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Animal Justice Advocates at U.Va. petition to end animal dissections

(12/31/18 2:18am)

Founded in the spring of 2016, Animal Justice Advocates at the University has been working towards ending violence against animals throughout the Charlottesville community. Some of their current initiatives include prevention of animal use in experiments, dissections and entertainment and the creation of the Student Choice Policy, which allows students to opt-out of dissections. AJA’s End Dissection Initiative received support from Student Council’s Representative Body this past fall.  

KIRK: Provide free menstrual hygiene to all

(10/18/18 1:04am)

Menstrual hygiene products are as essential as toilet paper. Students who find themselves without a pad or tampon in their moment of need must then deal with an unexpected crisis. Not having direct accessibility to menstrual hygiene products has caused those affected to miss class or extracurricular activities. This can pose a direct threat to students’ ability to fully participate in their educational experience. If the University were to provide access to free menstrual hygiene on our Grounds, it would diminish the chance of students finding themselves in difficult or uncomfortable situations. Student Council has been working diligently to demonstrate that free and accessible menstrual hygiene products are essential and require financial support from the University to become a reality. 

SMITH: Leslie Cockburn for the Fifth District

(10/17/18 3:26am)

With the midterms approaching in less than a month, Charlottesvillians have the opportunity to send a powerful message by flipping the Fifth District and electing Leslie Cockburn as their congressional representative. This midterm election not only holds serious repercussions for residents of the Fifth District, but also for the nation at large — this race is one of the critical toss-up districts that could shift the balance of power in the House of Representatives back to the Democrats. With that said, Cockburn’s personal qualifications to serve the Fifth District alone demonstrate that she is the only candidate fit to represent this district.

Bring Your Frat Brother to Class Day

(10/18/18 2:24am)

The University has joined a growing number of colleges and universities across the nation to adopt an annual “Bring Your Frat Brother to Class Day.” Studies have shown that bringing a pet into learning or working environments can reduce stress, increase social interactions and improve performance — but on most college campuses, frat brothers are in greater supply than dogs, so this trend has spread faster than a dog can catch its tail.

The 5 types of procrastinators

(10/19/18 4:12am)

So it’s midnight and you have procrastinated that essay that is 15 percent of your overall grade — which is due tomorrow — until now. You trek to one of U.Va.’s two 24-hour libraries to get this tragedy over with. Clem is good if you want a headache due to ridiculously bright lights, and Clark is amazing if you like the smell of decaying science books. You pick your poison and begin, but as you write your essay feel free to take note of the five types of people you will see in the library as you edge closer to the dead of night.

Being busier is sometimes better

(10/19/18 4:24am)

“What do you recommend — the bacon burger or the half rack of ribs?” the lady asks, looking up from her menu. I smile and tell her the fajitas are my favorite and suggest she try that. What I don’t tell her is that I am a vegetarian, and I don’t have the slightest clue as to what half the menu tastes like. I’m just hoping she will decide quickly so that I can put her order in and then sneak to the back to email my professor the assignment I was supposed to have sent before my shift started. I know what you’re thinking — and yes, I do sound a little fake.

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis join Leslie Cockburn for campaign rally at the Jefferson

(10/15/18 4:59am)

Fifth Congressional District candidate, Democrat Leslie Cockburn, held a rally Sunday evening at the Jefferson Theater in a last-minute push for voter registration before the Virginia deadline Monday. Cockburn was joined by her daughter, actress Olivia Wilde, and Wilde’s fiancé, actor Jason Sudeikis.

Engineering professor raises concerns at Honor meeting about the effects of sanctions on international graduate students

(10/15/18 5:09am)

At the Honor Committee meeting Sunday, Inki Kim, an assistant systems and information engineering professor, expressed concerns over the effects of the Informed Retraction on international students. 

Personality tests are either my best friend or my mortal enemy

(10/15/18 3:18am)

I’m sure that everyone, at one point or another, has gotten distracted, wandered onto Facebook and taken a Buzzfeed quiz that tells you what part of burrito you are or what your favorite vegetable says about your future. My favorite one I’ve taken was a “Which Gossip Girl Character Are You?” where I ended up getting the dutiful, sarcastic maid, Dorota. These Buzzfeed quizzes don’t tell you much about yourself though — they are just fun to pass the time. 

I’m learning how to think again

(10/15/18 3:11am)

In my transition from adolescence to quasi-adulthood, I feel that I’ve existed in a state of perpetual pageantry. Every day is a swimsuit competition. Every social interaction is a high-stakes interview. Every choice I make may propel me closer to the crown and sash, or my spotlight will dim and shut off, leaving me fidgeting in the dark. Broadly speaking, for better or for worse, I have become very conscious of my personal brand, and I tend to live my life as though my choices and values serve as a kind of cloak over my person. I’m a hopeful pageant queen, the fabric of my sparkling evening gown sewn from the squares of my Instagram feed.

Can a $50 million bond stimulate affordable housing development in Charlottesville?

(10/25/18 2:47am)

Catalyzed by the white supremacist rallies in August 2017, the City of Charlottesville has faced a reckoning for a wide variety of racial disparities. Among demands to address racial housing inequities throughout the city, several anti-racist and housing justice advocates are calling for a $50 million bond to fund affordable and public housing needs in the area. 


(10/16/18 7:30pm)


我尝试做 Momofuku Milk Bar(一家网红甜品店)的生日蛋糕

(10/16/18 7:32pm)

Milk Bar 的生日蛋糕是一个标志性的甜点-- 要么就是我的Instagram(一个社交软件)给我发了过多的关于这个蛋糕的推送。所有社交软件上都有这个蛋糕的图片,在纽约Milk Bar实体店里面排队的人们和他们刚开启全国寄送服务这一事实直接反应了它的受欢迎程度。如果你从来都没有听说过Milk Bar或者这款蛋糕,那请你在读这篇文章之前先去谷歌上把Milk Bar彻彻底底地学习一下。如果--你像我一样--电脑浏览器的历史记录里面全部都是关于时髦的美食的话,那你应该就很清楚我在说什么了。