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How to turn Trader Joe’s vegetable fried rice into a perfect healthy dish for busy days

(10/24/18 6:26pm)

With a busy class schedule and a full set of extracurriculars, sometimes it can be hard to squeeze enough time out of my day to cook a healthy meal. But after a quick chat with my roommate, I no longer have to turn to take out. In a few life-changing sentences, she enlightened me with a suggestion for an easy dish that takes under 10 minutes to prep, cook and enjoy.

Technology, duality shape the architecture of tomorrow

(10/26/18 6:52pm)

As a University of California, Los Angeles professor and the founder of Murmur — a sustainable architecture firm — Heather Roberge has been on the frontline of some of architecture’s most modern advancements. She is responsible for award-winning concepts like “Succulent House,” which reimagines how a modern building can impact environmentally-conscious behavior by displaying water collection instead of hiding it behind walls. 


(10/23/18 1:06am)


Cava vs. Mezeh: Where to go Greek

(10/23/18 2:58am)

In the world of bowls, Mediterranean is becoming the new Mexican. Charlottesville now has two destinations serving up Mediterranean food in this form — Cava and Mezeh, both within two miles of each other. This proximity could lead to a battle of the bowls, potentially resulting in only one survivor. Although I have been a big Mezeh fan since it came to Charlottesville in 2016, the recent opening of Cava this past summer has made me rethink my preferences. Ultimately, my vote goes to Cava. 

‘The Hate U Give’ gives audiences a lesson on race

(10/22/18 3:41am)

“The Hate U Give” adapts the 2017 novel of the same name for the big screen. It follows high school student Starr Carter (Amandla Stenberg) as she maneuvers between her two worlds — a rich white high school and her poor black neighborhood, Garden Heights. To complicate things, she witnesses the shooting death of her friend Khalil Harris. With moving performances from the cast members and attention to detail, the film accurately depicts what it means to be black in America. However, it falls victim to colorism and diminishes its discussion on race in the process.