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Christine and the Queens releases complex new album 'Chris'

(10/02/18 6:37am)

The songs of “Chris,” the newest album from electronic pop French artist Christine and the Queens, are all upbeat, dancey and fun. The album is even more reminiscent of ‘80s pop-funk music than her past work, showing obvious influence from artists like Prince, Michael Jackson and Madonna. Combined with Christine’s signature and beautiful blending of English French and Spanish lyrics, “Chris” has more exciting elements than the average electro-pop album.

An interview with Moon Taxi’s Tyler Ritter

(09/27/18 1:55am)

Moon Taxi’s music may not drive you to the moon but it’ll certainly make you dance your way there. The high-energy group is back in Virginia a month after their robust Lockn’ Festival set rocked the lover’s state into a deep and groovy trance. The pop-rock Nashville quintet will take over the Sprint Pavilion Thursday night with a little help from their friends of Ripe and the University’s own Kendall Street Company. 

Joyce Manor’s ‘Million Dollars to Kill Me’ dips into maturity with spotty results

(09/27/18 11:36pm)

After their 2016 release, “Cody,” there was never any doubt that Joyce Manor would continue to evolve their sound to be more poppy and mainstream. Their fifth LP, “Million Dollars to Kill Me,” is exactly what to expect from the California four-piece punk group — an album that indicates a full-fledged transition similar to that of Weezer’s discography. This change in music is easy to miss considering the fact that almost all of their releases are short, sweet and energetic. Their fifth album sees the band at their most practical pop rock — but also at their most mature. Though many fans will miss the reckless and youthful style that was so incredibly addictive in their earlier music, it would be quite strange if the band did not move on from their initial teenage exuberance.

A year after becoming a department at U.Va., Carter G. Woodson Institute for African-American and African Studies sees new hires, increased enrollment figures

(09/27/18 3:20am)

Last October, the Carter G. Woodson Institute for African-American and African Studies became a full-fledged department in the College after years of appeals and requests by members of the institute. Since achieving departmental status, the institute has hired two new faculty members and seen an active increase in enrollment for courses.

EDITORIAL: Make political debates and discussions more accessible

(09/27/18 2:46am)

The University’s mission statement articulates that the University “serves the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation, and the world by developing responsible citizen leaders.” To this end, the University has recently hosted several forums and debates for elected politicians. This Friday, several University-affiliated organizations are co-hosting a debate between the Republican and Democratic candidates for the Fifth Congressional District, Denver Riggleman and Leslie Cockburn. What could otherwise serve as an informative event for hundreds of University students will instead be limited to select lottery winners, due to space limitations. Although large scale events such as these pose logistical challenges to the groups organizing them, the groups should strive to make them as accessible and accommodating as possible. These higher standards of accessibility and accommodation should apply not only to events of national significance, but also to events concerning local candidates and political figures. Raising these standards is important because it will allow students to engage with the politicians that most directly represent their concerns. 

FERGUSON: Identity politics, the alt-right and their impact on Charlottesville

(09/28/18 12:51am)

Last September, The Cavalier Daily published an opinion column arguing that the Democratic Party should not move away from identity politics, which are “politics in which groups of people having a particular racial, religious, ethnic, social or cultural identity tend to promote their own specific interests or concerns without regard to the interests or concerns of any larger political group.” While the author articulated a valid argument in favor of using identity politics to advance advocacy for disinvested voters of different class and education backgrounds, it is possible that the implementation of such a strategy may lead to greater division among Americans. 

On-Grounds U.Va. voting precinct moved to Slaughter Rec Center

(09/26/18 4:24am)

Along with certain Albemarle residents in the area, students living in first-year dorms, Lawn and Range rooms, Brown Residential College and Lambeth Apartments, will now vote at Slaughter Recreation Center instead of the former voting precinct of soon-to be-demolished University Hall as a result of changes approved by the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors. 

University affiliate use of free Charlottesville Area Transit drops during 2018 fiscal year

(09/26/18 3:43am)

Since 2007, University students, faculty, staff and healthcare workers have been able to use Charlottesville Area Transit buses at no cost, due to a prepaid deal between the transit system and the University. The deal allows anyone with a valid University ID to ride all CAT buses for free. During the 2018 fiscal year, University affiliates’ usage of free CAT transportation dropped for the first time in six years, according to CAT Director John Jones.

HENDEL: The University administration shows little support for voting

(09/28/18 12:52am)

In an interview earlier this month, University President President Jim Ryan stated, “the polls are open from six in the morning until seven at night and I would hope that that would be ample time for someone to exercise the right to vote.” It’s good to see the president’s support for civic engagement, but his words betray a basic fact: the administration lacks awareness of the obstacles that students face when voting and won’t take the necessary steps to remove them. 

This holistic café is more than just juice on the Corner

(10/02/18 3:30am)

When most kids open up Pinterest, a wave of minimalist modern cafés with monochromatic color palettes and wood accents fills their feed. Little did you know, we have a restaurant adhering to these design elements right on the Corner. With it recently celebrating its one-year anniversary in Charlottesville, Corner Juice has gradually helped to incorporate healthy choices and a more relaxed aesthetic into the lives of ‘Hoos all around.

ARAMAYO: Support paid parental leave

(09/27/18 1:08am)

Paid parental leave benefits for new parents were expanded in Virginia last June following an executive order signed by Gov. Ralph Northam. This order applies to state employees and provides eight weeks of leave at full pay to both mothers and fathers. As a public institution, this order applies to the University, and this month President Jim Ryan announced plans to expand on this order by offering paid family leave to part-time salaried staff as well. Ryan’s expansion puts the University’s leave policy at around the median offered at the 205 U.S. and Canadian universities surveyed by the University of Colorado, but it is still far more generous than the status quo for most Americans. 

‘A team mentality is crucial’: Hard work and strong community drive the Cavalier Marching Band

(09/27/18 1:50am)

There’s just something about college football in the fall that makes it special. Maybe it’s the seemingly perfect temperature, the roaring of the crowd on third downs or sitting and chanting amongst fellow fans, feeling a strong sense of pride.