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Athlete of the Week: Mike Timms

Q: Can you tell me about your experience at the University so far, what you have liked and what you haven’t liked?

A: That’s a tough question. Unrelated to sports, there’s not much to tell. I wouldn’t be here for a fifth year if I didn’t love it. There’s nothing I can really complain about. I’ve played in a great place. Everything related to lacrosse has been awesome.

Q: Who would you say your favorite athlete or sport is at Virginia other than lacrosse?

A: I go to all the football games. I was friends with Chris Long from high school. It was great playing against him in sports in high school and then watching him come and play. I guess you could say he was the guy I watched the most.

Q: When did you start playing lacrosse for real?

A: I started playing when I was in seventh grade.

Q: At what point did you realize you were good?

A: Probably about 10th or 11th grade in high school. It was a pretty slow start. Lacrosse is tough to pick up if you’ve never done it before, so it took me a couple years. It grew on me. My friends played and that’s the only reason I started. I started getting a little bit better, and as I got better, [lacrosse] started getting more fun. I started thinking that I had a chance to play in college, and it gave me a way to get here.

Q: Can you tell me something most people don’t know about being an athlete.

A: I think most people realize it takes a lot of time but I don’t think people realize how mentally straining it can be at some points. You just have a lot hanging over your head that a lot of guys don’t have. And aside from the hours you put in, it’s always on your mind.

Q: Tell me about any plans you have after college? Do you want to play in the MLL?

A: I might. After this year is over, I’m actually going to Europe for six weeks as part of the graduate program I’m in right now. After that I’m planning to go to New York. I was up there last summer working for Merrill Lynch so I have a job offer from them.


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