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Net freakiness on the Corner

Well, the Corner will get really freaky today. The "Freak Box" is here.

No, it's not a follow up to Larry Sabato's Crystal Ball political preview presentation. It's an actual Freak Box.

"It's a tube-like structure with a camera. It's covered in lots of fake flies, and looks like a transport from the movie 'The Fly,'" said Ed James, public relations representative for, a site specializing in showing "extreme" Internet footage.

And we're talking really extreme here.

The Freak Box, brainchild of, has a tube with a digital camera, so as soon as people walk into the box - and enter a padded circular room - anything goes.

"People take their tops off and other things," James said.

While nudity is just fine and dandy, doesn't allow anything more graphic than a mere striptease.

"They won't allow anything sexual," James warned.

The Freak Box will touch down on the Corner sometime around 5 p.m. today.

It already traveled to Johns Hopkins University and was at UNC yesterday. It will tour colleges across the nation, James said.

While an exact freaky location hasn't been assigned by, not noticing a large, fly-covered pod in front of Corner restaurants is just about impossible.

Compiled by Adam Justice

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