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Why you should be talking to strangers

(10/09/18 11:41pm)

My grandfather has mastered the art of talking to new people. While spending time with him as a child, I would become embarrassed when he’d casually strike up a conversation with anyone he met. This happened especially in lively restaurants, and I’d return from the bathroom to find him deep in discussion with an entire row of tables. He was never impolite or too nosy, but it’s obviously socially taboo to simply begin chatting with everyone you meet.  

MCKELVEY: Make the U.Va. flu clinic more accessible

(10/10/18 1:45am)

The University Department of Student Health offered its annual flu shot clinic for students on Tuesday, Oct. 2. While the clinic had some advantages, such as appointments for the clinic were not being necessary and the many Student Health staff members that were present to help students in a quick and efficient manner, there were some very real problems with how it was administered that limited its accessibility. If the University is serious about reducing influenza rates amongst the student body, vaccinations must become far more accessible for students. 

Philosophy for Plebeians and Commoners 2: Electric Boogaloo

(10/15/18 3:05am)

I’ve had multiple people approach me over the past few days critiquing my critique of Pythagoras. Some of those were valid, such as how I misattributed a lot of Plato and Aristotle’s metaphysics to Pythagoras, but there was one point in particular that unnerved me with both its content and the frequency of its occurrence. The argument I refer to goes as follows: I shouldn’t mock Pythagoras for having bizarre teachings, since he was alive in an era with different standards more conducive to his line of thought, which I would likely have also adopted had I been around then. I’ll concede that the latter is likely true, but at the same time, Pythagoras was unique for his time in that he dedicated his life to flagrantly building the most stereotypical cult possible. I mean, seriously, let’s break this down:

“A Star Is Born”: 7/10 Not Enough Gaga!!

(10/11/18 12:53am)

I’ve been a Lady Gaga stan since day one, so of course I had to see “A Star Is Born.” My friend group also stans –– if you don’t at least appreciate Lady Gaga on some level we won’t get along, and the more we agree on her star power the more likely we are to hit it off –– and as soon as we heard that she would perform the iconic lead role in the latest reprise of the classic story, we planned to make a night of it.

RECIPE: The Ultimate Fall Salad

(10/11/18 1:26am)

In case it isn’t obvious already, it’s freaking fall. The leaves are changing color, it’s getting colder and pretty soon my mom is going to bring out this little box of decorative gourds we have and put them all over the house. Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been wearing a flannel shirt since Sept. 21. The very thought of making a scarecrow makes me tear up a little bit. I went into Walmart the other day, saw that pumpkins were on sale and screamed for a full two minutes without breathing. No words either, just screaming at the top of my lungs. 

MULAY: Virginia volleyball is better than its record

(10/10/18 1:52am)

If you were to take a peek at the Virginia women’s volleyball team’s record (5-11, 1-5 ACC), you would probably say that the squad has been struggling this season. If you knew, though, that the Cavaliers have only won one game in the past 30 days and have the worst record in the ACC, you might even begin to use phrases like “dire situation” and “hopeless season.” 

City Council approves funding to allow affordable housing strategy to move forward

(10/08/18 5:45am)

The Charlottesville City Council voted at its Oct. 1 meeting to approve the allocation of $200,000 from the Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund to allow the City’s Housing Advisory Committee to initiate the process of developing a localized affordable housing strategy.