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(12/03/18 8:33pm)

Mary Alice Kukoski (Left), a third-year College student and president emeritus of the University Democrats, and Jackson Samples, a third-year College student and recently-elected president of the organization. 


(12/03/18 5:12pm)

While wailing ”Falllllllll on your kneeeeees” in the shower, drunk off your tuchus on spiked eggnog, is undeniably the epitome of Christmas spirit, some Americans are slowly warming to the idea of a new Christmas anthem.                               


(12/02/18 11:44pm)

“If we put a non-binding question on the ballot and the student body, a simple majority votes in favor of it, within the time frame of one year, the Honor Committee has to enact a response,” said Derrick Wang, a third-year College student and Vice Chair for Community Relations.


(12/02/18 10:01pm)

Underrepresented groups include Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders and international students. White American students make up 64 percent of UJC members — a seven percent overrepresentation as they comprise 57 percent of the University (both graduate and undergraduate students), a number calculated by the Committee using University statistics.