LETTER: Advocating for Dean Eramo

We are writing today advocating for our advocate, Nicole Eramo. As her students, and as her friends, we feel it’s our responsibility to speak up on her behalf, especially when she has spoken up on ours so many times before.
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Obituary for Peter D'Agostino

Peter Cuskley D’Agostino, 20, of Greenwich, died suddenly on Thursday, Nov. 20, in Charlottesville, Va.A second-year student at the University ...
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LETTER: Remembering Peter D'Agostino

Peter D’Agostino was one of the rare people who always gave more than he received. Despite facing more than his fair share of adversity, especially ...
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LETTER: From the Z Society

We are adrift. We have faced tragedy upon tragedy. We have been asked to contend with the inexplicable, with the horrendous, and with the deeply unfair. ...
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LETTER: Statement from Phi Kappa Psi

Although at this time we have no specific knowledge of the claims set out in the Rolling Stone Article, we take this matter — and these tragic ...
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