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RECIPE: The Ultimate Fall Salad

(10/11/18 1:26am)

In case it isn’t obvious already, it’s freaking fall. The leaves are changing color, it’s getting colder and pretty soon my mom is going to bring out this little box of decorative gourds we have and put them all over the house. Honestly, I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been wearing a flannel shirt since Sept. 21. The very thought of making a scarecrow makes me tear up a little bit. I went into Walmart the other day, saw that pumpkins were on sale and screamed for a full two minutes without breathing. No words either, just screaming at the top of my lungs. 

MULAY: Virginia volleyball is better than its record

(10/10/18 1:52am)

If you were to take a peek at the Virginia women’s volleyball team’s record (5-11, 1-5 ACC), you would probably say that the squad has been struggling this season. If you knew, though, that the Cavaliers have only won one game in the past 30 days and have the worst record in the ACC, you might even begin to use phrases like “dire situation” and “hopeless season.” 

City Council approves funding to allow affordable housing strategy to move forward

(10/08/18 5:45am)

The Charlottesville City Council voted at its Oct. 1 meeting to approve the allocation of $200,000 from the Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund to allow the City’s Housing Advisory Committee to initiate the process of developing a localized affordable housing strategy.

The unexpected things I learned from taking an inkblot test

(10/09/18 11:43pm)

People are different. We are born different and raised differently by different parents into different lives and different cultures. In college especially, it seems people are always trying to amplify their differences to stand out — or hide them to fit in. With so many floating types of people, I often struggle gauging someone’s personality. I find myself wondering if people have hidden motives — and wishing there was some simple test to determine who someone really was.

WILKINS: GPA disincentives academic exploration

(10/11/18 12:43am)

Universities have a noble mission — to help their students engage with the world as enlightened, active and critical citizens. Implicit in this charge is the idea that university students should take a diverse and unexpected range of courses. According to the College of Arts and Sciences’ website, “A good liberal arts education… demands not only rigor and depth, but also sufficient breadth to expose students to a wide range of subjects and methods of studying them.” According to countless brochures and mission statements, the world’s most pressing challenges can’t be solved without critical thinking, curiosity and intellectual depth.

Data Science Institute prepares students for ethical decision-making

(10/04/18 4:33am)

The University's Data Science Institute recently incorporated the new Center for Data Ethics and Justice — founded by the University’s Bioethics Chair Jarrett Zigon — in an effort to ramp up its focus on ethics in analysis and interpretation of data. This partnership has created a new course for graduate data science students that specifically addresses ethical issues related to the handling of data and advancement in technology.