey of battle and self-discovery. Endeavoring to adapt part of the vast story into a film is certainly ambitious and necessitates a substantial level of skill — a level that is not on display in the new film “Alita: Battle Angel.”

Brian Pinkston joins three other Democratic candidates contending for City Council

(02/18/19 4:09am)

Brian Pinkston, project services associate director for planning at facilities management for the University, announced his campaign for Charlottesville City Council Feb. 6 with the slogan — “A Voice for the Common Good.” Pinkston is one of several candidates seeking a nomination in the Democratic Primary for City Council — which is June 11.

Report shows disproportionate Honor violation reports of Asian Americans, international students in recent years

(02/19/19 4:04am)

The Honor Committee’s recently-released Bicentennial Report includes extensive demographic data analysis of the body’s reporting rate for students at the University since 2012 — including statistics which reveal a disproportionately high reporting rate of Asian American and international students. 

A summary of my relationship with Jim Ryan

(02/18/19 4:18am)

A “parasocial” relationship is a one-sided relationship where one person feels emotionally invested in and connected to somebody while that person has no idea the other person exists. It’s a common phenomenon among celebrities and obsessed fans, Instagram models and their most devoted followers and definitely does not apply to my friendship with Jim Ryan. We’ve been really tight ever since I read his book and watched his holiday video six times. Here’s our story so far.

Data Science Institute event focuses on eviction, housing inequality in Virginia

(02/19/19 4:20am)

The University’s Data Science Institute hosted Virginia Commonwealth University researchers Kathryn Howell and Benjamin Teresa Friday afternoon for a discussion on statistical approaches to eviction and housing inequality in Virginia’s major cities. While primarily aimed at Richmond, the presentation also touched on other urban areas with similar housing concerns, including Charlottesville and Norfolk. The event, which was held in Ruffner Hall, was co-sponsored by the DSI and the Northern Virginia-based Center for Innovative Technology, a non-profit aimed at creating partnerships between tech startups and advanced technology consumers in the state of Virginia. 

Chaka Khan emerges from the abyss

(02/18/19 3:53am)

The previous album from Chaka Khan — 2007’s “Funk This” — found the singer reminiscing on the past, set to a mostly analog musical backing. Her new album “Hello Happiness” — released on Feb. 15 —  inverts this formula, with little room for lyrical recollection but with music that recalls the synths of her acclaimed early work with producer Arif Mardin. On “Hello Happiness,” after a bout of prescription drug addiction, Khan shuns a personal past and embraces a musical one, in the title track saying an anodyne “goodbye” to silence and “hello” to the happiness of music. The album is an act of escapism from professional neglect and personal crisis — seeking a path to contemporary viability as Khan approaches her fifth decade as a recording artist.

No. 22 wrestling falls at No. 14 Virginia Tech for the second time this year

(02/18/19 2:41am)

Fresh off its first ACC victory last week, the No. 22 Virginia wrestling team was unable to notch two wins in a row, losing to No.14 Virginia Tech Saturday at the Moss Arts Center. The Cavaliers (12-9, 1-3 ACC) could only win two weight classes as the Hokies (9-4, 3-1 ACC) posted a dominant 30-6 victory.

A$AP Ferg and Aminé to perform in UPC’s spring concert

(02/16/19 8:18pm)

Rappers A$AP Ferg and Aminé will perform at John Paul Jones Arena for the University Programs Council spring concert. The event, which will take place April 4, was announced Friday morning and will be the first UPC event at JPJ since Future and Lil Yachty canceled their Welcome Week show in August 2017 after the fatal Unite the Right rally.