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(10/30/18 8:10pm)

The FYJC holds its own trial for sanctions to determine a fair and reasonable punishment, separate but under the supervision of UJC. Khanbabayev (left) and Moreira (right) both said that attempts to correct student violations should be rehabilitative and educational in nature. 


(10/29/18 2:38pm)

“I truly believe that some of those people who say we had too many cops, would be the same people who say we didn’t have enough if somebody got hurt,” Sutton said. “It’s finding the balance of really pleasing the community — giving them what they want, but also being responsible.”


(10/28/18 11:28pm)

"Any bylaws changes we make have to be approved by the [University] General counsel’s office,” Honor Chair and Medical Student Ory Streeter (right) said. (Some members of the Honor Committee wore Halloween costumes at Sunday's meeting).