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U.Va. President Jim Ryan to prioritize community engagement, strategic planning

(09/21/18 5:20am)

In his first interview with The Cavalier Daily since taking office last month, University President Jim Ryan outlined his priorities for the academic year, emphasizing his plans to focus on building a strong culture of interdisciplinary learning and community engagement while looking towards the future of the University.

Ryan says he doesn’t favor cancelling classes on Election Day, but supports faculty discretion for exams

(09/21/18 5:59am)

University President Jim Ryan told The Cavalier Daily in an interview earlier this month that he does not support a University-wide cancellation of classes on Election Day, pushing back against a long-term goal of Student Council.

FAHLBERG: University housing should be cheaper for students

(09/20/18 1:59am)

The University is currently experiencing a housing crisis in which students are faced with extremely overpriced housing options both on- and off-Grounds. Students are forced to compete with one another for affordable housing and are often thrown into overpriced lease agreements at the beginning of the school-year before they are able to weigh the costs and benefits of that financial decision. As a public institution dedicated to the educational, physical and financial well-being of its students, the University should seek to reduce the economic burden of student life as much as possible by lowering prices for University housing.

‘A Simple Favor’ is a feminine twist on the fugitive movie trope

(09/19/18 3:27am)

Let’s face it — there’s no shortage of thriller movies on the market, and as long as people keep deciding to see Liam Neeson’s daughter get kidnapped not once, not twice, but three times in the “Taken” franchise, there’s never going to be. Thriller movies all tend to follow the same basic formula — a young woman goes missing, the man in her life goes to the violent ends of the earth to find her until the damsel is saved, the villain ends up dead and somehow, the hero manages to escape mostly unscathed with a clean criminal record, despite his questionable activities throughout the mission. In Paul Feig’s “A Simple Favor,” a young woman does indeed go missing — but the stereotyped similarities end there.

In ‘Sharp Objects,’ the past is present

(09/21/18 3:48am)

One wouldn’t be blamed for being out of the loop on HBO’s recent summer drama, “Sharp Objects.” While it is not exactly one of the network’s “Game of Thrones”-level mainstream sensations, it has garnered critical praise for its feminist themes and strong performances from lead actresses Amy Adams, Eliza Scanlen and Patricia Clarkson. Yet it also merits viewing in today’s sometimes backwards-seeming world — and specifically the community of embedded and complicated history at U.Va. — for its artful integration of past horrors with present experience.

EDITORIAL: Ignore the mad dash to sign a lease

(09/19/18 9:48pm)

Every year, students clamor to find housing as early as September and October. In the competitive Charlottesville housing market, there’s an underlying pressure to find and sign a lease as soon as possible. However, in this scramble to sign leases, it’s easy to prioritize securing housing early over choosing compatible roommates. We encourage students, especially first-years, to pump the brakes when it comes to securing leases. Your roommates will impact your college years much more than the places you live.

New student organization will advocate for LGBTQ-inclusive sexual education

(09/20/18 2:05am)

A new organization on Grounds is pushing for inclusive sexual education inclusive of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. Hoos for Inclusive Sexual Education, created by second-year College student Hunter Wagenaar, will advocate for more comprehensive sexual education on the local, state and federal levels.

Philosophy for plebeians and commoners

(09/20/18 2:00am)

If, by chance, you happen into a conversation about philosophy with a philosophy major, often times the conversation will forcibly shifted towards how they see their studies as criminally undervalued by the rest of academia and that philosophy is the most useful degree in existence. From experience, I feel that I can say definitively that the only concept held to be universal among all philosophers is the belief that everyone needs to take them more seriously. Given that these ideas are backed by many brilliant thinkers whom I need not question, I’ve decided to use my prestigious platform as a humor writer for a school newspaper to provide a public service—to enlighten the layman and the dilettante so that they might better appreciate the brilliance of the philosophical mind. To do that, we shall start our journey in the birthplace of philosophy: the genius of Ancient Greece. 

In conversation with Crystal Hana Kim

(09/20/18 2:48am)

To call any work of literature “epic” is to invoke a highly-loaded category — it’s a description that seems largely reserved for discussing the great deeds and anguish of exalted men. Yet it’d be difficult to describe Crystal Hana Kim’s sweeping, multigenerational debut “If You Leave Me” as anything but. The story opens on Haemi Lee, a 16-year-old girl coming of age in a refugee camp during the Korean War, and ultimately follows her life as she becomes caught between her childhood friend Kyunghwan and the overtures of his older, richer cousin Jisoo. 

Drug-resistant gonorrhea research provides potential pipeline for future therapeutics

(09/18/18 4:27am)

In the Department of Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology, Assoc. Prof. Alison Criss’s laboratory studies Neisseria gonorrhoeae, a bacterium that can lead to the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhea. Criss and Biomedical Sciences graduate student Stephanie Ragland, along with two collaborators from the U.K., found that two of N. gonorrhoeae’s proteins allow the bacteria to resist a human anti-microbial enzyme, opening the way for new therapies to treat drug-resistant gonorrhea infection.

In good company: An interview with Kendall Street Company

(09/19/18 2:55am)

They say that people are always in good company when they are doing what they truly enjoy with the folks who they truly enjoy. Whether it’s with friends, family or strangers, good company encourages you to bounce thoughts off of each other and turn those thoughts into reality. Good company leads to good inspiration.