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PASCIAK: The University should better address issues facing out-of-state students

(11/29/18 2:28am)

Nearly 70 percent of the University is from the state of Virginia. So, naturally, the University is going to focus more on Virginia students. However, this also means that 30 percent come from out-of-state. It often seems as if the University forgets this 30 percent of the student body the struggles that come with being from out-of-state at the University. The University should work towards understanding these issues and should more adequately address the struggles of that 30 percent.  

Student Council approves creation of 10 new Contracted Independent Organizations

(11/14/18 4:46am)

In a legislative session that Ellie Brasacchio, a third-year College student and chair of the Student Council Representative Body, called “the fastest one we’ve ever had,” Student Council representatives unanimously and without debate passed a bill to approve the creation of 10 new Contracted Independent Organizations during its general body meeting Tuesday evening. 

I’ve been here three months— someone please help

(11/16/18 9:47pm)

In the three short months I have been at U.Va., things have gotten a little crazy for me. As I sit here writing this article, I am currently coming down from an incredible mental breakdown that has lasted for well over a week. My hands are shaking, I want to vomit and also sleep so badly, but alas I must push on and delineate my experiences at this institution.

Can the real Stevie Nicks please stand up?

(11/15/18 5:52pm)

“Let’s dream together, shall we?” said Stevie Nicks stand-in, Mekenzie Jackson, to a crowd of mostly middle-aged white people. The stage at The Jefferson Theater was doused in pink and red lighting on Saturday night, yet the energy in the room was fairly stagnant. As the majority of the crowd stayed in their seats in the upper balcony, or at tables by the bar, the dancefloor was left bare and waiting for those willing to “dream” alongside the Atlanta-based cover band, Rumours ATL. It had been two years since the group had come to Charlottesville, but they seemed right at home in The Jefferson Theater. “The Jeff is our favorite venue ever,” Jackson said at one point, resulting in thunderous applause from an otherwise tame upper balcony. 

Ken Liu discusses the concept of ‘betrayal with integrity’

(11/15/18 2:23am)

Last Thursday, Nau Lecture Hall was crowded with Chinese-language students, book enthusiasts and community members alike, all gathered to listen to award-winning author Ken Liu. The words “Is to Translate to Betray?” were plastered on the screen as the audience quieted down and settled into an easy silence that was broken by the friendly voice of Liu. He spoke about translation theory and his own experiences, in both writing and translating science fiction. In addition to this talk, Liu spoke to Arts and Entertainment about his creative process and journey to becoming a writer. 

Experimental Art Festival brings interpretive dance, music made from plants

(11/15/18 2:27am)

I-Jen Fang held a dried gourd up to a microphone and scraped her fingernails across the vegetable’s surface. Thus began her performance at the University’s 2018 Experimental Arts Festival, held in the Dome Room of the Rotunda last Friday. Fang tapped and rubbed the gourd for few seconds, allowing the hollow knocks and staticky scrapes to echo through the Rotunda’s central chamber.

Common cold study revisited: Nose bacteria may impact cold severity

(11/19/18 3:35am)

Pediatrics Prof. Ronald B. Turner at the University Medical Center have conducted a preliminary study investigating the effects of DuPont Probiotic in an ongoing University common cold study. Initial results indicate a correlation between the bacterial makeup of the nose and the severity of common cold symptoms.

What your coffee shop says about you

(11/13/18 5:25am)

It is no secret that coffee is a college essential, but what is a little more hidden are the underlying personality traits of your coffee shop of choice. A cup of coffee is not as simple as it sounds, as your cup of joe can differentiate you from being an “average joe” to someone more complex. Where you choose to splurge on a latte or cappuccino instead of your mediocre Keurig coffee says more about you than you may think.

LAWSON: Expand course selection options for students

(11/16/18 4:36pm)

Picture this. You’re sitting in a lecture, gearing up for your Spring 2019 enrollment appointment. Like half of your surrounding classmates, many of whom may share your class year or  even your major, you’ve stopped paying attention to your professor five minutes ago and moved on to continuously refreshing the Student Information System. When wait — what’s that? Two previously-undetected holds on your SIS account? Your mind floods with worst-case scenarios — you’ll likely be unable to enroll in the critical courses necessary to complete your major requirements, dropout of school and be forced to join your family’s traveling folk band as an unnamed backup dancer as you have neither musical talent nor academic prospects. After talking on the phone with roughly 12 different customer service representatives to solve the technical difficulties and ending up back on the first line you dialed, this is the future you’ve firmly settled on. Unfortunately, this scenario is precisely how the latter half of last Tuesday went for me.

Thanksgiving opportunities for international students offer a traditional American experience

(11/14/18 11:17pm)

For many people, Thanksgiving is a time for family and food. The day is spent carrying on traditions that make this holiday so special, whether they are cooking family recipes, playing football or participating in a Turkey Trot. For some international students, however, this is not the case. This holiday is new and unfamiliar, waiting to be filled with traditions of its own.

A search for consistency at Revolutionary Soup

(11/13/18 7:32pm)

There’s nothing better on a cold day than a quick, warm bowl of soup to fill you up before you head out to the library in the pitch black dark — even if it’s only 5:30 p.m. When it comes to soup places in Charlottesville, one restaurant basically has a monopoly and that would be Revolutionary Soup. Rev Soup on the Corner recently underwent renovations and a slight menu change this past summer. As someone who has been going to Rev Soup since first year and always thought of it as mediocre, I was excited to see what these new changes would bring. I sadly report, however, that I have not found much variance from last year and continue to have issues with the restaurant.