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WILKINS: End cash bail

(10/19/18 3:58am)

America’s criminal justice system is profoundly broken, and one of its most alarming features is its staggering incarceration rate for those not even convicted of a crime. American prisons incarcerate over 450,000 individuals who, unable to afford cash bail and accused of minor crimes, are merely awaiting trial within a U.S. prison. We must find alternatives to the cash bail system.

Ryan creates working group to improve U.Va.’s relationship with local community

(10/18/18 5:22pm)

University President Jim Ryan appointed several professors and community members to a new working group designed to evaluate the relationships between the University and the City of Charlottesville, Albemarle County and other areas, the University announced in a press release Thursday morning.

"Tuve que hacerlo todo yo sola": la falta de documentos de ayuda financiera en español de la U.Va. [Universidad de Virginia] lleva a convocatorias de traducciones profesionales

(10/18/18 5:28am)

El artículo no expresa las opiniones o posiciones de los traductores. El artículo es una versión traducida del artículo que se encuentra a continuación:

A place to call their own: The push for a Latinx student space on Grounds

(10/18/18 5:52am)

Last August, two Latinx Lawn residents hosted a gathering in their rooms to welcome both new and returning Hispanic and Latinx students back to the University. A festive occasion turned sour when officers from the University Police Department broke up the gathering just before 11 p.m., as the last of the students present were preparing to leave. Those in attendance characterized one of the officers’ behavior as “aggressive” and said the first years who were there were “terrified.” 

Art for the Heart gives the homeless a voice

(10/18/18 6:20am)

In Charlottesville, life for the homeless is difficult. On top of a lack of basic necessary resources and the negative social stigma associated with homelessness, it can be difficult for the homeless to have a safe platform for self expression. This is where Art for the Heart, an iLab program started by first-year U.Va. student Emma Hitchcock and University of Mary Washington freshman Zadie Lacy, comes into play.

EDITORIAL: Supporting the 6 percent

(10/18/18 6:10am)

In recent years, the University has increasingly sought to diversify its student body in terms of race, ethnicity and national origin. This year’s class was considered the most diverse to ever matriculate into the University with 34 percent of the class identifying as a racial minority, which is more diverse than the Commonwealth of Virginia — where the minority population hovers around 32 percent. 

UJC selects new members after eliminating exam component of application process

(10/18/18 3:06am)

Starting this year, the University Judiciary Committee no longer required applicants to take a preliminary multiple choice and short answer exam to become a member. UJC announced this summer that it would be reforming its application process so that students could apply for appointed positions. 

‘First Man’ focuses on the man, not the moon

(10/18/18 3:24am)

As the 2018-19 film awards season approaches, viewers will have a big question in mind — how will Damien Chazelle, director of Academy Award-nominated films “Whiplash” and “La La Land,” fare this winter? The filmmaker recently made news when critics denounced his most recent project, “First Man,” for omitting the planting of the American flag on lunar terrain, a move President Donald Trump described as “[embarrassment] at the achievement coming from America.” 

Necesitamos maestros: Latinx students seek representative faculty members

(10/18/18 5:30am)

Students identifying as Hispanic or Latinx compose 6 percent of the University student body, while less than 2 percent of the University’s faculty identify in the same way. In the College, there are a total of 24 teaching or research faculty members identifying as Hispanic or Latinx — nine of whom teach in the language department. At the University as a whole, there are a total of 80 teaching and research faculty members identifying as Hispanic or Latinx.  

Charlottesville program supports women- and minority-owned businesses, small businesses

(10/25/18 2:15am)

Antwon Brinson moved to the City of Charlottesville in hopes of opening a restaurant for a new club downtown. To his dismay, he realized that the culinary workforce in the Charlottesville community was not only minimal but also lacked the qualifications necessary to work at an upscale restaurant.

‘I had to do it all by myself’: U.Va.’s lack of financial aid documents in Spanish leads to calls for professional translations

(10/18/18 5:26am)

Some people have never considered the fact that their parents would be unable to help them apply for financial aid. But this was the reality for fourth-year Curry student Katherine Soba.

Voter registration efforts see 2,500 students sign up to vote ahead of midterm elections

(10/17/18 11:24pm)

Student and non-student organizations registered approximately 2,500 University student voters around Grounds before the Virginia voter registration deadline this past Monday. The deadline concluded months of organizations’ efforts on Grounds to increase student voter registration. 

My short-lived experience with the Whole30

(10/17/18 3:20am)

Like any first-year, my first couple weeks were filled with late-night Crossroads runs, too many Einstein Bros. Bagels meal exchanges and an accumulation of junk food wrappers. I helplessly watched my Plus Dollar balance reach $0.17 within a month — an absurd feat. Feeling myself falling prey to the “freshman 15” stereotype, I headed home over fall break and decided that I would start a Whole30 challenge.

University plans eventful weekend for inauguration of President Ryan

(10/17/18 4:24am)

University President Jim Ryan will be inaugurated Friday as the University's ninth president, with a number of events planned throughout the weekend. This inauguration is the ninth time a president of U.Va. has been sworn in and is planned to be one of the larger inaugural celebrations in the University’s history. 

SCOTT: Was the Senate wrong to confirm Brett Kavanaugh?

(10/19/18 3:52am)

The Senate voted earlier this month to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh, thus marking the end of a fiercely contentious Supreme Court confirmation process. The votes were cast largely along party lines. In the aftermath of his confirmation, protestors charged past a police line to pound on the doors of the Supreme Court, demonstrating their opposition Kavanaugh’s confirmation. With all the strong emotions that resulted from this confirmation, I want to address the fundamental question at the root of it all — was the Senate wrong to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court?

Charlottesville Police Department changes how stop and frisk data is collected, presented

(10/19/18 5:06am)

Charlottesville Police Chief RaShall Brackney debriefed the City Council at its meeting Monday on the police department’s newest methods of collecting, organizing and synthesizing stop and frisk data. Brackney’s unannounced presentation came amid vocal criticisms in recent weeks — chiefly from local civil rights attorney Jeff Fogel — regarding the manner in which the data is digitally stored and presented to the public.